How to pronounce the yamas and niyamas

The Niyamas - Five Rules of Self Improvement

Both Niyama and Yama can clear your consciousness of internal and external defilements. The basic assumption here is that theinner balanceof a human through greed, envy, desires and any Passions lost goes. As a result, he loses the sense of the right way to deal with himself and his environment.

The following tips will make it easier for you to incorporate the Niyamas into your life:

  • External and internal cleanliness: The own Personal hygieneTaking it seriously can have positive effects on your state of mind. Who cares for his body, gains a better body feeling and Self-confidence. The people in the vicinity will also thank you.

Also important is thePurity from within. Pay attention to your diet and do not add harmful substances to your body. Listen to your gut instinct more often when it comes to food and learn to value food.


  • Satisfaction and relaxation: To be satisfied with what you have, regardless of the external circumstances positive thoughts to have can be a virtue. Even in difficult moments, staying calm and reacting rationally can help inner balance to holdand not sink into tribulation. If you also learn to pay attention to the little things in life and at the moment to Life, serenity and relaxation appear almost by themselves.
  • Learn to do without: Everyone has certain vices that he / she knows can harm the body and maybe even the soul. Even so, most find it difficult to give them up. Deprivation is never easy! But that is precisely why it feels all the better when you have managed to do without something.


Where you can get the strength to do without depends entirely on the respective circumstances and your motives. Be it health benefits, a favor for a friend, or an inner remorse: if you have the will to change something in your life, you can achieve a lot. Be persistent keep your goal in mind and in the end enjoy the feeling of having achieved something great.


  • Getting to know the self: In our fast-paced world, it is always advisable to pause for a moment and deal with the basic questions of your own existence. Only if you have a certain inner stability you can face everyday challenges calmly.

Question your behavior patterns and maybe even yours Settingsto certain things that seem natural to you. You will quickly notice that you are making it unnecessarily difficult or that you would be happier in some other way. It is important to never lose sight of your goals and to focus on what is important in life.


  • Gain confidence: It is not always easy to make important decisions on your own. Many of us know them anxiety before the uncertain future, To carefor family and friends, doubt to yourself. Often such thoughts block our view of the really important things in life and make some matters even more complicated.

Sometimes it is therefore important to let go and on the way of things to trust. This does not mean that you should suddenly give up all responsibilities or go through life completely unsuspecting. Instead, you can try yourself from negative thoughts to to solveTo gain confidence and to cope with your everyday life with more self-confidence.