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Gymnastics Club Hameln from 1880 e. V. Edition 2016 nlema H bul C nerth Tu cihcse G tbier schseite Sports facility with its own CLUB Hameln-WEST Breslauer Allee / Rennacker 2 Restaurant - Club room - Hall - Bowling alley Athletics room “Rolf Mertens Hall Boules - Beach - Volleyball - facility - many Parking lots 8. Gymnastics Club Hameln von 1880 eV GYMNING · GYMNASTICS · AEROBIC COUPLE AND EVERYONE GYM · FENCING · FOOTBALL · SENIOR SPORTS · HIKING · YOGA · FA USTBALL · HANDBALL · POWER POINT JUDO - TAXI TA EKWONDO · TA NZSPORT · TABLE TENNIS · TRAMPOLINE EXERCISES · VOLLEYBALL · ZUMBA · - HEALTH SPORTS · POSTURE PROMOTIONAL EXERCISES FOR CHILDREN · INFARM SPORTS SPORTS FOR DIABETICS · SPORTS IN CANCER AFTER-SALES · SPORTS TROUBLESHOOTING SPO RTBY RT HROSES GEVÄßSPORT · WALKING AND NORDICWALKING 1st chairman: 2nd chairman: 3rd chairman: 1st Ka ssenwartin: clerk: reps. d. Women: Assessor: Managing Director: Dr. Wolfgang Kurbjuhn Karsten Pflugmacher Lothar, Meissner Kerstin Brenker Lieselotte customer Hannelore Jugovic Heino Menkens Miroslaw Warchol Hameln Hameln Hameln Hameln Hameln Hameln Hameln Hameln Uhlandstrasse 6 Heiseweg 15 Ostertorwall 18 Meisenbrink 15 Falkestrasse 18 Goethestr. 17 Wangelister Feld 1250 Tel. 927.47 Tel. 0151-504775 85 Tel. 59 819 Tel. 2 24 90 Tel. 2 9 480 Tel. 63 533 Tel. 63756 TC NEWS 60. EQUIPMENT: 2016 TC office: + member administration E-Mail: Internet: Rennacker 2, 31787 Hameln Ms. Zwirner Mon. + Fri. 9.00 a.m.-12.00 p.m. Wed. 4.00 p.m. - 7.30 p.m. [email protected] Tel .: (0 51 51) 6 28 30 Administration for health sports: Ms. Kunde Falkestr. 18, 31785 Hameln Tel .: (0 51 51) 2 24 90 Clubheim "SPORTHOF" Rennacker 2, 31787 Hameln Tel .: (0 51 51) 6 44 52 Bank details Contribution account: Sparkasse Weserbergland Payments in the area of ​​health sports: Sparkasse Weserbergland Edition: Print: Publisher: Layout: IBAN: DE 42 2545 0110 0000 00 91 91 BIC: NOLADE21SWB IBAN: DE 55 2545 0110 0000 0671 57 BIC: NOLADE21SWB 2,500 pieces, the subscription price is included in the membership fee. Community letter printer, Groß Oesingen Turn-Club Hameln von 1880 eV, Rennacker 2, 31787 Hameln Miroslaw Warchol 2017 Contents Important dates 2017 Advertiser directory Turn-Club writes the story Foreword Without movement, no language In silent mourning We congratulate honors for TC members Ordinary INVITATION to the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Invitation to children's carnival From club life 4 5 6 7 9 10 12 15 17 19 20 From the departments: Fistball Fencing Fitness Football 25 29 33 37 43 65 68 72 73 75 76 79 81 89 101 102 105 106 107 Health sports Judo Weight sports / heavy athletics Athletics Orienteering Self-defense for women Taekwondo Table tennis gymnastics Volleyball walking and Nordic walking Hiking TC membership application TC membership fees TC address directory Page 3 Important dates 2017 General Board 23.01.2017 - Monday -7.00 p.m. - TC Heim Kinderkarneval 25.02.2017 - Saturday - 3.30 p.m. - Hall WEST Annual General Meeting 27.03.2017 - Monday - 8 p.m. - TC Heim annual award ceremony May 20, 2017 - Saturday - 11.00 a.m. - TC Heim summer party in the Klütviertel 10.06.2017 - Saturday - 2.00 p.m. - Klütschule LA club championships 14.06.2017 - Wednesday - 3.30 p.m. - TC sports field Klütbergturnfest 19.08.2017 - Saturday - 1.00 p.m. - Finkenborn Summer Festival - Scharnhorstesidenz 08/20/2017 - Sunday - 10.00 a.m. - Scharnhorst area 10th Hamelner - Klütturm- BERG run 09.09.2017 - Saturday - 02.00 p.m. - Schützenplatz 5th Hamelin Klüt Trail Run 24.09.2017 - Saturday - TC Sportplatz Page 4 List of advertisers Stadtwerke Hameln Kaspar Autolackierung Volksbank Hameln-Stadthagen eG BKK24 DEWEZET "GENUSS" - Restaurant in the SPORTHOF Daimler-Benz "Sörensen" Dr. Plugmacher & Collegae Glaserei Jung Allee - Pharmacy Feutex-Brandschutz Wittkopp-Sportartikel Autohaus Siekmann Inside cover 2 8 14 14 16 18 24 24 Cosmetic studio-Rekate Latzel - Haustechnik Autohaus Fischer Scharnhorst Residence St.Monika Seniorenheim KSG Law firm Seifert Fliesen Hundertmark Auguste Heine Bestattungswesen GmbH Orthopädieschuh Service Janus 44 44 45 56 58 59 62 62 64 64 Tenants' Association 66 Energie - Direkt Hameln GmbH AME-TECHNIK Bauelemente - Dieter Hundertmark Fliesen-Hölscher Sport Life Sparkasse Hameln-Weserbergland Page 5 27 28 40 42 70 70 71 88 Inside cover Outside cover Turn -Club makes history The focus of a central festival event in Berlin was on clubs that go beyond sport and face challenges to our community in an exemplary manner. The “Stars of Sports” are awarded on behalf of millions of volunteers who are committed to society in the sports club and who make an indispensable contribution. "You all deserve recognition for this," said Michael Vietz, Member of the German Bundestag. The German Olympic Sports Confederation and the Federal Association of German Raiffeisen Banks have therefore awarded the gold "Stars of Sports" for the twelfth time. Chancellor Angela Merkel personally presented the awards to the clubs . Vietz is particularly proud of the award and recognition of the Turn-Club Hameln von 1880 eV The club has prevailed with its initiative "TOR" in the national competition and was honored with the golden star of sport under the title "TOR" The association has set the goal of creating age-appropriate sports offers and through exercise to help children develop healthily. "TOR" stands for tolerance, openness, respect. The association brings boys and girls from different social and cultural backgrounds together who want to Getting to know games: this trains social behavior, it facilitates integration, promotes a g Non-violent coexistence and teaches how to deal with rules. Parents are also involved. Currently over 700 children from daycare and elementary schools take part each week. Under the title “TOR”, the association has set itself the goal of creating age-appropriate sports activities and helping children to develop healthily through exercise. "TOR" stands for tolerance, openness, respect. The association brings boys and girls from different social and cultural backgrounds together who get to know each other while playing. This trains social behavior, it facilitates integration, promotes non-violent coexistence and teaches how to deal with rules. Parents are also involved. Currently over 700 children from day care centers and elementary schools take part each week. Following the official award ceremony, Vietz invited the delegation, which was accompanied by Hamelin Mayor Claudio Griese, to the German Bundestag. He used the opportunity to find out more about the current project. "I am delighted that the association has entered the Germany-wide competition with a project as comprehensive as 'TOR'," said Michael Vietz enthusiastically. “At the award of the 'Star des Sports' in gold, the commitment of TC Hameln von 1880 e.V. was rightly put in the public spotlight. I would also like to thank everyone who has accompanied the project from the start and who work every day to bring it forward. "Page 6 Foreword Dear TC er, On page 9 you can read all the information about our latest" Kind “we look back on a really eventful 2016 with many attractive highlights but also with a lot of work and great commitment from all employees of our association. As a result, we were again able to record an - albeit small - increase in membership this year. The board therefore has a special reason to express thanks not only to the full-time but also to the part-time trainers for this service. This also applies to the support from many volunteers, parents, friends of the association and the large number of sponsors from our city as well as the great willingness to help with the design of our annual magazine through advertisements. This year the TC has again expanded its cooperation with the HAMELN IN BEWEGUNG campaign! Our association opens up to our Hamelin citizens with the following offers (listed below) without requiring membership. 1. The TOR project - additional sports lessons in 10 day-care centers and 5 primary schools (Mirko Magritz and other TC employees) 2. The ORIENTATION RUN project for schools and districts (Sonja Bräunig) 3. The BEACHVOLLEYBALL project is fun - demonstration for schoolchildren by Philipp Bergmann and Yannick Harms 4. The MOVEMENT PARK FOR SENIORS project - operation of the 6 devices in the Bürgerpark (Karlheinz Lewin and TC staff) 5. The SPORT FOR EVERYONE project District-related ideas of a variety of sports in cooperation with other sports clubs. “No language without movement” The TC Hameln would like to take this opportunity to expressly thank the EUGEN REINTJES FOUNDATION for the support and the opportunity to present our city with movement concepts for children, young people, adults and the older generation. We are thus helping Hamelin to stay alive and always on the move! We are pleased that our managing director Miro Warchol, in cooperation with all department heads, has once again designed an annual journal of an excellent level and format, in which not only the sporting achievements and talents but also the general social aspects and psychosocial effects in the leisure and health sports offer of a popular sports club across all age groups be expressed. We hope you enjoy reading the 2016 annual issue and are happy to receive suggestions and criticism for the next annual issue. We wish you a healthy and successful 2017 with a lot of activity and satisfaction. Wolfgang Kurbjuhn 1st Chairman he Visit S et! us in the internal page 7 "No language without movement" One speaks, everyone else listens ........... That was once upon a time - but only if all children were by their origins spoke the same mother tongue. Now, however, the composition in the day-care centers looks significantly different: In many facilities we have a high number of children of immigrant origin. Often there are only a few children in a group from German-speaking families. In some day-care centers, children from over It is all the more important to organize language acquisition and language training as early as possible. In this development phase, it is therefore advisable to impart word and language formation within the scope of exercise offers. The project of pedagogy arose