Logitech mx reset somewhere 2

Logitech MX Anywhere 2 vs. Windows 10

Who knows the problem? The trusty Bluetooth mouse from Logitech (in my case a MX Anywhere 2) no longer reacts from one moment to the next ?! First thought: Ah, probably the battery is empty, so quickly plugged in for charging. But nothing happens. The next attempt is to re-pair the mouse via Bluetooth, which strangely does not work ... the mouse is not found. Switching channels does not help either, reinstalling Logitech Options (driver) did not help either. It is only indicated here that no devices could be found.
Now that the problem has happened for the second time, I want to write a little guide here on how to get it working again.
After some research, I found out that the main reason is that Windows has the ability to switch off the Bluetooth hardware through an energy-saving function. And the drivers obviously do not manage to reverse this accordingly. So it is advisable to deactivate this option.

To do this, proceed as follows:

  • Device manager open (right mouse button on start button> device manager)
  • in the device structure Bluetooth> Intel (R) Wireless Bluetooth (R) (or one accordingly other Entry for Bluetooth adapter) open (double click)
  • In the tab Power managementthe option "Computer can switch off the device to save energy " deactivate
  • Then I restarted Windows 1x and then successfully added the mouse to the Bluetooth devices again.

I had solved this problem in the same way before. I can only imagine that after installing the current Windows 10 Feature updates (1903) had been reset.

Thanks also go to Michael Keutel, who had already described the problem on his blog in 2016.