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354 Rundschau 117th Jg, (2000), H. 5 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ vativ and professional. The jury, as well as photos, illustrations, sketch funding prizes, will include the projects according to various categories, etc. and some information on criteria such as creativity, professional person or group. t & t, innovation content, implementation Youth Solar Award 2000 The projects can be submitted by post etc. or via e-mail in German or English to the federal association Pho- The Youth Solar Award is the award-winning jury Personal voltaics of Austria must be submitted. Entry for creative and professional prototypes from the Federal Ministry for the submission deadline is May 27th, 2000. Project ideas of young people in the field of solar environment, Federal Association of Photovoltaic Power Generation with Photovoltaics and Austria, Climate Austria, F, registrations, questions and more detailed hybrid systems. As the initiator of the youth from universities, technical colleges, information, the Federal Association Solar Award I ~ dt der (3 Österreichische Prª und Scientific Photovoltaik (3 Österreich) is at the disposal of the Federal Association of Photovoltaics of the Federal Institutes. This year all school students and 3. The creativity and operational readiness (among other things, innovative apprentices, with their projects to our youth must be able to take part


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Published: May 1, 2000