What is a mockery

Mockery - features, reasons and tips on how to deal with it

Mockery - General Characteristics

It is a question of ridicule when someone deliberately ridicules another person, so mocked. This is a humiliating feeling for the person concerned. If there is also disrespect and contempt, it is talk of scorn.

If there is great malicious joy, one can also speak of malice. Praise can be described as the opposite of ridicule.

For example, ridicule is often used among children. In order to get a desired reaction from the mocked, be

  • Words
  • symbolic acts and / or
  • Gestures

used. Different forms of ridicule can occur. In addition to the most famous form, the gross ridicule, there is also the stylized ridiculewhich is applied in the form of irony. Possible stylistic devices of mockery are

  • Mockery song
  • Parody and
  • Cartoon.

Black humor can also be counted as mockery as mockery. when it comes to the mockery of beliefs, one speaks of blasphemy.

The mockery has similarities with the satire. In this, however, the humorous and exaggerated style is put in the foreground; The goal is to make a person laugh.

It is different when directly ridiculing a person. Here someone is deliberately dragged down, for example because they did something wrong.

Possible reasons

There can be a number of reasons for ridicule.


One reason is first of all self-profiling. This is especially important in groups, regardless of whether it is a school class, a study group or a neighborhood. By mocking, the mocking person indicates that he is superior to the victim.

The group entertainment factor

In addition, mockery can often be used to entertain the group. If, for example, an employee is ridiculed in front of the group in a supposedly funny way for his performance, this often has an amusing effect on the other employees. In turn, the mocking person is seen as strong and articulate, which can give him a better place in the hierarchy of the group.

Your own dissatisfaction

Another important reason why we like to make fun of others is that we are dissatisfied with ourselves. Sometimes it just feels good to block out your own imperfections and instead expose someone else. The ridicule therefore offers the opportunity to feel better about yourself at least for a momentby poking at someone who is weaker.

Disapproving behavior

But we also use mockery to signal rejection. In our society we are often forced to cooperate with people whom we would actually avoid.

In such a case, we like to resort to defensive reactions, which are intended to signal and maintain an emotional distance. The mockery is accordingly a means of signaling to employees, for example, that we do not value them as a person.

The personal entertainment factor

Ultimately, ridicule can also be used for personal entertainment, which in turn reveals our sadistic streak. For example, we are bored and see ridiculing someone else as an opportunity to find entertainment.

In this form of mockery, however, the person who is mocking often does not notice how bad the mockery actually is for the person concerned. Instead, the prevailing feeling in such a case is that the victim of ridicule is being teased in a funny way.

Tips for dealing with ridicule

Dealing with ridicule is not always easy for those affected. It's hard to be calm in situations like this; however that is To ignore often the best method. The person who mocks you will eventually realize that there is nothing they can do with their behavior - in such a case they are more likely to stop.

The disadvantage to be mentioned here is that you hardly show any emotions. For outsiders, you are perceived as a particularly calm person, which is not always viewed positively.

Those affected are often confronted with rumors. We show here how best to destroy them.

As already mentioned, the reasons for ridicule can vary widely. In addition to ignoring statements and the like, you can also work on yourself depending on the situation, for example if you see yourself in the role of an outsider.

If you manage to break out of this again, it will be easier in the future. If you find yourself in such a role, here are some helpful tips.

Another way to deal with ridicule is to the one who ridicules you, to say clearly that such behavior will not be tolerated. A healthy dose of self-confidence is required for this reaction.

If you get this across correctly, you will be able to create an impression. It is seen as a possible disadvantage that this may reduce the number of friends or colleagues who feel that you do not have a lot of humor.

Finally it is still possible to answer quick-witted. In this case, the mocking person is immediately countered.

However, not everyone likes such a reaction, and it is typical that precisely those who lack such quick wittedness are ridiculed. It can also be that this puts you on the same low level.

It should therefore be noted that there is no such thing as the right behavior when it comes to dealing with ridicule. It is crucial to stay calm and keep calm.