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Every 1.6 Year Mars, the igniter, enters his own realm in the zodiac, this year it was end of June. Now, his average sojourn in a sign mostly is about 6 weeks. But when Earth is going to catch Mars with its higher velocity, then seen from Earth his speed becomes slower and slower finally he will stand and - then he begins to crawl back. This happens when Earth is nearer than 64 °. and ends, when Earth has left Mars behind 38 ° (2020).

And Mars retrograde is an orderly but rare occurrence. The last one was

8. 27. 1988 to 1. 20. 1989

Take wiki.https: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1988

The last before that was - watch out!

9. 7. 1941 until December 1, 1942

Now this time, it's:

9. 10. 2020 to 1. 7. 2021

and no help by wiki.

I for me am making my 'rhym' of it this kind of way:

In 1941 in September the Heresgruppe Nord indeed succeded in surrounding Leningrad on the land-way. but failed, to achieve Victory over the Red Army units in September, but had to proceede to defense.

KSShukow: "The swift take of Leningrad would have allowed it for Hitler to withdraw the German troops, engaged at that front, all Panzer - and mechanized units, being parts of the Panzergruppe 4, and to invest them in the Operation" Taifun " - the seizure of Moscow. "
K.S. Zhukov, memories and thoughts p.405 *)

"In the progress of the September-fightings the strengths of the opponent went exhausted, while the resilience of the Soviet Troops increasingly grew. Evidence was the decreased attack-tempo of the fascists. Could they advance in July for 5 Km a day, so in september they could do it only for 1 - 2 km, and only in certain directions. "

ibid, p.425.


"On August 29, Leeb issued orders for the blockade of Leningrad in anticipation that the city would soon be abandoned by the Soviets. On September 5, Hitler ordered Hoepner's 4th Panzer Group and an air corps transferred to Army Group Center effective September 15, in preparation for Operation Typhoon, the German assault on Moscow. Leeb objected and was given a reprieve in the transfer of his mobile forces, with the view of making one last push towards Leningrad. The 4th Panzer Group was to be the main attacking force, which Reached south of the Neva River, where it was faced with strong Soviet counter-attacks. By 24 September, Army Group North stopped its advance and transferred the 4th Panzer Group to Army Group Center.[18]"

And other than planned that 4th Panzer Group now was somewhat worn out and not replenished.

And 2020? What is in the cards? I think something will start breaking away. In 1988 in fall started the break away in the Baltic Republics and the 'softening' in Hungary. Or modo 1941 an advance will coming to a stop, like the German advance ending in front of Moscow in the Russian offensive of December 6. 1941.

Astrology-for-everyone is not for blowing up the 'genius', by predicting details of the future. Astrology is for analyzing the frame of coming periods, and to become keen and silent a watcher and thinker, which is man's real honor.

*) Still not yet translated in English.

Murnau, 8. 27. 2020. UTC: 20:19.