What does a monthly usage of 40 GB mean

Mobile phone contracts - can be canceled on a monthly basis

The minimum contract duration indicates the minimum duration that a contract runs before it can be terminated.

What is the notice period?

The notice period indicates the time before the end of the minimum contract period by which you must have canceled your contract so that the contract is not extended.


You have a contract with a minimum contract term of 24 months and a notice period of 3 months.
You signed the contract on May 2nd, 2017.

  • Start of contract 2.5.2017
  • Contract term 24 Months
  • End of the minimum contract period: 2.5.2019
  • Send the letter of termination at the latest by: 2.2.2019
This means that if you have not sent a letter of termination to your provider by 2.2.2019, your contract will be extended by a further 12 months from the end of the minimum contract. This means that the new end of the contract is then 2.5.2020 and you then have to terminate by 2.2.2020 at the latest so that the contract is not extended again by 12 months.