28 ounces can dop whole San Marzano tomatoes

The original is only available on Vesuvius

The original only thrives in the warming Mediterranean sun around the village of San Marzano in Campania. Here on the fertile soil At the foot of Vesuvius, on the banks of the Sarno river, the Pomodori will find San Marzano ideal conditions to fully mature.

San Marzano tomatoes

What makes San Marzanos so unique?

The super aromatic fruits are the epitome of all tomatoes. The elongated, dark red shining bottle tomatoes have hardly any seeds but a firm, flavorful, fruity-sweet meat, that develops the perfect consistency when cooking!

Saved from extinction

The local farmers, here on Vesuvius, appreciated the properties of the rare tomato variety always and pulled them in their gardens. But because the San Marzano tomato cannot be grown industrially on a large scale, knowledge of the variety threatened to be lost in modern times. That only changed when that Slow food Move the dying San Marzano tomato to the index of protected species in their ark of taste.

Protected origin, harvested by hand

Today, the sun-ripened, single-variety San Marzanos are still made locally in the Agro-Nocerino Sarnese region harvested by hand and freshly preserved from the bush in its own juice. The tomatoes only develop their full taste when they are preserved! The DOP award "PDO. “(= Protected origin) is proof of the guaranteed geographical origin of the San Marzano tomatoes.