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Semino Rossi: Now he's looking for a new meaning in life

Rumors have been around for a long time. Now it is a sad certainty: Schlager star Semino Rossi (57) and his wife Gabi (57) have separated! By mutual agreement, as the singer lets his fans know with dry words: “My wife and I have decided to take a private break. We will remain connected in friendship. "

You often read such statements from celebrities. But what does it mean? In any case, there seem to be no new partners in the game. The fact is: Gabi didn't think much of being in public. “This is your life,” she kept letting Semino know. She supported him, kept the family together, and was mainly responsible for bringing up their two daughters. Semino appreciated that - and 28 years of marriage are not so easy to throw away either!

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"Gabi will stay in our common house"says Semino. "And whenever I long for my family, I will also go home." These words give hope. Now he has to find his way around his single life first - he is still looking for a new meaning.

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