How to achieve siddhis


Siddhi, in the singular, usually means that one has reached perfection. A siddha is one who has reached consummation. You are striving for Siddhi, for perfection. I don't know now if you strive for it, but as a spiritual aspirant one strives for siddhi, for perfection. When siddhi is plural, siddhis, those are things that one attains. Hatha Yoga Pradipika speaks of the Ashta Siddhis, the eight Siddhis. Siddhis is also mentioned in the third chapter of the Yoga Sutra. There are different siddhis. Taken literally, a Siddhi can be called, you make yourself small so that you can hide, you make yourself huge, you can be very light and fly, you can be very heavy and go into the earth, you can read minds and you can be subtle perceive, you can go on out of body experiences, you can fly, also with the physical body. All of these would be siddhis.

To what extent these siddhis are all possible or not, to what extent they are based on superstition or to what extent only great masters can do it, that is now up to you. I have lived with a great master and I firmly believe that I have seen some of what siddhis are. He could certainly read our minds, he could radiate huge prana. He certainly had healing powers and the ability to heal people, even with incurable diseases, even after accidents and many other things. They are siddhis too. There are also siddhis in the figurative sense.

In a sense, every extraordinary ability is also a siddhi. It pays to develop your powers. It can be a musical force, it can be the ability to sing beautifully, also to give good yoga classes, all of these are also special skills and powers. Siddhi, in this sense, is what you have achieved, what you have accomplished. So now you have three meanings of siddhi.

The first is perfection in itself, the highest perfection, also called AtmanJnana, self-knowledge, or Anubhava, highest realization. The second meaning is siddhi - extraordinary powers and abilities that seem to contradict or exceed the previously known physical laws. And third, Siddhi - the abilities and the special abilities and talents that you have developed in yourself and that you bring or have brought to perfection.

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