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How do you find the key numbers in the vehicle registration document?

Everything important about type code number

The TSN consists of three or four numbers or letters. This depends on the year of production of the vehicle, with older cars having three numbers as a code, while newer vehicles only have three letters. The vehicle type is determined by the TSN.

Everything important about the manufacturer's key number

The HSN identifies the manufacturer of a vehicle and consists of four digits. However, the identification of the manufacturer is not always clear; individual HSNs refer to more than one manufacturer. Also, some large manufacturers have multiple HSNs or the HSN changes when the manufacturer is sold (see Opel from GM to PSA / Peugot).

Where can I find the numbers in the vehicle registration document?

The HSN can be found in field 2.1 in a new vehicle registration certificate (registration certificate part 1) that was issued after October 2005. and the TSN under 2.2.

For older vehicle documents, the HSN can be found under "zu 2" and the TSN under "zu 3".

What do you need TSN and HSN for?

These numbers are required, among other things, for car insurance. The type class of the vehicle can be quickly determined using the HSN and TSN. If TSN and HSN are not available, they can also be determined using the vehicle model of the manufacturer.

What is the "type class"?

In addition to the regional class, the type class is one of several tariff features that are taken into account by the insurer in order to calculate the premium for vehicle insurance. The following applies: the lower the type class, the cheaper the insurance premium.