from this knowledge Forum of day care centers "Without movement, no language." In the second year of the project, a total of 9 full-time and part-time TCÜ help Exercise leader in 19 child day-care centers in Hameln through a variety of age-appropriate sports and games to improve language development. With 27 hours per week, our sports teachers, supported by the employees of the respective day care centers, make a significant contribution to a healthy growth and the provision of equal educational opportunities in over 1000 hours per school year. Our inclusive and integrative approach to sports and games not only promotes the development of the child's self-image and body awareness, but also has a positive effect on teamwork and social skills. Joint training courses and events deepen the holistic approach of this project. Especially in the educational process of adolescents in day-care centers and primary schools, our TURN-CLUB has many years of cooperation experience and has received nationwide recognition and awards for these activities (MUM project - Mohamet and Marie and the TOR project - tolerance, openness and respect). If we succeed in increasingly involving the parents in our offers, we will have achieved what the former national soccer player and current youth coordinator of Borussia Dortmund, Lars Ricken, sees as his main task: "Young people need to think and act in an exemplary manner, including language , moral, athletic and aesthetic education. This includes respect, justice, tolerance plus knowledge about nutrition and hygiene. " We look forward to further constructive cooperation with all institutions in the Hamelin Pedagogical Forum. Your sports club in Hameln Farewell to long-time chairman of the district sports association Fred Hundertmark In September, the Weser Uplands and in particular the Hameln-Pyrmont district surprisingly lost a well-deserved and successfully committed fighter for sport in all its facets. After many years of board work in his home club HSC Blau-Weiß Schwalbe Tündern, Fred Hundertmark also took over the management of the Hameln-Pyrmont district port association in 2005. His management work was characterized by a wealth of ideas and foresight, combined with a willingness to cooperate but at the same time also determination and assertiveness. Home sport is particularly grateful to him for his constant willingness to support the interests of all clubs. Despite the various stresses and strains of a sports official's everyday life, he has retained his enthusiasm and positive charisma to the end. The grief over this loss connects us with his family. Dr. W. Kurbjuhn 1st chairman Long-time TC member Friedrich-Wilhelm Bartsch died in November At the age of 97, our well-deserved gymnastics brother Friedrich-Wilhelm Bartsch died. As a 9-year-old he became a member of our gymnastics club in 1929 and was active in our gymnastics department well into old age. Over a long period of time, he also assumed responsibility for the association as chairman of the council of elders. The Management Board would like to express its special thanks for this attitude and the unusually long loyalty of 88 years. Dr. W. Kurbjuhn 1st chairman Page 10 In silent mourning ... DECEASED TC members in 2016 In silent mourning we bid farewell to our club members and friends who died last year and we will keep them an honorable memory. Our deepest sympathy goes out to your relatives - in silent memory - October 17, 2015 December 20, 2015 Jürgen Jacobs Christa from Nobbe February 16, 2016 April 21, 2016 May 22, 2016 July 6, 2016 July 25, 2016 August 1, 2016 August 6, 2016 August 26, 2016 October 1, 2016 November 5 .2016 Dietmar Hohlfeldt Horst Fürstenberg Margot Schwickert Ruth Behrens Wilhelm Traude Katharina Reimann Heinz Kwoczek Joachim Scheffler Manfred Hundertmark Friedrich-Wilhelm Bartsch OUR DEEP COMPASSION IN QUIET MEMORIALS. Page 11 We congratulate ... ... all TC birthday children belatedly in this way once again very cordially. Representing everyone, especially here: for the 50th birthday on January 23rd. Olaf Albertin 02/14 Sabine Buntrock 10.03. Stephan Buntrock 28.03. Söhnke Mahlke April 5th. Ulrike Schöps April 18. Martin Hellmold April 19 Annette Herrmann May 22nd Dietmar Dippel June 20th Thorsten Fischer June 21. Dr. Thomas Thielke 25.06. Heiko Fröbrich July 9th. Olav von Zeddelmann July 24th. Mathias Gettmann 08/18 Jörg Bornemann 13.09. Bent Michael Jennrich 17.09. Carsten Henneke December 4th. Astrid Kallmeier-Bücker 05.12. Silvia Stritzke December 6th. Nicole Scholz 17.12. Stefan Drews on his 60th birthday 29.01. Iris Bothe 07.02. Marlene Pfeiffer February 19. Michael Smith 02/21 Ulrike Ehrhardt March 17th Wolfgang Schneider 03.04. Fancoise Accart-Walter 26.04. Rainer Schams June 21st Angelika Müller 02.07. Birgitt Rekate 11.08. Beatrix Becker 04.09. Maria Bergmann 06.10. Reiner Lewin April 28th. Norbert Raabe April 30th Margarethe Hölzer 04.05. Gabriele Dreyer July 3rd. Lothar Kerl 04.08. Ludwig Hanke 03.09. Gisela Gerlach 16.09. Bärbel Wittkopp 03.10. Christel Eickmeier October 3rd Erika Westram 06.06. Hubert Reinthaler July 10th. Christel Rother 08/10 Wolfgang Buhr 27.08. Christel Oppermann 11.10. Angelika Grimsehl 19.10. Horst Adam 20.11. Gisela Manteufel December 19. Magdalena Drohm 10.05. Diethild Klein 13.05. Helga Redeker 16.05. Dieter Falkenberg May 22nd. Heide Witkop 23.05. Erika Traude 05.06. Hans-Jürgen Tinne June 27th Gerd Dieter Knief 05.07. Ingrid Eggers July 17th. Ursula Sartor 07/27 Klaus Adam 07/29 Inge Schwekendiek 31.08. Heinz Böhm 02.09. Wolfgang Gwosdek 03.09. Sigrid Geßner 06.09. Anita Lütkemeier 12.09. Jutta Hansen October 2nd Wilfried Bass 08.10. Peter Elgner October 15 Helmut Kirchmann October 21. Jürgen Bröstedt 25.10. Gerd Schmidt October 31 Ingeborg Olivotti 18.10. Barbara Hofmeier-Nagel 26.10. Annette Mundhenke on her 65th birthday 04.01. Werner Schmidt 28.01. Ulrike Bengtson February 13th. Friedhelm Bollhorst February 18. Wolfgang Grabs 23.03. Oswin Kurzhagen 02.04. Ute Sobotta April 28th Christel Ehlerding October 29. Gerda Scherner-Huber October 31. Marita Lehrfeld November 19 Erika Hepper 11/19 Karl-Heinz Russ 20.12. Ursula Ober on her 70th birthday 29.01. Michael Tönnies 17.02. Ingrid Mau April 8th. Ingrid Gerlach May 19. Monika Placidus May 22nd Karin Becher on her 75th birthday January 30th. Edith Großkop 04.02. Manfred Rehren 08.02. Monika Koczy 02/11. Paul-Heinz Struckmeier February 14th. Siegfried Christoph 02/27 Peter Bilowitzki 02/28 Elisabeth Schulenkorf 07.03. Günter Riedel March 22nd. Arnulf Pichert 28.03. Jürgen Hanebuth April 25. Harald Thönicke April 30th Friedhelm Söffge 07.05. Brunhild Kühl Page 12 02.11. Ingeburg Aschenbrenner 29.11. Heidrun Wolf 04.12. Inge Tecklenburg December 29. Horst Hansemann December 31. Wolfgang Kurbjuhn Congratulations ... on his 80th birthday 19.01. Werner Group 06.02. Hermann Schütte 02/26 Willi Sprick 02/27 Heinrich Hobein 03.03.Ursula Hornig 21.03. Dieter Winkel 04.04. Gerda Kaufmann April 5th Dorothea Hubrig April 13th Ingrid Kruse April 18. Waltraud Lange 06.05. Christa Pfennig May 30th Werner Laß 02.06. Günter Engelking 03.06. Helga Schonat 18.06. Christoph Grothkopf July 13th. Hubert Böllert 08.08. Fritz Siekmann 16.08. Renate Herrmann 08/31 Horst Großkurth 15.09. Gerhard Meyer 10.10. Anna Blaschen 24.10. Edith Winkler December 5th. Manfred Fiedler December 8th. Willy Gründemann on the 81st birthday 06.01. Hildegard Grohne 19.01. Charlotte Epperlein 28.01. Siegfried Meyer 09.02. Jürgen Kruse February 18. Renate Wehrhahn 02/26 Gert Behmann April 6th. Hanne-Lore Stölting April 25th. Gisela Czogala April 26th Manfred Richter June 8th Anna-Maria White 07.01. Ingrid Valder 02/27 Magdalene Hartinger March 22nd. Adolf Meier April 15 Helga Nolte April 24th Irmgard Düwel 28.05. Manfred Brutscheck 17.06. Edith Meier July 6th. Günter Pfennig July 16. Irmgard Zacher July 19. Inge Schulz 06.08. Rudolf Loitz 01.09. Ursula Langer 05.09. Jutta Neufeld November 12th Hans Langenhahn 24.11. Elli Backhaus on her 83rd birthday on her 84th birthday on her 85th birthday 13.01. Ruth Koppmann 06.05. Renate Meyer 18.06. Friedrich-Wilhelm Wittkopp June 29th. Manfred Meyer 03.07. Wolfgang Rauchfuß 10.07. Rolf Winkler August 3rd Horst Knübel 22.09. Herbert Kuppig 11/10 Dieter Jessat December 17. Lieselotte customer 02/10. Sieglinde Birkholz 02/20. Ruth Kröncke 10.03. Ellen Lehner April 26th Käthe Hilscher 06/28 Helmut Blum 08/14 Friedel Behr 08/22 Wilhelm Nolte 08/27 Helmut Plaßmeier September 15. Adelheid Bothe 03.02. Gertrud Weißensteiner 06.03. Elisabeth Pellens 17.02. Günter Nagel 22.03. Irmintraut Reimann 20.03. Dora Mertens 23.03. Isengard Franke 23.10. Heinz-Wilhelm Sartor on his 86th birthday October 28th. Ilse Hobein February 21. Gert Kösling December 9th. Edith Fricke 11.06. Marlies Niemeyer 26.06. Brigitte Nolte on her 89th birthday August 9th. Alwin Knust 28.09. Karl-Heinz Beerberg 06.03. Berta Klusmann October 26th Hellmut Bartsch 06.10. Heinz Linnemann 07.07. Sigrid Strey 11.07. Karla Behmann July 18. Wilfried Herrmann 07/27 Siegfried Ebbecke 16.09. Elsa Meyer 07.10. Gisela Lucentini 09.10. Herta Laß December 9th. Rudi Vehlies on the 82nd birthday on the 90th birthday on the 91st birthday Ingeborg Albat 05.03. Ilse Schönhütte on her 93rd birthday November 28th. Margot Polzin December 8th. Gerhard Hach on his 88th birthday on his 92nd birthday on March 16. Heinz-Wilhelm Meyer on his 94th birthday January 13th. Elisabeth Dempewolf 06.03. Walter Bothe 02.01. Luise Ihm on her 101st birthday on her 102nd birthday on February 17th. Olly Heithecker 22.06. Kurt Domke Once again, our warmest congratulations - we ask for your understanding if we cannot attend all of the birthday dates in person - given the large number of these celebrations - it is simply not possible to appear in person everywhere to deliver our birthday wishes. We ask for your indulgence - thank you !!! Page 13 Honors for TC members On the occasion of the award ceremony in 2016, we were once again able to honor and honor our long-term club members for their loyalty to the club. The board of directors and the association would like to thank them for this longstanding membership with the appropriate TC badges and flowers for the ladies! Page 15 Annual General Meeting gnudaln Ei Hameln, in January 2017 PO Box 10 11 23 for the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Monday, March 27, 2017, at 8 p.m. in the TC-Club-Heim, Rennacker 2 1. Opening and greeting 2. Establishing the proper invitation, the quorum and approval of the agenda. 