When did the smoke grenade invent basketball?

History and development of basketball

The history of basketball: Dr. James Naismith is considered to be the inventor of the modern game of basketball as we know it today. As winter training, he developed the game for football and baseball teams. The first similar forms of play existed around 1000 years ago in the Indian cultures.

When was basketball invented?

Basketball-like forms of play existed 1000 years ago. Scientists have shown that a similar game was played by the Maya, Aztecs and Incas in which a ball had to be thrown through a ring. The real hour of birth of basketball, however, was on December 21, 1891, created by the Canadian Dr. James Naismith, physical education course director.

Dr. Luther Gulick, Rector of the YMCA in Springfield, Massachussetts, commissioned the then 30-year-old, at the request of the students, to develop an alternative to the outdoor sports football, baseball and soccer within 2 weeks.

Basketball history: mass brawls instead of a disembodied game

Heavy snowfall and short days made it impossible to practice these sports outdoors without any problems in winter. When he was thinking about it, Dr. James Naismith to the decision to develop a less physical sport than, for example, football with the usual tough "tackles". Naismith described his newly invented sport with the words: "In order to be successful, dexterity and throwing accuracy had to be combined with strength, speed and assertiveness".

At the beginning the game was played with 9 players per team. Despite the idea of ​​the "disembodied game", basketball hardly differed from football in terms of hardness in the early years. At the beginning the players still needed arm and leg guards as well as chest protection in order not to injure themselves. Occasionally there were even mass brawls and so the number of players on the two teams was adjusted early and reduced to five players.

Basketball instead of boxing ball because the janitor got peach baskets

In total, Naismith conceived only 13 rules, which he wrote down on 2 pages on a typewriter. The third and most important rule was the ban on running with the ball. "No traveling" is still one of the elementary rules to this day. When it was first born, basketball was a pure passing and throwing game, in which the ball should be caught while standing and then passed until a player is in a promising throwing position for a "goal". The guards, forwards and centers were assigned fixed positions from which they were not allowed to move. It was not until 1910 that dribbling was included in the rules.

In order to avoid scuffles near the goal, Naismith detached the “goals” from the ground and the height of the basket was 10 feet, the equivalent of 305 cm, as it is today. But at first you didn't play with basketball hoops as you know them today. Dr. Naismith needed square wooden boxes for the implementation of his game and commissioned the caretaker Pop Stebbins for this. However, he found none and bought peach baskets instead. Due to this fact, the term "boxing ball" was not created, and at the request of the inventor, the term "Naismithball" was not created, but the term "basketball".

The invention of the basketball hoop

Within a short time, the peach baskets were replaced by those made of heavy wire. Attaching the basketball board in the course of the development did not serve to increase the accuracy of the players, but because spectators from the stands should no longer knock off balls with sticks and umbrellas that were heading towards the basket.

The ball initially had to be fetched from the basket with a ladder after a successful basketball success. Later, the caretaker was placed near the basket on a stepladder, and Pop Stebbins had to climb up and get the ball out so the game could continue. However, this was not particularly significant, as “goals” were rarely scored.

When was basketball developed?

It was only around 20 years later that the nets that are common today for the passage of the ball were invented and used. A leather soccer ball was initially used as a play ball. It was not until 1894 that the first specially manufactured basketballs were developed. The opening game ended in 1891 after a chaotic 2 x 15 minutes with 1: 0 (!!!) by a throw from over eight meters by the student William R. Chase, who was thereby allowed to enter himself in the history books.

Children's game "ducks on a rock"

The game concept for basketball was taken over by Dr. James Naismith, by the way, of the simple children's game called "ducks on a rock", which he liked to play during breaks in his school days. The object of the game is to shoot down a duck placed on a rock with a stone.

Without this simple idea, today's popular sport would probably not exist. Not only all fans of the second fastest sport in the world have reason to be happy, but also Naismith's heirs. With a patent from the sole inventor, they still earn about $ 14 million a year to this day.

A few figures on the development in basketball

  • 1896 Basketball is played for the first time in Germany, in Braunschweig
  • 1898 Foundation of the first professional league (National Basketball League)
  • 1902 Foundation of the first college league
  • 1922 Running with the ball without dribbling is punished with possession of the ball for the opposing team
  • 1936 Basketball becomes part of the Summer Olympics for the first time
  • 1946 Foundation of the NBA (National Basketball Association)
  • 1949 Foundation of the DBB (German Basketball Association)
  • 1984 FIBA ​​introduces the three-point line (distance 6.25 m).

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