A whole new world of Aladdin Ukulele

I can show you the world

How it shines, shimmers and is wonderful

Tell me princess when do you have

Finally let your heart decide


I can open your eyes

Show you wonder for wonder

Above, beside and below you

On a flight with the magic carpet


A whole new world

A new way of looking at them

Nobody to tell us no

Or where to go

Or who says that we only dream


A whole new world

The amazing place I never knew

But when I'm up here

It is very clear

That I'm now in a whole new world with you

Now I'm in a whole new world with you


Incredible sights

Indescribable feelings

Ascending, stumbling, running free

Through an endless diamond sky


A whole new world

Don't you dare to close your eyes

There are hundreds of things to see

Hold your breath - it gets better

I feel like a falling star

I've come this far

I can't go back to where I came from


A whole new world

A surprise on every corner

With a new horizon to pursue

Every moment special

I will pursue them one way or another

There is time to spend it here

Let me share this new world with you


A whole new world

That's where we'll be

An exciting hunt

A strange place

For you and me


金, 29/05/2009 - 17:57 にSteena さ ん に よ っ て 投稿 さ れ ま し た。