3. Honorary ceremony 4. Report of the board of directors 5. Reports of the department heads 6. Report of the treasurer 7. Report of the treasurer 8. Discussion of the reports 9. Discharge of the board of directors 10. Approval of the budget for the current year 11. Elections (board of directors) 12 Auditor elections 13. Proposals 14. Suggestions, information, questions Proposals for the annual general meeting must be received in writing by March 13, 2017 at the TURN-CLUB, PO Box 10 11 23, 31761 Hameln, in writing! (TC Articles of Association, Section 14, Paragraph 12). The board of the TURN-CLUB Hameln von 1880 e.V. signed Dr Wolfgang Kurbjuhn 1st chairman Hameln, January 2017 Every TC member should see the attendance of the annual general meeting as an obligation of the association and do not plan anything else for this date! The minutes of the last annual general meeting can be viewed in the TC office during office hours. If the board of directors does not have any contradictions up to 14 days before the next annual general meeting, this is deemed to have been approved. Page 17 From the club life 4th Hamelner Trail-Run Page 20 From the club life 4th Hamelner Trail-Run Page 21 From the club life 9th Hamelner Klütturm Mountain Run Page 22 From the club life Children's Carnival Page 23 Dr. Pflugmacher & Collegae Attorneys at Law, Contract Law, Inheritance Law, Insurance Law, Notary, General Civil Law, Provision, Traffic Law, Specialist Lawyers, Labor Law, Testamentsvollstr. Damage compensation law Klütstraße 12, 31787 Hameln Tel. 05151/7431 Fax: 05151/42482 Email: [email protected] fl Homepage: www.rechtsanwalt-p fl Fistball The year 2016 was played both at district and district level for the active teams enjoyable. The results of the season: M1 After the men's team with Frank Hachmeister, Hartmut Johanning, Andreas Weiher, Hartmut Wistal, Heribert Maring, Carsten Schierholz, Uwe Gottwald, Felix Grote and Axel Redeker fought their way to 1st place in the Hanover district league and this 3rd place Was able to defend match days, the team finally had to come to terms with a defeat against TSV Kirchdorf on the last match day, which threw the TC back to second place in the table behind the team from Barsinghausen. The final table: Place Team Games Sets Points 1st TSV Kirchdorf 12 21: 6 20: 4 2nd TC Hameln 3rd TSV Eldagsen 12 20: 9 18: 6 12 17:10 16: 8 4th TSV Eitzum 12 14:13 12 : 12 5th TH 52 12 12:14 10:14 AM 6th TuS Vahrenwald 12 9:20 6:18 AM 7th TSV Burgdorf III 12 2:23 2:22 AM 8th SV Be Steimbke II 0 0: 0 0: 0 Der TC benefited from the more balanced composition of its team. The seniors are looking forward to new players, especially currently passive members from other disciplines who, in the 50+ age group, would like to be active in a team sport once a week for training and on a manageable number of Sundays Want to become a team sport. Women 1 After the strong 1st women's team fell apart due to study and stay abroad, the remaining women (Nele Michaelis, Sina Waczynski and Jovana Voss) concentrate on regular training and occasional participation in tournaments with support from Adina Voss, Frederike Matthäus and Julia Kazmierski and Svenja Bergmann. M 50 In the district class of men 50, the players of TC Hameln won the championship unbeaten. After the team of the MTV Bad Pyrmont for the second game day canceled at short notice, this team could not leave the last place. In the remaining games, the TCers won against TuSpo Bad Münder (42:26) and against TSV Hachmühlen (30:25), although the information from TSV brought the defense of the TC into trouble again and again. The young women would be happy to have reinforcements. Page 25 Fistball School Fistball 11th District School Fistball Tournament in Hameln In bright sunshine and sometimes strong winds, 30 teams from 8 schools played the winners and placements in the individual divisions, some of which had to be merged for organizational reasons in order to give all teams interesting and injury-free games to enable. The school medical service at the Theodor-Heuss-Realschule from Hameln only had to help out once with a cold pack. Unfortunately, the organizing SchillerGymnasium could not provide a team this year. Kienholz Memorial Tournament in September Six teams registered for our tournament. MTV Nordel, MTSV Aerzen, MTV Bad Pyrmont, Tuspo Bad Münder, who had formed a syndicate with TSV Hachmühlen, and TC Hameln with two teams. The second team consisted of the former women's team, which, to our delight, had come together to take part in our tournament, just like last year. The winner this year was MTV Nordel ahead of MTSV Aerzen. Third place went to the TC-Hameln men's team ahead of the Hachmünder syndicate (Hachmühlen-Bad Münder). Here, too, the ball ratio decided the ranking. Our very young women, who obviously had a lot of fun with the tournament, came in fifth. MTV Bad Pyrmont came in last. After the award ceremony, the tournament ended with a cozy get-together that lasted until late in the afternoon. The indoor season has now started for us fistball players: indoor training takes place in the sports hall of the Eugen Reintjes School. At 5 p.m., children and young people aged 8 and over train. Please register new players in advance by calling Heribert (05151 64658). The adults train from 6:30 p.m. Interested athletes are always welcome. I would like to thank everyone involved for the commitment shown, even beyond the training hours, and wish all TCers a successful 2017. Axel Redeker Page 26 Fistball Page 27 Fencing TC fencers, shine at district and state championships District championships Shenja Schulz became district champion in the youth class , Vassili Golod secured the title among the active players. Golod decided an exciting duel against his teammate Malte Magerkurth 5: 3 and relegated the fast left-hander to second place. “Unfortunately we couldn't deliver a real final in this mode,” Golod regretted. Because the winner was determined after just one round this year. “It's like calculating who is world champion at a soccer World Cup after the preliminary round. That doesn't really work in a normal competition. ”Lisa Holste (active) and Ole Saßenberg (youth) each won a runner-up title. “All starters have won a medal. That is a great yield, ”said Malte Magerkurth, who not only stood on the planche himself, but also looked after his protégés at the same time. State championships After the women's floret team of TC Hameln surprisingly won the state championship last year, the men wanted to imitate them this year. In the individual competition, things also went very well for the TC men. Malte Magerkurth and Vassili Golod together took 3rd place and Axel Klages came in 5th place. This put them in first place for the team fight. The semi-final against VfL Wolfsburg was safely won 45:23. In the final they met MTV Braunschweig. After the leadership changed several times at the beginning, the Braunschweiger pulled away a bit in the middle. In the last third, Axel Klages brought Hamelin again up to 2 hits. But the Braunschweig team was not deterred and in the end won 45:41 despite another race to catch up by Vassili Golod. Unfortunately, the men could not repeat the success of the women. et! ns in the intern ie u Visit S Page 29 Fencing The women's floret team was unable to defend its title from the previous year because, for professional reasons, individual female fencers unfortunately did not get a team together. Instead, the women got off to a flying start in the German Cup and made it to the top 16 teams. In the last sixteen they then had to play against the fencers of Walddörfer SV from Hamburg. The forest villages, which took 4th place in this competition last year, were the clear favorites. “At the beginning and at the end we were able to keep up quite well,” said team captain Marlen Grebehem after the fight, “but in the middle we somehow broke the thread and we only scored 3 hits in 3 battles. You can't make up such a deficit. ”So there was a 45:32 defeat. Ole Saßenberg and Björn Klages competed at the state championships for young people in Hitzacker. For both it was their first national championships and both reached the quarter-finals. Ole clearly lost 10: 1 against the number one Nick Malte Lenschow. “Not all good fencers usually compete in 'normal' tournaments, but here at the state championships they are all there. So I am satisfied with my 6th place, ”said Ole in conclusion. Björn had to play in his quarter-finals against Leon Wendt from Alfeld, whom he had defeated 5-3 in the second round. In the quarter-finals, Leon changed his fencing tactics and surprised Björn, who was 3 goals behind early on, which he could not make up until the end of the fight and thus lost 10: 7. Björn took a great 5th place. German championships Because of their placement on the Lower Saxony ranking list, Vassili Golod, Lisa Holste and Axel Klages were qualified for the German championships in Tauberbischofsheim and Saarbrücken, respectively. While Axel with 2 wins in the preliminary round is sure for the 64-knockout. was able to qualify, Vassili made it much more exciting. Only in the last battle did he manage to make it into the last 64 with a narrow 5: 4 victory. There the tournament was quickly over for both fencers. Vassili lost to the national fencer and 3rd of the European Championships Andrè Sanitas with 15: 5. Axel had to compete against the strong junior fencer Felix Klein and lost 15: 6. Thus, the two finished 63rd and 59th respectively. Lisa, who only found out about her qualification for the German Junior Championships at short notice, drove to Saarbrücken without pressure. Despite a great fighting performance, Lisa was unfortunately only able to win one battle in her preliminary round and so only missed the direct elimination by 4 hits and takes 79th place in the final classification. Olympic Games Our fencer Vasilli Golod had a special experience this year. He was a social media reporter for the DOSB at the Olympic Games in Rio. He describes his impressions