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AmbiClean cleaning powder for coffee machines

Our AmbiClean cleaning powder for coffee machines quickly and thoroughly removes residues of coffee fats and oils that settle in coffee machines, fully automatic coffee machines, espresso machines, pod and capsule machines, portafilter machines and the like during the brewing process. The made in Germany Cleaning powder contains active oxygen. The oxygen bubbles gently dissolve the impurities and odors. This is how your device becomes optimally cleaned and cared for and full coffee enjoyment is retained. At the same time, the environment is spared because of the active oxygen environmentally friendly and non-toxic is.

The AmbiClean cleaning powder is universal for cleaning various devices different manufacturers can be used. Due to the very economical dosage, the cleaning powder is also particularly economical. Only 2 g of the cleaning powder is sufficient for 500 to 800 ml of water. The device is usually cleaned using the water tank or the coffee chamber or brewing unit. In this context, note the information provided by the manufacturer of your coffee machine.

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The advantages of our AmbiClean cleaning tablets for coffee machines at a glance:

  • fast, thorough and material-friendly cleaning
  • dissolves quickly
  • economical dosage
  • removes residues of coffee fats and coffee oils as well as odors
  • Intense coffee taste after using the coffee cleaning powder
  • Can be used for coffee machines, espresso machines, pad machines, capsule machines, portafilter machines and fully automatic coffee machines
  • suitable for many brands: e.g. WMF, Jura, Delonghi, Miele, Nespresso, Siemens, Bosch, Melitta and Tassimo
  • Active oxygen is environmentally friendly and non-toxic
  • made in Germany.

Available in three sizes:

Regular cleaning: your coffee machine will thank you for it

Over time, coffee fats and oils will settle in coffee machines, fully automatic coffee machines and the like. These can significantly impair the functionality and thus also the performance and service life of the device. One effective protection before that only offers the regular removal of the impurities. Caring for your appliance also includes descaling the coffee machine. Lime can also cause considerable damage to electrical devices. In addition, limescale deposits in the coffee machine can adulterate the taste of the coffee.

Full coffee aroma thanks to regular coffee machine cleaning

The maintenance of the device is far from everything. Not to mention the fact that one regular cleaning the coffee machine is indispensable from a hygienic point of view, you also benefit in terms of taste. If the coffee oils and fats that are deposited during the preparation of the coffee in the respective device are not removed, they will become rancid and spoil the coffee enjoyment. Because they make the coffee bitter and make it smell unpleasant. Before that happens, you should thoroughly clean your coffee maker to get into the Enjoy the full coffee aroma get. You can order our AmbiClean cleaning powder for coffee machines directly from the Ambideluxe shop or from Amazon. Try for yourself how much better the coffee tastes from a freshly cleaned coffee machine.

Here you can download the safety data sheet for the AmbiClean cleaning powder:
Safety data sheet-AmbiClean-coffee machine cleaning powder-2019-GERMAN.pdf

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