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Catchphrases of the WWE Superstars

At the request of milhouse, here is a list. You are welcome to add something, then I will edit it.
Booker T: Can you dig it, sucka?
Bret Hart: I am the best there was, the best there is and the best there ever will be
Carlito & Primo: That's (not) cool!
Chris Benoit: Chris Benoit ... is ... FOR REAL!
Chris Jericho: Raw is Jericho !; ... will never, eeever, be the same again .; And all these hypocrites!
Christian: This is how I role.
CM Punk: I'm straightedge.
Cryme Tyme: Money, money, yeah, yeah!
Dolph Ziggler: Hi, I'm Dolph Ziggler.
DX: Suck it!
Eddie Guerrero: I lie, I cheat, I steal; If you're not cheating, you're not trying.
Edge: In the your WWE / World Heavyweight Champion .; I'm the Rated R Superstar .; Wrong Wrong Wrong Wrong!
Goldberg: You're next.
Hulk Hogan: What ya gonna do (brother), when Hulkamania is running / runs wild on you ?!
Hurricane Helms: I'm just sayin '.; Whatz up with that?
Jimmy Wang Yang: Yeehaaw!
Jim Ross: It's a SloberKnocker!
Joey Styles: OH MY GOD !!!!!
John Cena: You can't see me !; You want some? Come get some!
John Morrsion: I'm the real deal sex appeal.
John Morrison & The Miz: Be Jealous!
Kurt Angle: It's true! It's true!
Matt Hardy: I don't want them!
Matt Striker: Today, I'm gonna be your teacher.
Mick Foley: Have a nice day.
Mr Kennedy: Misterrrrrrrrrr Kennedy!
MVP (formerly): I'm better than you!
MVP (earlier & current): Ballin '!
NWO: Too sweet.
Owen Hart: Enough is Enough and it's time for a change
Randy Savage: Oh yeah
Ric Flair: Woooooooooooooooooooooooo!
Rob Van Dam:R V D : rvd:
Ron Simmons: DAMN!
R-Truth: What's up?!
Santina Marella: I can beat you!
Shawn Michaels: I'm the showstopper.
Shelton Benjamin: I'm the gold standard.
Snitsky: It was not my fault!
Steve Austin: What?!; Gimme a Hell Yeah; And that's the Bottomline because Stone Cold said so .; I will stomp a mudhole in your ass and walk it dry !; Austin 3:16 said I just whipped your A **
Ted DiBiase: Everybody has a price, but i am simply priceless .; You will be bought hahahahahahaha.
Teddy Long: Holla, Holla, playa!
The Boogeyman: I'm the Boogeyman an I'm coming to getcha!
The Miz: And I'm your Chickmagnet, the Miz .; I'm The Miz and I'm awesome
The Rock: Do you smell what the rock is cooking ?; It doesn't matter ...; Finally! The Rock has come back to ...; Know your role and shut your mouth !; Who is this Roody-Poo Candy Ass?!; The Rock is the most electrifying man in Sports Entertainment !; You wanna go one on one with the Great One ?; I'm the People's Champ !; The Jabroni beating, pie eating, trail blaizing, eyebrow raising, heart stopping, elbow dropping, you know the face, you know the name, the people's champ, The Rock!
Triple H: It's time to play a game.
Trish Stratus: You can't get no ... Stratus faction.
Undertaker: (You will) Rest in Peace !; I'm coming for your soul !; Sometimes it's hell trying to get to heaven!
Vickie Guerrero: Excuse me!
Vince McMahon: You're FIRED !!!!!