How to write a note verbally

How to write a note in the newspaper.

helps to understand how to write a newspaper article, an example of writing yourself. Will also try her hand in this area, should understand some important topics. To learn how to write a note to the newspaper, this will be Tell article.

What is important to know the future correspondent?

Even whoever first decides to write an article in the newspaper should know what are the different types of this literary genre. Even before writing a note to the newspaper, a novice reporter would be familiar with the public types, take notes, what goals to pursue. After all, before you begin to create the reporter works for a small volume of the periodical press, you need to decide what style he would write. Specific accessories work as an important part of that activity.

What news article?

Using the newspaper frequently works super small in volume. These are brief operational messages that have the simplest form. The aim of the correspondent is to condense the subject matter in a way that the reader can easily find in the first lines of the answers to the questions:

  1. Essence of the event.
  2. Scene.
  3. Time of origin.
  4. Description of the event.
  5. Source that has the right to claim that the incident actually took place then and there, as reported a correspondent.

Here are the basic rules by which information is contained in a newspaper article. Examples of this can now be found not only in the traditional print and internet sites. They often relate to the news item.

How to Write a Story?

most are short and simple news items about a specific event. The style of these news items is mostly a publicist with the socio-political and neutral language. It is often used in these articles in terms of professionalism, especially when they are associated with any type of activity people .

Here is an example of a sample memo information given by the newspaper, the purpose of which - to give the reader the basic information about the incident without evaluation.

“In Baltimore, in the Applied Physics Laboratory at Johns Hopkins, the scientists developed a bionic prosthetic arm that is controlled by human thoughts. It is connected to the individual's nervous system, making it possible to control prostheses, even in critical cases complete loss of hand - on the shoulders, as happened with the Forest Bow - one in the state of Colorado. This discovery will soon transform the whole world, always accessible to most people, because of the injury he has lost his limb. "

As a writer, can the information note express your attitude towards the event?

Occasionally the author admits their opinion in a brief statement in relation to the event described. However, this is obscured by the use of rhetorical questions, emotional synonyms, without the use of first-person pronouns e.g. the reader must guess that of me Author wanted to say, and only then will there be a message in the newspaper. Example:

«This incredible monstrous truth makes the world tremble today. Every year in Denmark, a country that is considered to be civilized, the Faroe Islands is a terrible barbaric bloodshed. Young men who have come of age are killing defenseless dolphins without any Reason killed just because of tradition. The waters of the sea at this time painted in bright red color, and the murderer covered with the blood of their victims. The worst thing is that the animals are not only immediately deprived of life, but are forced to to suffer for a long time while uttering cries to remind the crying newborn baby. "

Journalism What are the topics?

The public focus can be politics, ecology, health, criminology, education, economics, art and many other topics. The correspondent is not only to arouse the reader's interest in one side or the other of our lives, but also to give him the necessary Information unobtrusively direct anyone thought to give back on track. Even a short message written by knowledgeable and talented can cause a great excitement in the community, the crowds to increase against any apparition. That is what the conventional short article is in the Newspaper.

Journalistic style, which is often used when writing the articles, do not always have a neutral color. In many cases, high vocabulary, idioms and short sentences, rhetorical questions and exclamation repetitions reinforce the emotional impact on the reader's grades. This is in the Artistic and informative articles where literary stains are essential especially important.

How to write an interesting artistic and journalistic note in the newspaper?

learn the art of writing a journalistic genre works in a special school subject - the Russian language. Notice in the newspaper, but there will not be a fascinating and interesting turn of the author, which most do not care about the question covered in the article. This is the main "nail" of any literary work, no matter what volume it may be.

The second most important criterion will be the ability of the author to convey to the reader his thoughts, his feelings, his ideas. All this is very important for everyone who has taken the pen for the reader - a broad vocabulary to use imagination by means of the language, nice style to use.

What is the role name of a note?

Everyone knows the proverb about the ship and its name, they say, go with him on the seas and waves, as the name suggests. The same fate awaits no work. Notice in the newspaper begins with the name as a theater - with a coat hanger. And it's simply bound to catch, surprise, or even somewhere to amuse potential readers - only then does it go into the category of a real reader. In fact, many writers have long since learned to use this fact to their advantage.

«The secret of the sunken city", "Running in circles among the passionate tango", "You do not wake the Australian hippo" - nevertheless these names will attract the attention of the reader. Especially when the text itself is conveyed important relevant information interesting and creative.

How important is the first paragraph in the story?

Even the most mundane information can be presented in a template, arousing interest and reader response emotions, making you wonder. The first paragraph is often the most important because it determines the reader will continue to read or focus his attention on another work.

Note in the newspaper, for example, about how a love of reading can instill in your child the most boring and irrelevant appearing., If the author starts his publication like this ...

«Everyone remembers, however, the" old "talked about the book, which is supposedly the best gift. But imagine for a moment that everyone at your birthday party invited guests to you the book ... Do you like such gifts? It grew up in the years when the words, then the Internet almost nobody knew, and reading was almost the only intelligent entertainment.

Hence the relevance of such a gift has been forgotten - the book of the luxuries and necessities smoothly passed the stage of garbage. So it is no wonder that the younger generation have lost respect for literature as such, and the reading hour has become a pointless pastime . "

This article in the newspaper, an example of which is the beginning of the one proposed here, could lead in the minds of many people to protest, the desire to develop the discussion. This can be considered the first step to success - by the end of reading the Article to the end of the reader! Thus, the transition to the main subject of the article will be appropriate.