and experiences in a separate report in this TC booklet. Have fun while reading! Page 30 Fencing Pied Piper Tournament For the third time, we organized the “Pied Piper Tournament” for young fencers. And this time too, over 30 fencers came from all over Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia. The spectators and fencers experienced many exciting battles. The highlight of the tournament was the final of the 2003 B-youth class. Björn Klages from TC was defeated by the winner Leon Wendt from Alfeld with 10: 9 in an exciting battle. “I haven't seen such an exciting battle in a long time. Despite the over 40 spectators, you could have heard a pin drop in the hall, the tense silence was only interrupted by the clink of the blades, ”said coach Malte Magerkurth. In fact, the opponents were equal, no one was able to break away decisively in the course of the battle and the leadership was constantly changing. In the end, however, Leon had the happier end for himself and scored the decisive goal with a direct attack. The other two starters of TC Hameln, for whom it was the first tournament ever, did well. Florian Roßberg took 5th place among the students. Unfortunately for Oscar Saßenberg it was already over after the preliminary round. "Both did brilliantly for their first tournament.", Said trainer Isengard Franke afterwards, "Oscar in particular, who has only been fighting since the summer, showed a great performance and narrowly lost several times." Weserberglandturnier This year we have the Weserberglandturnier for the first time in the west hall. This tournament was advertised as a ranking tournament for the A-youth in women's and men's florets and so over 40 fencers from all over Lower Saxony came to Hameln. The spectators experienced many gripping and exciting battles right from the start. In the men's floret final, Jochen Nienhoff from FK Hannover won 15:10 against Robin Lattemann from Buchholz and clearly underlined why he is the first in the ranking in Lower Saxony. The favorites also prevailed in the women's floret. It won Caroline von Finckenstein from Wilhelmshaven with 15:12 against Louisa Sölter from Hildesheim. The starters of TC Hameln all took a place in the middle of the field. Matthis Ehlerding had the best chances of a top placement. In the last sixteen, at 13:11 for him, he twisted his knee unhappily. Despite the pain, he fought the battle to the end, but unfortunately lost with 15:14 and thus finished 9th. “It's a shame that it didn't work out for our fencers today. I think that they were all quite nervous in front of their home crowd and therefore all fell short of their possibilities ”, said coach Malte Magerkurth in conclusion. Page 31 Fencing Conclusion In conclusion, it can be said that we can look back on another very successful year. Especially the organization of the two tournaments, which meant a lot of work, but also a lot of fun due to the smooth process and the many positive feedback. Special thanks go to all helpers who ensured that our two tournaments ran smoothly, the great buffets and the quick assembly and dismantling. the team of the fencing department TC fencer at the Olympics At the age of five, Vassili Golod picked up a foil for the first time at TC Hameln. Since then he has been dreaming of the Olympic Games. At 23 he made it to the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro - not as a fencer, but as a live reporter. An experience report. A childhood dream has come true! At the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Maracanã I didn't have to rub my eyes just once.From the press stand I had the best view when flag bearer Timo Boll led the German Olympic team into the gigantic stadium. The athletes sent me photos from below, which I shared on social networks. On behalf of the German Olympic team, I was allowed to accompany the most digital games in history with my smartphone. On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Interviews in the German House, in the Olympic Village, in front of the sports facilities or in the shuttle - the main thing is to be very close to the athletes. Table tennis player Timo Boll, judoka Laura Vargas Koch, gymnast Fabian Hambüchen or shooter Barbara Engleder - I was allowed to hold my microphone under their noses and many others. I was also able to celebrate a gold medal live. When Laura Ludwig and Kira Walkenhorst won gold in beach volleyball, I was right in the middle, in the cauldron on Copacabana. The two have silenced the loud whistles of the Brazilian audience with a great sporting performance. This atmosphere and this night were just amazing! All the athletes I met on site love their sport and live the Olympic spirit. Some of them have made their dreams come true and some have even made sports history. Others - like the gymnast Andreas Toba - have outgrown themselves without medals and their performances provided unforgettable goose bumps. All athletes have become "Heroes de Janeiro" in their own way. But the Brazilians are also "Heroes de Janeiro"! After the 2014 World Cup, you organized the second major event. Some things may not have lived up to our European standards, but still - once again - Brazil has been a great host. The competitions went well, the people were warm and the emotions were great. All the Brazilians I got to know were warm and helpful. All the greater is my thanks to this nation, which, despite gigantic problems, has presented itself as a brave and open friend. Muito Obregado, Rio! Muito Obregado, Brazil! I will never forget these games! Page 32 Fitness Fit with fun We burn fat and build muscles and that in a good mood and groovy music. If you are in the mood for a great mixed group, then stop by ... Katharina Magritz Mondays: Sports hall Hermannschule 8:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. Wednesdays: Sports hall Klütschule, 8:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. Page 33 Fitness Women's gymnastics Gymnastics for women from 18 to an infinite 25 minutes of aerobics start the lesson. The subsequent stretching brings relaxation and maintains mobility. During the subsequent mat training, the stomach, legs, bottom and back are strengthened. With the use of dumbbells, balls, and thera bands, even stronger training stimuli are set. After the regeneration stretch at the end everyone feels good again K.-H. Lewin Thursday 8:15 pm - 9:30 pm Sports hall - Klein Berkel Fitmix 50+ women's gymnastics Thursday, 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm Sports hall Klein Berkel Page 34 Fitness Zumba "Zumba ® fitness paired with hot Latino music" 23 hours a day you conquer the world. But for a whole hour ... until you are free! If you want to experience this feeling too, you've come to the right place. Zumba®Fitness combines all elements of fitness cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility. Instructor: ZINTMSabrina Dreyer E-Mail: [email protected] Cellphone: 0171/9588426 Wednesday: 7.30 p.m. to 8.30 p.m. Sports hall Hermannschule Thursday: 7.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m. Sports hall Schillergymnasium Page 35 Fitness Bodyfit -Video-Clip Dance Bodyfit - we hold our bodies fit with Katja Neise meeting: every Tuesday (except during the holidays) from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. In the weight room of the TC / Rennacker Video ClipDance iterin: Kursle Krasowski rbara Ba ierte zer fi z Kids AZUMB A rin ZUMB Gold Traine A ZUMB For children between 8 and 12 years or Football The year 2016 is drawing to a close, and we look back on the events of the past year. In the current season we started the season again with two men's teams. The 1st men is represented in the 2nd district class and the 2nd men in the 3rd district class. After the first men had actually been relegated in the preseason, we received the information shortly before the start of the season that, due to a late report from another team for the 2nd district class, we had not been relegated and thus the first season game 3 Queued weeks earlier. For us it was time to completely re-plan the preparation that had already been planned. There was a change in the coaching bench during the summer break. Mirko Magritz wanted to take care of the youth work in the club and so Michael Huber took over the coaching of the men's team. I would like to thank both coaches. Once at Mirko for the support in the last 1.5 years. When our trainer at the time left us at short notice, he was there immediately and stepped in as a trainer. And then also with Michael, who has agreed to support us in a difficult situation. As a season goal we gave 3 goals: To get more points than in the previous season, to concede fewer goals and thus to stay in the league. But it was more important to reposition yourself after the turbulent last season and to grow together again as a community. That also meant some personnel changes in the squad. After the first half of the season we are in a good 7th place with currently 16 points and 2 games less than the teams in front of us. So we have already achieved the goal with the points. In addition to the sporting area, the community has also gotten better again. The atmosphere in the team is really good again and it's really fun on the pitch. In the district cup, we made it into the round of 16 for the first time this season and thus among the best 16 teams in the district. Unfortunately, we failed there because of the district division VfB Hemeringen. Page 37 Football Due to the personnel changes in the squad, some players were moved from the 2nd men to the 1st men. This was necessary so that the 1st men remained competitive. This ultimately led to a weakening of the 2nd men and this was also reflected in the results. Unfortunately there was only one win in the 7 games of the first half of the season. We were unable to play two games, which were also against direct competitors, due to a lack of personnel. Do you fancy football? Then just take a look at our training without obligation. We are always looking for reinforcements for our two men's teams. Our training always takes place on Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. and Fridays at 6:30 p.m. on the Rennacker sports field. During the winter months you can find us on Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. in Halle West. We are of course always happy to see new spectators at our games. Now, during the long winter break, it is time to see how we can strengthen the two teams so that we can continue to take part in the competition with two teams. Info: Tim Hartung Tel .: 0160/947 22952 E-Mail: [email protected] YOUTH season 2016/2017 - Under the motto "fair play" we are now going into the 3rd season together with over 100 gymnastics club soccer children and have in the youth game community with SSG Halvestorf / Herkendorf a strong and experienced partner at our side. For this season we were able to win over the Prussians from Hameln with their footballers from Hameln for a few years. A big and exciting task that all trainers dedicate themselves to. Our children are in 14 different youth teams. Starting with the Bambini G-Jugend up to and including BJugend. The gymnastics club provided five support players with Sebastian Schäfer, Juan Miguel Kolanowski, Hosea Garbe, Christopher Katunda and Robin Nitschke (the latter two moved to Calenberger Land in summer 2016) last season. This season Luis Drebing and Eron Musliji joined them. With Leonie Magritz, Carmen Kolanowski and Sinem Selcik, we have three other selection players among the girls born in 2005. Julian David causes a sensation as a goal scorer in the CJugend district. Page 38 Football The sporting successes are already phenomenal, so that our D1 and D3 took second and third place in the table last year in the top division - district league - and the younger D3 team was also represented in the cup final. The great work in E1 was also crowned with the runner-up and the cup victory. We want to expand that together in the current season with a strong team of coaches. At this point I would particularly like to Karsten Kallmeyer (SSG Halvestorf), his team of trainers, those responsible for TC; Alina Stolle, Delilah Abou Lebde, Nils Heimann, Patric Feilke, Christoph Müller and Falk Drebing. None of this would be possible without your commitment. The popular sport of football is always important! With us you can still choose whether you want to play performance-oriented or just for fun. Thanks also go to our TCJ u g e n d f u ß b a l l s p o n s o r e n - A U TO H A U S SIEKMANN - CEWE FOTO - and the support from EDEKA Hermasch. Another highlight is the Bundesliga Youth Cup in December 2016. Here we compete with teams from the following categories in the 2004 vintage; Hamburger SV, Hannover 96, St. Pauli, Eintracht Braunschweig, TB Berlin, Arminia Bielefeld, VfL Osnabrück, SC Paderborn and the TSV Havelse. The good cooperation between SC Paderborn and SSG Halvestorf enables us to make this great sporting comparison. Corner - Header - TOR for your children "Fair Play" Mirko Magritz Page 39 Your partner for schools, clubs and municipalities. online-sport-shop Tel .: 0 51 51 - 5 20 31 Everything for club sports Training balls from € 12.00 Match balls from € 30.00 Goalkeeper gloves from € 20.00 Leisure suits from € 40.00 Embroidered polo shirts from € 21 00 € Flocked sweat shirts from € 15.00 Printed t-shirts from € 7.90 Pennants, hats, scarves, stickers, pins, towels ..... printing, flocking or embroidery according to your wishes! Football E1 Page 41 Health Sports Spinal Gymnastics "Gymnastics are movements and exercises with which you train the body so that it remains elastic or becomes flexible again." and back muscles in order to be able to better fulfill their holding and movement function and to relieve both the joints and the intervertebral discs. We meet every Monday from 5.45pm to 6.45pm and from 6.45pm to 7.45pm in the Hermannschule. Whether individual exercises on the mat, partner exercises while standing or station training, all participants are highly motivated. So I always enjoy challenging you with different exercises and equipment every week. Yours, Anja Schnepper 5.45-6.45 p.m. Sports hall Hermannschule 6.45-7.45 p.m. Sports hall Hermannschule Page 43 Health sports Spine gymnastics Wednesdays, 2.00 p.m. - 3.00 p.m. - Halle Klein Berkel Page 45 Health sports spine gymnastics Thursdays, 6.00 p.m. - 7.00 p.m. - Klütschule Fridays, 9.00 a.m. - 10.00 a.m. - weight room page 46 Health sports Functional training / rehabilitation sports Functional training was originally founded by the Rheumatism League. It is therefore a form of training (not therapy!) In which certain muscles or joints are specifically exercised using physiotherapeutic means. The aim is to maintain or improve the mobility and function of various parts of the body and to reduce pain. Both are offered in the TC; you can take part with a doctor's prescription. The participants in the groups practice regularly and (hopefully!) Have some fun too! In any case, successes are quickly noticeable. Keep it up! In rehabilitation sports, all exercise and endurance are promoted with the help of sports. It is mainly aimed at people with musculoskeletal disorders. And very important: the good atmosphere in the nice groups! K.- H. Lewin and Riikka Jaakkola-Henschel ternet! Visit us at S Page 47 Health sports functional training / rehab sports Page 48 Health sports functional training / rehab sports Page 49 Health sports Equipment training Equipment training Our equipment training includes · Training on special equipment for the most important muscle groups · Additional mat training to strengthen individual body regions separately · Training with the swing stick for the core muscles · Exercises to improve balance (Aerostep, wobble board) · Cardiovascular training on the treadmill · Training on the GALILEO vibration plate (for a fee) This training has several positive effects. The back muscles and the pelvic floor are strengthened, the osteoporosis treatment is supported, the ability to balance and the blood circulation are improved. Good reasons for equipment training Protective function With trained strength, leisure and professional sports can be carried out safely. The risk of injuries and overloads is reduced by two thirds. Strong joints protect on the one hand against injuries and on the other hand against osteoarthritis. Body weight What matters is what the body is made of. Muscles consume three times more energy than fat tissue even at rest. So: maintain and train muscles! Neck Prolonged work on the PC can lead to tension and neck pain. Researchers found that trained back muscles can effectively relieve such discomfort. Bones Regular muscle training is good for the bones. The tension is transferred to the skeleton and the breakdown processes in the bones are stopped, and osteoporosis is prevented. Strong muscles also reduce the risk of falling! Nervous system The control of the muscles via the nerves is improved by strength training. Chronic pain is suppressed. Every intensely stressed muscle produces protein that protects and regenerates the nerves. Blood sugar The risk of adult diabetes is reduced by trained muscles. The muscle cells make better use of blood sugar and its level drops. The pancreas needs to produce less insulin. Cholesterol level 4 months of muscle training lowers the “bad” LDL cholesterol by 12%. The "protective" HDL cholesterol increases by 10%. Biological age Muscle training is a fountain of youth. Seventy-year-old people were examined after six months of training, and it was found that the mitochondria, the power stations in the muscles, were working again just like those of 26-year-olds. K.-H. Lewin and Riikka Jaakola - Henschel Monday 9.00 a.m. - 10.00 a.m., 10.30 a.m. - 11.30 a.m. Wednesday 9.30 a.m. - 10.30 a.m., 8.15 p.m. - 9.15 p.m. Friday 11.00 a.m. - 12.00 p.m., 6.30 p.m. - 7.45 p.m. Many sufferers are tempted to avoid exertion. Due to the reduced movement, a gradual breakdown of the muscles begins and the cardiovascular system is further weakened. This progressive decrease in performance during physical exertion means that coughing and shortness of breath will occur even earlier in the future. This vicious circle can be broken by participating in an outpatient lung sports group with training that is adapted to the physical abilities. The lesson starts with the assessment of the state of mind at the beginning of the lesson and a first breathing exercise. Different walking forms with and without equipment, with partner exercises and playful variations bring the necessary warm-up. Mobilizing exercises for the shoulder, neck and chest are designed to maintain elastic mobility in the chest and make it easier to breathe in and out. Coordination and endurance are promoted through the use of small equipment. It is important that the movement is in harmony with the breath. "Coachman's seat" or the "goalkeeper position", in conjunction with the "lip brake", help if you are short of breath. The BORG scale is also used for self-assessment of shortness of breath and as information for the trainer. Breathing, relaxation and stretching exercises end the lesson after the interval endurance training. K.-H. Lewin Mondays, 7:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m., Halle West Page 52 Health sport Vascular sport (PAOD) Vascular training is the medicine so that long-term bypass circuits are formed around the bottlenecks in the leg arteries. Vasodilating drugs cannot open the arteriosclerotically constricted blood vessels. A vascular prosthesis (bypass) or an invasive dilatation can help in suitable cases. The therapy that helps is called: WALK! WALK! WALK! At the beginning of the lesson, sitting on the bench, we mobilize our feet and legs to prepare for the physical activity. Mobilization and coordination exercises with balls, bags, rings, etc. then follow while standing and walking. After that, everyone completes their individual interval walking training. The shoulders, stomach and back are strengthened with strengthening exercises during the interval break. After the final stretch everyone walks lightly on their way home. K.