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Introduction to German linguistics

This introduction consists of 16 units, all of which are designed in such a way that they can also be read independently of one another. Each chapter introduces a specific area of ​​linguistics: semantics, language history, language acquisition, mental lexicon, pragmatics, dialectology, phonetics, etc. Questions such as "Can words make you tired?" (Semantics), "Are there languages ​​without grammar?" (Syntax), "What kind of language is German?" (History of language) or “Where are the words in your head and how do you access them?”, Which also illustrate the concept of this book: The most important linguistic topics and basics should not only be conveyed in an easily accessible and easily understandable form, but it should also arouse curiosity about the questions that are at stake. Previous knowledge is deliberately not required. Since an introduction can naturally only give a limited insight into a topic, at the end of each unit literature tips are always given for further and in-depth study of the topic.