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EnsignHarry S.L. Kim is a Starfleet officer serving as Operations Manager on the USS Voyager works when she is stranded in the Delta Quadrant.

Childhood and adolescence Edit source]

Harry Kim was born on Earth in 2349 in South Carolina. His parents wanted to have a child for a long time until their son was born. Kim's parents always call their son the child prodigy. (VOY:The eye of the needle, The new identity, A)

In 2355 his parents take him to a haunted house where he is afraid. (VOY:The collective)

At school he also learns about the history of Friendship One and has to memorize the text of the message from this probe. (VOY:Friendship One)

In 2358, Kim's parents took him to a hospital in a colony where a radiation disaster had occurred. Kim walks around on his own initiative and goes into areas that he is actually not allowed to enter. There he sees a little girl on an operating table. This experience frightened Kim for a long time. (VOY:The ultimatum)

In the same year, Kim got Mendakan smallpox. His mother makes him soup to make him feel better. (VOY:The new identity)

Early career Edit source]

Kim decides in the course of his life to attend the Starfleet Academy. At the academy he shares a room with James Mooney MacAllister. Because he learns until late at night. Since MacAllister often helps him and doesn't want to share the room with someone else, he puts on an eye mask so that he can sleep. (VOY:The mysterious fog)

At the academy, Kim finds Commander Zakarian unsympathetic. (VOY:The Caregiver, Part II)

Since Kim has no family, he often contacts his people at the academy and gets in touch with them at least once a week. (VOY:The eye of the needle)

During his time at the academy, he becomes a good friend of Lyndsay Ballard. He's even switching courses to be with Lyndsay. She teaches him how to skate, even though he hates the cold. Before he meets her again in 2376, he never admits that he is in love with her. (VOY:ashes to Ashes)

Kim is also an associate editor of the Academy Newspaper. He listens to subspace transmissions and is one of the first to find out about the Maquis's actions against the Cardassians. He then wrote an article about it, which was heavily discussed by the students. (VOY:The traitor)

In 2370 Kim met at the Ktarian music festival Libby. It takes Kim three weeks to find the courage to ask Libby out on a date. Eventually they both start a relationship. At the end of the year, Kim will graduate from the academy and receive a post on the USS Voyager. (VOY:The stream of time)

In 2371, Kim was appointed Operations Manager on board the Voyager. Before Kim took up his post on board the Voyager occurs, it is located on Deep Space 9 and prepares for its deployment. At Quark's, Kim gets into trouble with Quark, the bar owner. He wants to sell him jewelry for his mother at overpriced prices. Kim behaves so insecure and gropes into the faux pas. Tom Paris saves him from this situation and they both go on that Voyager. (VOY:The Caregiver, Part I.)

On board the Voyager Edit source]

2371 [edit | Edit source]

When Kim first met CaptainKathryn Janeway, he was very nervous. He stands rigid and hardly utters a word. When he does manage to do it, he speaks to her - according to the regulations, sir, but she says she would much rather be captain. She also draws his attention to the fact that he can stand comfortably. Then she brings him to his station and ask him to take it over, which he likes to do. The Voyager then goes to the Badlands to look for a missing Maquis ship. During the flight there, Kim wants to make friends with Paris. Paris says Kim should stay away from him because he doesn't have a good reputation. Kim wants to know why he should do this and Paris says he will find out soon. Later, at the casino, Kim learns from two colleagues that Paris had forged a report, flown out of Starfleet and then worked for the Maquis. Paris gives Kim the tip to stay away from him, but Kim tells him clearly that only he chooses his friends. While the Voyager is located in the Badlands, this is caught by a wave of displacement and brought into the Delta Quadrant. The Voyager badly damaged and many crew members are killed. Kim locates a phalanx and puts her picture on the main screen. Since the medical staff has also died, Paris and Kim take care of the injured crew members. Kim then activates the medical-holographic emergency program. The doctor is now taking care of the injured when suddenly the entire crew is transported to the phalanx. There Kim discovers a Sporocystian way of life with Paris. The crew will then be forcibly medically examined. After the investigation, however, Kim will not look to the rest of the crew like the rest of the crew Voyager beamed, but sent to the Ocampa. At the Ocampa he meets the half-Klingon B'Elanna Torres and learns that she comes from the maquis ship that the Voyager pursued. They are informed by the Ocampa that they have a serious, fatal illness. (VOY:The Caregiver, Part I.)

