MSI 970 Gaming, How to Change LED


That wasn't really planned, but that's always how it is in life. The old graphics card only let the fan run at maximum power and the error was not easy to fix.
So new, unplanned issues ... but an MSI GTX 970 :)

As I said, the old card suddenly caused problems, probably the BIOS, and the backup BIOS of the old card also caused the same problems.
I wanted a bit more performance anyway and fate also controls that. The new card is now an MSI GTX 970 GAMING 4G. MSI because it was named as being more energy efficient and no major bugs were reported on the internet.

This is how she sees packaging out:

And so that back:

And then, as has long been customary, the manufacturers thank the customer for the purchase. The card is well padded in the box and packed in a plastic bag. The connections are protected with covers and a sticker with information sticks to one of the fans.

In contrast to my old card, this one is no longer completely enclosed in a housing and has two large fans. The old one only had a smaller one. What's so special about the MSI GTX 970? The map is passively and actively cooled!

No charge on the card? Then the fans are off and everything is quiet.

More burden on the card? Then the two fans start up and cool down. For optimal cooling, there are no simple fan blades, but a combination of conventional and dispersion (e.g. distribution; fine distribution) fan blades.

The circuit board is open at the bottom. After installation, the circuit board is oriented upwards and experience has shown that the dust of the years gradually builds up there.

The MSI logo on the card lights up white during operation, matching my white housing, the white housing fans, the white LEDs and the white furniture :)

The card is now in use and the fans are off as promised and therefore quiet. Only when there is a load and when, for example, approx. 60 ° is reached (unless you change the control), the fans start and support passive cooling. I think it's great and that should also save electricity.

You can find more information about the card here:

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