-H. Lewin Mondays, 6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m., Hall West Page 53 Health sports cardiac sports Tuesday, 7:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m., Hall E. - Reintjes Schule Monday, 8:15 p.m. - 9:30 p.m., Hall West Page 54 Health sports cardiac sports "Every step counts" How many steps? In this post you can read some comments on the event on October 30, 2016 in Hameln “3000 steps”.The Heart Foundation recommends 7000 steps a day. You should walk continuously 2 x 10 minutes or 1 x 20 minutes a day. The preventive effect of regular exercise against cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks, strokes and high blood pressure have been scientifically proven. However, it is not necessary to jog or work out in the gym every day. Daily walking as briskly as possible with a step frequency of between 90 and 115 steps per minute (comment by one observer: “He's in a hurry”) increases the quality of life. The step counter is a valuable device for recording the total number of steps and showing the steps taken over a period of 10 minutes. Long-term exercise is therefore required for the health effects. Alternative: 5 x 30 minutes a week. The 30 minutes can be divided into 10-minute segments, eg 3 x 10 minutes, 20 minutes + 10 minutes, 2 x 15 minutes (European guidelines for prevention 2015) The "German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases" in Dresden even recommends 10,000 steps . For all (HERZ) - SPORTS people who started at the "3000 Steps" event, it now means: Every step you take is a step in the right direction K.-H. Lewin Monday Tuesday Tuesday Friday 8.15pm - 9.30pm 6.00pm - 7.15pm 7.30pm - 9.00pm 3.30pm - 4.30pm Halle West Halle Hermannschule / women's group Halle E. - Reintjes Schule Halle Hermannschule Page 55 Health sports Cardiac exercise Cardiovascular training Many people avoid relaxed and regular training Circulatory, orthopedic and immunological risks. Sports medicine recommends training three times a week with a duration of at least 30 minutes and a pulse between 65 and 80% of the maximum pulse (age 220 x 65%). Nordic walking, jogging, swimming and cycling are good ways to improve the stress on the cardiovascular system. In summer we take a brisk walking step, supplemented by coordination and strength exercises. In winter, endurance training in the hall is supplemented by spinal exercises. In summer, Wednesday 6.45–8.00 pm, Eugen car park - R. Schule In winter, Wednesday 7.00pm - 8.00pm Halle Eugen - R. Schule K.-H. Lewin Page 57 Health sports for senior citizens Gymnastics with senior women From a scientific point of view, sport for senior citizens begins at the age of 30. From then on, the continuous decline in motor skills begins. The breakdown of muscles in particular leads to a loss of performance. This can be counteracted by muscle building training (see article on equipment training). The particularly important anterior thigh muscles can also be strengthened with exercises on benches and boxes - this is how we handle it. Balls of different sizes are used and help to maintain mobility and coordination. K.-H. Lewin Page 59 Health sports Senior sports “We stay mobile with exercise and play” Our range of exercise for the residents of the ST. MONIKA HEIMS and the SCHARNHORST RESIDENZ Due to the partially restricted physical condition, exercise is offered while sitting. At the beginning of the lesson there is singing, clapping, the shoulders are loosened with swinging movements or the arms and legs are moved to music. Throwing and catching exercises with the foam ball then promote attention and eye - hand coordination. Balls, towels, bags, balloons, rings, sticks and dumbbells are used to mobilize and strengthen the shoulders, neck and arms. To strengthen and maintain the very important front thigh muscles, some participants "practice" standing up, standing on their toes and slowly sitting down again. The other participants bend and straighten their legs while sitting (several series of tens!). At the end of the lesson, there is a little play phase with the parachute, with the handheld devices or everyone can swing out easily. Regardless of whether a movement succeeds or fails, we always have fun together, especially if it doesn't work out that way with the trainer (!) !! K.-H. Lewin Page 60 Health sports senior division "Immer 60" The year 2016 was also an interesting and eventful year for the group "Immer 60". The various activities, which are carefully planned, prepared and carried out by our members, benefited from the members' strong participation very well received. We had to say goodbye to Lothar Hoffmann, who has been actively involved in our group for over 12 years. We were deeply affected by his passing. Contact: Ingrid Gerlach Karin and Günter Meux In 2016 we undertook: In January: In February: In March: In April: In May: In June: joint bowling with kale and kale in the rowing club Weser-Hameln Masonic lodge "Zur Königlichen Eiche" in Hameln in Exten / Rinteln train ride to Hanover, guided tour in the Berggarten Hanover-Herrenhausen In July: Barbecue in the rowing club Weser-Ha meln In August: Guided tour by Aerzen In September: Guided tour of the Grohnde domain In October: Guided tour of the garrison cemetery in Hameln In November: Annual review and preview of 2017 in the TC clubhouse In December: Year-end party with food together Page 61 Health sports Promotional gymnastics / psychomotor skills Since For more than 25 years there have been groups at TC Hameln in which children are looked after who show certain weaknesses, such as: Movement disorders * Disorders of perception processing * AD (H) D attention deficit syndrome * Behavioral problems * Concentration and stamina problems These weaknesses are often addressed by paediatricians, diagnosed at the health department or at school entrance examinations. In the beginning this sport was called special gymnastics, then the name changed to conveyor gymnastics, today it is called psychomotor gymnastics. In order to participate in the groups, a child needs a prescription from the family doctor and then the costs are reimbursed by the health insurance companies. Contact person: Miroslaw Warchol Tel.:05151/63756 t! s internally u Visit S Page 63 Judo 2016 - A Complete Success The year 2016 was a very successful year for us: In March the Fox Cup took place in Nordstemmen, in which we participated with three fighters and won bronze once. We won five bronze and one silver medals at the Tora Cup in Nienhagen. In the middle of the year ten judoka passed their belt test, so that we now have 5 new white-yellow and yellow belts on the mat. At the next competition in Bodenwerder, too, we won 2x gold and 2x silver and thus won the overall team cup. And also at the VoBa-Cup in Holle we were represented with 5 fighters. The highlights of the year came week after week from August. On the hottest day of the year we had a demonstration and an information stand at the big Hamelin sports day. Unfortunately, we were a bit away from the event, and despite temperatures above 30 ° C, we showed a great demonstration with all the facets that judo has to offer. Shortly afterwards, one of our beloved indoor overnight stays finally took place again. 25 children and supervisors spent a nice weekend with a lot of sport, fun, judo, but of course also the traditional belt hockey tournament. During the joint barbecue in the evening, all the children from the most varied of groups got to know each other better. Shortly before going to bed, the last training session was on the schedule. However, this was in the dark and under black light, which caused the white judo suits to glow as if by magic. After the communal breakfast it was unfortunately time to tidy up again and everyone is already looking forward to the next night in the hall, hopefully not too long. A big thank you goes to the active parents and Marktkauf for the donated drinks. After nine weeks of additional running training, nine judoka ran the 8km mountain run one week later and happily reached their goal after 55 minutes. We would like to thank the company Cimander Elektrotechnik GmbH for the paid entry fees. At the end we had a demonstration at the district festival in the Scharnhorstresidenz. During the autumn break, our head coach extended his trainer license with an integrative course. We are also very pleased that our division manager Harald Langner has founded and successfully established a judo group in the Wilhelm Raabe School. Here is a small selection of pictures, you can find more on the TC homepage under the Judo section. The trainer team Page 65 Judo ternet! Visit us at Page 67 Kraftsport Annual Review 2016 We are looking forward to looking back on successful competitions and titles of our athletes again this year. We are happy, for example, that Dieter Hundertmark was able to defend his title of European champion in powerlifting. Furthermore, Lukas Noesselt was again able to become North German champion this year. With our “newcomers” Alexander Mentzel and Daniel Höcker, we are happy to have another North German champion (Alex) and a national champion (Daniel). The TC was well represented in the KDK season 2016 and achieved great success. In addition, we are very happy about the recent expansion of our department: The Hamelin weightlifters with trainer Roman Bossauer switched from HSC BW Tündern to TC Hameln on November 1st, 2016 and will represent the TC in weightlifting next year. We are therefore very pleased that from now on there will be Olympic weightlifting again at TC Hameln and to be able to introduce Roman Bossauer as the new trainer in our department. He and his team also achieved many great successes this year, for example Adrian Heitmann became national champion of the student class in weightlifting and Roman Bossauer was once again able to secure the title of "German weightlifting champion". With fourth place at this year's world championship in weightlifting, he also narrowly missed the podium. We can look forward to next year! Page 68 Weight training Now to our powerlifters: Dieter Hundertmark won the German championship in the KDK with a total of 602.5kg (220 / 157.5 / 225) in February after an exciting duel against his rival from AC Heros Berlin. At this year's state championship in the KDK we were represented by four athletes. Here, too, Dieter Hundertmark won the title in his class with a total of 600kg. In the juniors -83kg class, the title was fought out between our athletes Alexander Mentzel and Daniel Höcker. In the end Daniel was just ahead of the game with a total of 525kg, so