Kim and Torres are allowed to move freely in the city of the Ocampa. Both get help from some Ocampa. In this way, the two of them are able to convince a nurse to help them escape. They manage to reach a tunnel that leads from the subterranean city of the Ocampa to the surface of the planet. On the way there, they will be supported by a joint away team Voyager and the Val Jean rescued. On board, the doctor treats the two of them and cures their illness. The Voyager wants to fly back to the phalanx, but there it is attacked by the Kazon. Tuvok and Janeway beam to the phalanx and ask the caretaker to take them home. Meanwhile, Chakotay sacrifices his ship to destroy the Kazon. Chakotay and his crew beam onto the Voyager. At the same time the caregiver dies. Since the phalanx is damaged by the fight with the Kazon, the carer asks Janeway with the last of his strength to destroy the phalanx. Janeway destroys the phalanx, but it sits Voyager in the delta quadrant. The Voyager her long journey back to the Alpha Quadrant. (VOY:The Caregiver, Part II)

During the long journey back to the Alpha Quadrant discovered the Voyager a strange ship that is stuck in the event horizon of a quantum singularity. But through the rescue attempt, the Voyager also pulled into the singularity and is now also stuck in the event horizon. It later turns out that the alien ship is a reflection of the Voyager has been. During this time, the doctor tells Kim that he is shrinking, but Kim currently has no time for the doctor. To escape the event horizon, the crew searches for the rift through which the Voyager has flown, but this is starting to close slowly. Janeway wants to widen the gap with a shuttle and takes Torres with her on this mission. After the shuttle has widened the gap, it flies Voyager through the rift and the ship, the singularity can escape. (VOY:The parallax)

Some time later, Paris wants to meet the Delaney sisters and he also takes Harry Kim with him to the appointment, although he does not want to. At the time it flies Voyager past an inhabited planet. Since only one prewarp civilization lives on the planet, it flies Voyager without contacting the population. (VOY:Subspace columns)

A few weeks later discovered the Voyager a planet with supposed dilithium deposits. Kim forms the away team with Chakotay and Neelix to investigate this occurrence. But Kim can't find any traces of Dilithium. Meanwhile, Neelix is ​​attacked by the Vidiians and his lungs removed. The doctor then treats Neelix and can keep him alive for a short time. The doctor creates a holographic lung for Neelix. Neelix survives, but he is no longer allowed to move and can no longer leave the infirmary for the rest of his life. Janeway then forms an away team to look for the strangers who did this to Neelix and Kim is part of that away team. After a brief fight, the Vidiians escape and Janeway has them pursued. While searching for the Vidiians, Kim analyzes the asteroid to which they fled and reports a short time later that the walls of the asteroid reflect the image of the two ships. Together with Tuvok, Kim can track down the real ship and Janeway can capture the Vidiians. The Vidiians agree to help Neelix. Kes volunteers to donate one of her lungs to Neelix. With the help of the Vidiians, the doctor can transplant Kes' lungs into Neelix. (VOY:Transplants)

Some time later discovered the Voyager a mist and flies into it to replenish its energy reserves. Kim is fascinated by this fog and when he expresses it Tuvok has to admonish him. Kim analyzes its composition and possible dangers for the spaceship. But the ship gets into turbulence in the fog and can only escape from the fog with difficulty. The Voyager then continues its course to the Alpha Quadrant. Later, Paris breaks into Kim's quarters and wakes him up. The two then go to the holodeck and Paris shows Kim his program "Paris 3". Like the rest of the crew, Kim is very excited about this program. At the same time, Torres examines a sample from the nebula and suspects that this nebula is a life form and a little later her theory is confirmed by the doctor. Since the life form depends on the Voyager has been injured, it returns to the nebula to repair the damage. When healing the life form, Kim releases ions to the Voyager to allow approach to the wound of the life form. After the creature has been treated, Kim invites Captain Janeway to the holodeck, where she then plays the Paris program with other crew members. (VOY:The mysterious fog)

