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Summer straw hats are fashionable and practical for both men and women. Styles range from a cowboy style to a panama hat to a wide-brimmed hat that blocks out the summer sun. Prices range from very inexpensive to a hundred dollars for a finely woven handcrafted hat.

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Straw hats can be made from natural plant material (palm, straw, hemp or reed).

Most natural straw hats are woven and then steam is applied to create the shape of the hat on preformed blocks.

"Straw hats" can also be made from man-made synthetic fibers as well as by-products of the paper industry.

But how do you keep them clean?

How to clean a straw hat

  • If your hat has ribbons or panels, remove them before you start cleaning. Clean them separately by dusting or hand washing. They can often be freshened up with a little steam or ironing. If there is glue residue on the hat, remember it will be covered when you replace the trim.
  • If you have a hat with a veil that cannot be removed, use steam from an iron, clothes steamer, or hold it over a saucepan of boiling water to gently reshape a shredded veil. Do not sweat or the whole hat can lose its shape. If you want the veil to be stiff and away from your face, iron the veil between two layers of wax paper. Use a medium setting on your iron without steam. A trace of wax is transferred to the veil and looks crisp.

    Whether you have a natural straw hat or one made of synthetic material, start with a clean, damp white cloth to remove any loose dirt or dust. Don't use a colored cloth because.

  • If you have a hat that is very dusty, put a piece of net or tights over the end of your vacuum cleaner and use it to dust the hat off.
  • For oily stains, sprinkle the stain with cornstarch or talc to soak up the oil. Let it stand for a few hours and then brush or vacuum it.
  • To remove sweat stains, wipe the area with a clean damp white cloth as soon as possible after wearing it to prevent body salts and oils from staining the straw. For stains around the sweatband, use 1/2 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide and 1/2 teaspoon of warm water on light-colored straw. For dark straw, use 1/2 teaspoon of ammonia and 1/4 cup of warm water. Use a soft bristle brush - an old toothbrush - and work on a small area - an inch or two - at a time. Clean, then blot with a white cloth dampened with water. Let the area dry completely before wearing it again.
  • Try grinding the area with an eraser. Use gentle pressure and let the eraser do the job.

How to hold a straw hat that looks sharp

  • Try your best to keep your straw hat dry. If your hat gets wet, shake off the water and twist off the cloth or leather sweatband to use it as a "hat stand". Let your hat dry out of direct sunlight or intense heat while sitting upright on the sweatband. If the hat has a curved brim, like a cowboy hat, do not dry it on a flat surface because the brim will be deformed.
  • Wipe the hat with a clean, damp cloth after each use. This will remove dust that accumulates during the day and prevent it from becoming deeply embedded. Always use a plain white cloth to avoid accidentally getting dyes.
  • Never leave the hat in your car or in a very hot place as this can dry out the straw (or melt a synthetic straw) and it can become brittle and deformed.
  • Always keep a hat with clean hands and the brim, not the crown. Constant pinching can break the fibers.
  • To prevent sweat, makeup, or lotions and hair products from getting into the straw, twist the sweatband down so it can dry between puffs. If you have stains on the leather sweatband, sprinkle cornstarch or talcum powder on it to absorb the moisture. Let sit for a few hours and then brush away. Do not spray with liquid cleaners.
  • Always keep straw hats in a cool, dry place. If the brim is curved, store the hat upside down in a hat box to prevent the brim from deforming and to keep dust out. Or, use a mannequin head shape and loosely cover the hat and head with a white cotton pillow case to repel dust. NEVER put a straw hat in a plastic bag, which can cause discoloration and mold growth.