What does ljk and rotfl mean?

Chat slang: What do xoxo, rofl and cu stand for?

What the abbreviations mean

When you talk online, you have to be quick. Abbreviations and acronyms (short term formed from the first letters of several words) make up the youthful online language.

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Expressing the same thing with three letters (HDL) as with a full sentence (“I love you”) saved money in the past when the number of characters in SMS was limited to 140 - and now, above all, time. Here are the 15 most important abbreviations and acronyms.

cu: stands for “see you” and means “see you!”.

wb: stands for “welcome back” and means “welcome back!”.

4u: symbolizes "for you", ie "for you".

kk: stands for "no comment".

n8: stands for "night". It is used when one wishes a "good night".

omg: is the acronym for "oh my god", in German: "Oh, my god!".

wtf: stands for "what the f ***", which can be translated as "for heaven's sake".

afk: "away from keyboard" means, for example, "I'll be away from the keyboard for a moment."

lol: stands for “laughing out loud”.

rofl: is the increase of “lol” and means “roll on floor laughing”, which means “rolling on the floor with laughter”.

btw: stands for “by the way”, which is translated as “by the way” or “by the way”.

imho: stands for "in my humble opinion", in German "In my humble opinion ...".

fack: stands for "full acknowledge", which means something like "I totally agree with you!"

xoxo: when you send “hugs and kisses” to the other person, you write “hugs and kisses” or in good Austrian “Bussi, Bussi”.