Shortly afterwards, Kim discovers a micro-wormhole with the ship's sensors. Paris then proposed that the Federation Astronomical Committee name this wormhole the Harry Kim wormhole. The Voyager goes to the wormhole, but it's too small to fly through. Kim starts a microprobe that gets stuck in a vortex. However, he realizes that the probe was scanned by someone. He then investigates ways to establish a voice connection. Together with Torres he manages to call the strange ship. On the other hand, the Romulan, Telek R'Mor, answers. At Janeway's request, R'Mor intends to forward personal messages from the crew. In the meantime, Torres discovers that beaming through the wormhole into the alpha quadrant is possible with the help of the probe. Torres and Kim beam a test cylinder to R'Mor and the test is successful. However, the wormhole leads 20 years into the past and Kim is ready to accept it. But Janeway doesn't want to change the timeline, so R'Mor returns to his time alone. The crew sends their personal messages to the Romulan so that he can deliver them to the Federation in the present. However, according to Tuvok, R'Mor died in 2367 and it is not known whether he was able to convey the message to Starfleet. (VOY:The eye of the needle)

A little later, Kim and Paris visit the planet Banea and meet the physicist Tolen Ren there. He invites the two officers to his home and his wife Lidell Ren seems very interested in Paris. The two start talking. They spend the next day together and Lidell Ren invites Paris for tea. But there is an anesthetic in the tea and Paris passes out. During this time, Lidell Ren's lover, a Banean doctor, kills Tolen Ren, making it appear that Paris was responsible for the murder. The doctor also works in secret with the Numiri, the enemies of the Baneans. The doctor then forges the memories of Paris and he is brought to trial. Based on the false memories of Paris, the latter is found guilty and has to experience the last moments of the victim every 14 hours. The doctor implants these memories and also hides secret information about the Numiri in them. When Paris is held on suspicion of murder, Kim is forced to start without him. The doctor determines that Kim is in bad shape and a little later Paris is allowed to visit her too Voyager back. Tuvok investigates and decides to make a mind-meld with Paris to see these memories for himself. Through this melding of thoughts, Tuvok realizes who the killer is. To prove his theory, Kim and Paris fly with a shuttle to Banea, but the shuttle is intercepted by the Numiri as expected and they want Paris because he has valuable data in his head. But at the last moment the two can get back on board the Voyager be beamed. On the planet's surface, Tuvok can now prove that Paris is innocent and that the doctor, together with Lidell Ren, is responsible for the murder and wanted to transmit the secret data to the Numiri. Both are arrested and the victim's memories are removed from Paris. (VOY:The dead man's eyes)

Shortly thereafter, the Vidiians threaten to attack Voyager. To escape the Vidiians, fly through the Voyager a field of subspace vacuoles. Since this flight is very risky and the course changes quickly, Janeway transfers control to the computer. During this time, Kim passes on the course corrections to Paris. When the Vidiians attack the ship, he remodulates the shields, but this has no effect. With Chakotay he can detach the ship from the grab arms and the Voyager can escape the Vidiians. (VOY:Full of anger)

Some time later, Kim was part of an away team investigating an asteroid on which a new chemical element was found. But the element turns out to be the remains of the dead, which were brought on this asteroid through subspace vacuoles. Chakotay realizes that it is a burial site and he does not want to disturb the peace of the dead. But Kim wants to examine the strangers. Chakotay agrees on the condition that the tricorders are not used. Suddenly a subspace vacuole appears and the away team beams onto it Voyager back. But Kim is drawn into the world of the Vhnori through the subspace vacuole. He wakes up in a kind of coffin - a cenotaph. This is used together with the vacuoles to send the dying Vhnori into the next emanation - their afterlife. The Vhnori believe that Kim came to them from there. He is questioned in detail, but cannot provide any information. The Vhnori cannot understand that Kim is coming from a spaceship. Hatil Garan, a Vhnori who is preparing for the transition to the next emanation, swaps places with him and Kim wraps himself in the shrouds and is killed by a kind of electric shock in the cenotaph. It actually arrives in a vacuole on an asteroid near the Voyager and can be resuscitated. Kim wants to be back on duty as soon as possible, but Janeway wants him to take the time to reflect on what happened. (VOY:The unimaginable)