the titles "Landesmeister" and "ViceLandesmeister" both went to TC Hameln. Lukas Noesselt had a bad day at the state championship and was “only” third with a total of 420kg. Unfortunately, Alina Kienscherf was unable to compete in her first KDK competition here as planned, as she was injured shortly before. Maybe next year! In the summer the European Championship KDK took place, at which Dieter Hundertmark was able to secure the title again with a total of 610kg. Great performance, two-time European champion! At the German championship in "Classic KDK" (without equipment) Dieter Hundertmark and Lukas Noesselt were again at the start. Dieter also won the title of "German Master" with a total of 525kg. Lukas was able to improve his total to 440kg and was 6th. Our last competition we attended was the North German championship in the KDK. Lukas Noesselt and Alexander Mentzel started here, both finished first in their class and thus north German champions. Alexander Mentzel started a weight class lower than in the LM and became North German Champion with a total of 487.5kg. Lukas Noesselt was again able to set his best performance in the total and with a total of 457.5Kg he was again the North German Junior Champion -74Kg (squat: 165Kg, bench press: 112.5Kg, deadlift: 180Kg). Page 69 Weight training Here is the overview: Dieter Hundertmark: DM KDK: 1st place LM KDK: 1st place EM KDK: 1st place DM KDK “RAW”: 1st place Alexander Mentzel: LM KDK: 2nd place NDM KDK: 1st place 3rd place Daniel Höcker: LM KDK: 1st place Lukas Noesselt: LM KDK: 3rd place DM KDK "RAW": 6th place NDM KDK: 1st place This ended a successful season for our strength athletes. We are now looking forward to working with the weightlifters headed by trainer Roman Bossauer and to a successful 2017 season - both in the KDK and in weightlifting! With sporty greetings, Lukas Noesselt. Page 71 Athletics Club Championships - Results Three-way battle of girls Three-way battle of boys Born 2005 1st Konrad Eimer Born 2003 1st Mia Oberheide Born 2008 1st Edda Meyer Born 2007 1st Ole Himler 2nd Aybars Karabas Born 2004 1st Lena Kraus Born 2009 1st class Sophie Löwe born 2005 1st Annika Henschel 2nd Aybuke Karabas born 2010 1. Dilay Adibelle 2. Dorothea Eimer 3. Jette Meyer 4. Victoria Kraft 5. Melin Adibelli born 2008 1. Andreas Kraft born 2006 1. Zoe Maurer 2. Anthony Peeck Born 2009 1st Alper Karabas 2nd Maximilian Seher 3rd Maximilian Dalaf Born 2007 1st Charlotte Herbermann 2nd Anamaria Fiebich 3rd Florencia Fiebich 4th Chelsey Sander Born 2010 1st Bennet Maurer 2nd Tobias Pfaff 800 meters - run boys Born 2010 1st year .PFAFF, Tobias 4:40 min. Year 2009 1st KARABAS, Alper 4:13 min. 2nd SEHER, Maximilian 4:33 min. 3rd DALAF, Maximilian 4:38 min. 800 meters - run 2011 year 1st Fiene Bindler 2nd Svea Rusch 3rd Victoria Seher 400 meters - run girls born 20 10 1.ADIBELLI, Dilay 2.MEYER, Jette 3.EIMER, Dorothea 4:43 min. 4:57 min. 5:36 min. 3:43 min. 3:57 min. 3:57 min. 5:40 min 2008 1.KRAFT, Andreas 4:16 min. Year 2008 1.MEYER, Edda 2.FIEBICH, Anamaria 3.FIEBICH, Florencia 4. SANDER Chelsey year 2007 1.Himler, Ole 2.Karabas, Aybars 3:37 min : 38 min. Year 2007 1st HERBERMANN, Charlotte 3:55 min. 2nd EUTEBACH, Amy 4:22 min. Year 2005 1st EIMER Konrad 3:38. Min. Year 2006 1st MAURER, Zoe 2nd CEYHAN, Lara 3rd PEECK, Antonia 3:45 min. 4:19 min. 4:56 min. Year 2005 1st KARABAS, Aybuke 4:42 min. Year 2004 1st year KRAUS, Lena 3:47 min. Year 2003 1st Oberheide, Mia 3:38 min. Page 72 year 2011 1st BINDER, Fiene 2:28 min, 2nd RUSCH, Svea 2:49 min. 3rd SEHER, Victoria 3rd : 04 min. Year 2012 1st DIBELLI, Asmin 3:58 min. Year 2010 1st ADIBELLI, Melina 2:34 min. Group. For this purpose, families with children from 5 years of age and older meet to get an insight into the sport with small training sessions and orienteering runs. It is also possible to prepare for a children's orienteering or to participate in a competition in a beginner's class. The other meetings are coordinated flexibly in the group. Interested parties can join at any time. Please contact Sonja Bräunig! The training: We are a small training group of children, adolescents and adults aged 10 to 18 years. The training is about stamina, map reading and OL technology such as route selection and using the compass. By training and participating in competitions, we gain important experience, which enables us to improve further. Training times: Oct.-Mar./Apr .: Mondays, 3: 45-5: 15 p.m. Gym Klein Berkel Apr.-Sept. : Mondays, 3: 45-5: 15 p.m. outside, in the forest and on sports fields IMPORTANT: Please contact Sonja Bräunig before the first participation, as changes are possible! Successes in 2016: We took part in 6 competitions on the Lower Saxony state ranking list. Two of them included the German Park Tour (DPT) 2016. At the end of the season we went to the DPT final in Wickenrode in North Hesse. This year, 18 races were offered for the DPT, in which you can collect points in the starting classes (from 14 years of age) across Germany. Ranking results: 5th place for Björn and Ann Sophie (for both 1st season), 4th place for Jonas and Florian, 8th place for Klara (1st season) and 3rd place for Sonja Jonas achieved the best placements at the DPT , 14th place (H18) and Sonja, 11th place (D35). Best running results of the season: 1st place for Nina in the Hamburg city sprint / 1st place for Sonja, 2nd place for Florian and 3rd place for Björn in the sprint orienteering in Espelkamp / 3rd place for Ann Sophie at the state championships middle distance in Hamburg -Iddensen / 5th place for Klara in her first solo start at the state championships sprint track in Uslar. School district championships: 2nd place for Björn (D / H10) and 2nd place for Florian (H16), 6th place for the team Ann Sophie and Klara (D14) School and district orienteering projects (short OL) at "Hameln in Motion “: As a project manager, Sonja Bräunig has been running the school orienteering project for 4 years and the district orienteering project for 3 years. TC Hameln cooperates with various partners and the project events are funded by the EugenReintjes Foundation as part of "Hameln in Motion". For the school orienteering there were 3 events in which a total of 1000 students from 6 elementary schools and three years of the Theodor-Heuss-Realschule took part. At the district orienteering there were 4 runs spread over the year. The 1st indoor orienteering in January and, as a repetition from the previous year, the “illuminated” district orienteering on Rotenberg in November were particularly special. These events were well attended with a total of 250 participants. The locations and dates of the runs result from the inquiries from the family and district offices or cooperation partners.Sonja would like to thank her team of helpers and the employees of the district offices, without whom the district orientation runs would not be possible. Participation in 2016 campaigns: - Participated in the Marienburg orienteering race on the 1st Saturday in February - Sports for everyone: Orienteering campaigns offered for participation in 3 events - Koenigstrasse district festival: Orienteering campaign offered on the Heinrichstrasse playground - Hamelin sports day in the Bürgergarten: Orienteering campaign at the gymnastics stand. I feel really strong! ”This is the opinion of all 10“ SV girls ”self-defense women! - after successfully completing the 1st women's self-defense course at TC Hameln. In 15 units of 1.5 hours each, course leader Oswin Kurzhagen taught avoidance and de-escalation strategies in the area of ​​self-expression and self-assertion. And in the last third of the course, the focus was on defense techniques from various martial arts. All 10 participants were initially pushed to their limits here, but made amazing progress within just a few hours and “grew beyond themselves”! The course concluded with the presentation of the participation certificates by the 2nd chairman of the TC, Dr. Karsten Pflugmacher. And there was also a flower! A new basic course started on Wednesday, November 23, 2016. And from Thursday, November 24th, an advanced course for women who already “feel really strong”. Timely information on the TC homepage, Page 75 Taekwondo annual review mid-November 2015 - 2016 Another year has passed. In this, for us the 15th year, I would like to look back a little differently. But first of all, yes, you read that right. As of January 2017, our department has been in existence for 15 years. I think that's wonderful and we absolutely have to celebrate our “birthday” ... This review of the year is a special one ... We celebrated two weddings in our department this year. Our athlete and trainer Marco Barohn married his Tabea - wonderful. For ten years I have been accompanying Marco in sport with us in TC-Hameln. At the age of 15 he suddenly stood in the hall, meanwhile he is one of the most capable athletes in our country, has become an excellent trainer, is the owner of the 2nd Dan Taekwondo and now we have the most important event in Marco's life with him and Tabea be allowed to celebrate ... And we were able to celebrate the second wedding with Cindy and Boris :-) Both started Taekwondo in 2007. Meanwhile, both are black belts and it is still a lot of fun to train our beautiful sport with both of them. But what I find even nicer is that they got to know each other in the hall and now that ... this shows that our sport can be much more than moving arms and legs, Taekwondo connects. From here we wish both couples all the best for a long and happy, fulfilled marriage. With many children we are already looking forward to welcoming them to our Dojang ... Page 76 Taekwondo training and further education: Student exams: Three belt exams were held and 70 athletes faced this challenge again. With the support of an external federal auditor, these tests were carried out and the friends' association was once again able to show itself from its best side. As always, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the helping hands, our support association and the entire team of coaches. After so many years it is still a lot of fun with you and I hope that we will continue to be so successful. Until then, with sporty greetings, Manfred Thiele master's exams: In December 2015, TCers were