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How can I turn my cat into a house cat?



we have a 5 year old cat with us, as we live in a village she is often outside.
Recently, however, she's only been in our house for an extremely short time, almost only to eat. Since the temperatures have been rising, it's even more extreme, as she certainly feels comfortable outside. She hasn't had the litter box inside for a few years either, since she's always been doing her business outside. We also didn't know what she was doing outside all the time. We see that she meets with tomcats from time to time, but she is sterilized.


Now a neighbor came by who had asked if it was our cat who was always wandering around in front of her house. Her son always plays with her, and when the door is open she tries to come into her apartment.


Of course I want my cat to feel comfortable, but it should stay my cat and not someone else's. when she is with us she gets something to eat, we play with her (not all the time, of course, but every now and then), and leads a very relaxed cat life.


Since I know about the neighbor I feel pretty bad, what can I do in my situation?