A short time later, Kim is sitting in the casino with Paris. There he is approached by Torres and Seska about whether he has met one of the Delaney sisters]]. He then reports how he and Jenny Delaney fell out of a gondola on the holodeck in Venice. As the Voyager after being invited to Sikaris by Gathorel Labin, Kim meets a young woman named Eudana. She takes him on a journey with the sicarian space trajector to the distant planet Alastria. As the two watch the sunrise, Kim realizes that Alastria is in a different solar system than Sikaris. Eudana informs him that they have traveled nearly 40,000 light years. Kim wants to return to Sikaris immediately to inform Captain Janeway about it. At the subsequent briefing by the command officers, Kim suggests that the Sicarians should be offered the ship's library as an object of exchange. While the negotiations between Janeway and Labin are still in progress, Eudana takes him to a meeting with Jaret Otel, who tells him that Labin will never let them run the trajectory. Instead, he's willing to give them the technology in exchange for the ship's library. Kim immediately informs Janeway about this offer, which the captain refuses.Later Tuvok and Torres secretly get the space trajector, but it is not compatible with Starfleet technology and the Voyager continues their journey. (VOY:The supreme law)

A little later, Kim is part of an away team under Chakotay and Neelix that is looking for food. After on the Voyager a Kazon ship is discovered, Janeway has the away team beam up. Since Seska cannot be found, Chakotay goes in search of her and hands over the command to Kim. Kim then has the away team beamed onto the ship. after the Voyager Receiving the distress call from a Kazon ship, Kim analyzes the sensor data to determine if it is a trap. On the ship, the crew finds evidence that a crew member has betrayed the ship to the Kazon. Kim later locates unauthorized use of a van. After it turns out that it is Seska, he catches her with the van and beams her out after an incident. Seska is injured and treated in the infirmary. Shortly afterwards, a second Kazon ship arrives and MajeCulluh wants Janeway to tell everything about the incident on his damaged Kazon ship. When he behaves hostile, he has to Voyager leave. A little later, Ensign Seska is revealed as a traitor and she then flees to the Kazon and is able to escape. (VOY:The betrayal)

Shortly afterwards, Kim visits the holodeck in his spare time and plays a program there, which is based on the English heroic saga Beowulf readjusts. In doing so he disappears. Investigation into this incident reveals that he was captured by a photonic life form. This intends in this way samples of photonic matter, which the Voyager had collected to regain. After Chakotay and Tuvok also disappear on the holodeck, the doctor is dispatched to clarify the situation. The officers are then released in exchange for the photonic samples. However, Kim can't remember anything after entering the holodeck. (VOY:Heroes and demons)

When Chakotay and Tuvok's shuttle is badly damaged and Kim discovers this with the sensors, he reports this to Captain Janeway, who then has them beamed to the infirmary. After a little later the ship apparently changes course on its own initiative, Kim makes an analysis of the Conn station. However, this analysis does not produce any results. After changing course again, Kim tries to correct it, but finds that his station has been deactivated. The cause of the malfunction is identified as an alien, disembodied being and you want to make it visible with a magneton scan. When Torres asks Kim for his opinion, he is absent-minded, Tuvok points a phaser at him and Kim is scanned by Torres. Kim then asks what he did. When Torres found no unusual values, he was questioned. Kim says he remembered an old study about magnetic scanners and was absent-minded. As a security measure, the command codes are transferred to the doctor who is to act as security. However, its program is switched off by the alien being to force the codes into a humanoid host. When Janeway decides to split the command codes for security, she is occupied by the alien and attacks Tuvok. After being stunned by Paris, the alien occupies Kim, who then draws his phaser and shoots Tuvok. However, he is overwhelmed by Paris. After everyone has been treated in the infirmary, Kim and Captain Janeway examine the Doctor's program and find that it has been sabotaged very well. A little later it turns out that Tuvok was the attacker and Janeway becomes more and more suspicious of her security chief. He soon takes command on the bridge and threatens the crew with a phaser. Kim then hands over his station and explains the sensor data to Janeway: A life form is approaching her. The being that controls Tuvok declares that they are the Komar and that they are looking for hosts. However, the plan is thwarted when the ship's warp core is repelled. Kim wonders how this can be possible. Speaking to Janeway, Kim realizes that Chakotay's neural energy must also control people in order to sabotage the Komar's plan. After successfully driving the creature out of Tuvok's body, Kim observes the strange people with the sensors and sets out on an escape course that ultimately saves the ship. (VOY:Loss of consciousness)