again called to higher master's exams. At the age of 23, Marco Barohn passed a real performance test in front of the examination committee for the 2nd Dan and was able to shine. We are no less proud of our Daniela Dippel. She has shown again that a woman with, say, "a little" older than 40 years can take a higher Dan exam ... Congratulations on the 2nd Dan. Our Sascha Will was also outstanding! With a team of three other Taekwondo masters (Cindy Glatthaar (now Hermsen :-)), Boris Hermsen and Olaf Albertin) Sascha Will successfully passed his first Taekwondo teacher examination. Congratulations on the 4th Dan and thanks again for the support to the team. Coaching team: This year we took a different path in coaching education. This time we were able to inspire an adult athlete for this task. As a trainer, Daniela Dippel is now standing in front of a group of athletes with full passion and growing beyond herself. It's nice to see how enthusiastic Daniela and above all can inspire ... Welcome to the team. General information about our department: The number of members in our department has been consistently high for many years and that makes us very proud - it's also a wonderful sport. Again we were able to advertise our sport and TC-Hameln on many occasions such as the district festival and Hamelin sports days. Oswin Kurzhagen was also tirelessly out and about in several Taekwondo AG's in 2016. This is also a job that should not be underestimated. Thank you again for your support. Blerin Lajci and Manfred Thiele were able to hold up the flag of the TC-Hameln at the sports ceremony of the city of Hameln this year. We were able to shake hands with Fred Hundertmark one last time. The sports world will miss him ... Page 77 Taekwondo Page 78 75 Taekwondo table tennis The table tennis department is continuing to grow this year too: In the current 2016/2017 season, TC Hameln is starting with a total of eight teams: four youth and four adult teams. The girls are playing in the district league for the first time. The TC Hameln team, which consists of Kristina Bartling, Sarah Brenker, Nadine Bartling, Maya Schmidt, Greta Suhr and Janne Meyer exclusively with students, plays quite successfully in the class of the significantly older girls and occupies a place in the upper midfield. The boys team plays in the district class and is in the middle of the table. Pascal Boucsein, Florian Bräunig and Niklas Asenheimer make up the regular team, which unfortunately has to rely on replacement positions for the younger students due to illness. Shortly before the end of the semi-series, the youngest of our department confidently lead the table with 8: 0 points and 24: 3 games. At the district championships for schoolchildren / youth, the offspring of the table tennis department was once again very successful. In the A-student competition, Kristina Bartling won the title ahead of her teammate Sarah Brenker, while her sister Nadine took 2nd place in the B-students. Janne Meyer was third in this competition. Together, both B-students were also district champions in doubles. The boys did not go home empty-handed either: Malik Varan and Thamo Wittler from SC Börry were district champions in doubles among the B-students. The A-students of TC Hameln start in the district league and have tough nuts to crack with the teams playing there. But Sven Nestroy, Nico Kra ff t and Lisa-Marie Desens face this challenge. In contrast, the B-students clearly dominate the district class. Thilo Mestwerdt, Janne Meyer, Christoph Barth, Malik Varan, Frederik Eckert, Jan-Ove Ho ff mann and Naomi Badawi is the team line-up. Page 79 Table tennis The youngsters from TC Hameln also put their skills to the test in the district ranking list. Sarah Brenker won the table tennis ranking of the A-pupils for the first time. In an exciting five-set match, she defeated her teammate Kristina Bartling, who ultimately came in third. Greta Suhr in fourth and Maya Schmidt in fifth completed the outstanding result for the girls from the TC Hameln regional league team. With Janne Meyer, another team member in the age group of the B-students came third in the district ranking list. It is also worth mentioning that Janne Meyer and Thilo Mestwerdt took part in the regional championships. On Tuesdays and Thursdays there is a lot of training in the Vikilu sports hall. Warm-up games, training exercises for all ages and levels of ability, ball bucket training, training with the table tennis robot, etc. There is something for everyone here and fun is not neglected either. There was also a strong upward trend in the adult sector last year. The training group is open to everyone: As part of a guided training course, newcomers who enjoy movement and want to try something new have the opportunity to learn table tennis. Players who have played before and are now looking for a new start are also welcome. Participation in the league game is only one option for all players. Of course, you can also just take part in training sessions. The 1st men's team plays in the 1st district class and hopes to be able to secure the league. The 2nd and 3rd men's teams start as teams of four and six, respectively, in the 3rd district class. The women's team, on the other hand, was promoted to champions of the 1st district class in the first year of its existence and plays in the district league this season. Uwe Oetken Page 80 Gymnastics Children's gymnastics This means a great challenge for us to do justice to everyone and to encourage them individually. But that's exactly what children need exercise! separates our hours from the others. You can already do this with the very small departments: we offer a variety and recognize that the sofa or the bed, for us, a multitude of movement tasks. typical for resting, redesigning as a jumping and romping area. But we usually don't need a lot of motivation to inspire children to join the gymnastics children at Mardi Gras, race at the Klütbergturnfest and the club championships, dance movement. Due to the natural urge to move, at the Hamelin Sports Day, our steps are counted playfully for the children in the gym and during the “3000 steps” campaign, and over time the year also ends with the Christmas party, specifically for gymnastics. Imparted skills. They train their strength, flexibility and coordination, improve- In the following pictures we children see their posture and concentration. With our different gymnastics groups. The current training times can be found on the How to improve skills, sometimes to take a risk- Homepage TC Hameln Gymnastics Department. and to live out the social togetherness. No previous knowledge is required for children's gymnastics.Your trainers Anja, Anna-Lena, Katja, Mirko, se, but we trainers give the children the Silke, Sonja and Timo time, the space and the support they need. Children's World - Movement World Wednesday, 3:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m., Hall WEST, 3 -5 years with Anja Hustedt Page 81 Gymnastics Children's gymnastics Tuesday, 4:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m., Eugen Reintjes Sports Hall 7-10 years old with Anna -Lena and Silke Wächter Tuesdays, 4:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. 7-10 years in the Eugen-Reintjes-Sporthalle Thursdays, 5:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. Klütschule hall, 4 - 8 years ternet with Sonja Bräunig! Visit us at Page 82 Gymnastics Children's gymnastics Wednesdays, 4.30 p.m. - 6.00 p.m., Hall WEST, 4.5 -7 years with Anna-Lena and Silke Wächter Thursday, 5.00 p.m. - 6.00 p.m. Uhr Klütschule with Sonja Beäunig Children's dance: For children between the ages of approx. 4 and 7 years. Every Thursday from 4:00 p.m. to 4:45 p.m. in the gym of the Klein Berkel primary school. With Katja Neise Page 83 Gymnastics Parent-child gymnastics, youth gymnastics Thursday, 4 p.m.-5 p.m. - Klütschule with Sonja Bräunig youth gymnastics You are at least 10 years old, have grown out of infancy and still want to do gymnastics with equipment and play small and large games play? Would you like to train regularly and also go to an event of the Lower Saxon youth gymnastics? Then you are in the right place in this group. We are 10 girls and boys aged 11 to 19 years. We train our fitness sometimes with and sometimes without music, it is practiced ironically on the floor and on the equipment or sometimes nonsense. We could definitely use some more support. So come over need. Page 84 Parent-child gymnastics Wednesday, 4.30 p.m. - 5.30 p.m., Sporthalle West with Anja Hustedt Thursday, 3.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. Sports hall of the primary school in Klein Berkel with Katja Neise Page 85 Gymnastics Trampoline gymnastics - competitive sport “If you believe in something, then you can do it too! ”This quote was shown by our active trampoline gymnasts in 2016. Our department consists of children, adolescents and adults. Around 25-30 gymnasts train every week. Our gymnasts are from 5 years to 25+. In our department there is the possibility to exercise 8 hours a week on 3 large table trampolines, mini trampolines and mats. We took part in: District, district and state individual championships State age group competitions International Baltic Sea Cup Extertal Cup Oldies Cup Outside of our normal training operations, we offered swimming campaigns, training camps .... and much more In 2016, Lina Kruse was nominated for the LTV Cup. She contested sighting competitions and finished them successfully with good placements. At the Extertal Cup, she rose to first place in the final round. However, had to admit defeat due to injury. However, she showed ambition, perseverance and discipline for her age. We received regular support from our young people in the practice. This was shown by supporting the younger children and setting up the equipment. We say thank you to: Charleen Möller Lisa Hallmann Lina Kruse and our cooperation partner Hans Krefter (MTV Bad Pyrmont) Our team consists of Timo Strohmeyer (trainer) and Andrea Strohmeyer (instructor) When: Tuesday 17.30-20.30 Wednesday 17.00-20.00 Friday 18.00-20.00 (The time can be shortened for younger children!) Where: Breslauer Allee 1, 31787 Hameln Contact: Timo Strohmeyer Tel: 0172/9008794 [email protected]