How to get p45 from mcdonalds

Collect Payback points at McDonald’s: Here’s how it works!

Enjoy a delicious Big Mac menu and be rewarded with Payback points? That works - even though McDonald’s is not an official Payback partner!

Although there are now what feels like 543 burger shops in every German city, a visit to McDonalds is still a must for many. At least occasionally you treat yourself to a hamburger, Royal TS or a Big Mac. Either directly in the restaurant or conveniently via McDrive.

McDonalds is attractive to many because you can satisfy your hunger here quickly and easily. Just fast food! Another argument is the price. After all, where else can you get a full menu with burger, fries and drink for around 8 euros? Families like the fast food chain for another reason: Children can be a little louder here. And it's clear that almost every child loves McDonald's anyway. Playground in front of the door, delicious nuggets and french fries that you can eat with your fingers and also a toy in the happy meal. Children's heart, what more do you want?

Can you only collect Payback points at Burger King?

In terms of popularity, McDonalds is well ahead of its rival Burger King in Germany. Stupid for all McDonald’s fans: While at Burger King, as an official partner, you can collect Payback points with every meal, the chain with the golden bow unfortunately misses out on this.

But what hardly anyone knows: Even at McDonalds, you can diligently collect Payback points with every visit! All you need is a Payback American Express card!

Payback American Express card? What's this? The Payback American Express card is at the same time a Payback trading card and an American Express credit card, with which you can pay for purchases and restaurant visits. The special thing about this card: every time you pay with the Payback Amex card, you automatically collect points with it. One point for every 2 euros in sales. It does not matter whether you pay with the card at a Payback partner or not! With Payback partners, you will of course also be credited with the regular points.

In every McDonalds branch you can pay for your menu with American Express. And so you automatically collect Payback points when you eat a burger.

Save up to 200 euros per year with Payback American Express

But is it worth applying for a credit card to collect a few points at McDonalds? Of course not! However, the bill looks completely different when you consider that you can also pay with American Express at Kaufhof, Otto, Ikea, Aldi, Amazon, Karstadt and many other providers. And so the savings potential with the Payback American Express card can add up to 200 euros per year.

Of course, the question remains whether the collected Payback points outweigh the annual fee for the credit card. A clear answer: Yes, because you don't pay any annual fee for the American Express Payback card. It's permanently free! You will definitely benefit - no matter how often you use the card to pay.

Here are the most important facts about the Amex Payback card at a glance:

  • No annual fee
  • Permanently free
  • Extra pointsas a thank you for ordering the card
  • Score points with every purchase - 1 point for every 2 euros spent
  • Double points with Payback partners
  • Extended right of return for purchases
  • All purchases are conveniently debited from the bank account as a total amount at the end of the month
  • Free second card on request
  • PIN freely selectable

Anyone who is already a Payback member can use the American Express Payback card apply directly here for free * and thus secure a lot of extra points. The points you have collected so far will of course not be lost - you simply continue to collect with your previous Payback customer number. If you are not yet a Payback member, you can start directly with the Amex card and ignite the points turbo right from the start!

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