Develop noise when braking

Noise when braking Ninebot G30D

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So these dampers well, as @kamy writes, do not bring much, they also rub each other.

I have a lot of users who have problems with their bolts with the folding mechanism. It's not well adjusted or already stretched and about to break. Then I made some out of stainless steel, what will break next? The whole latch / lever.

2 things are crucial here.

1. The user who clings to the handlebars like Bolle and likes to use them to "hop" or do other tricks that are alien to the eScooter. This construction was not developed for that.
Furthermore, the generation Apmere and Nm give everything that is in him, somewhere else you have to hold on to the handlebars, so to speak, that he does not get away from you.
Both are the cause of the creeping compression of the bearing surface and the elongation of the bolts.

2. Also the user, partly Ninebot, because this mechanism is set too tight.
A slight "plop" is sufficient here.

What does that tell us?

Put the palms on and work more with the body than holding on with the hands and try to keep our balance or drop / pull into the handlebars while braking and giving up.

Adjust the mechanism properly. Are also 2 nuts. No Loctide is needed. Except possibly at the front and back of the screw.
What helps instead of the spacer right from the start. Line this entire cavity including the contact surface with hot glue. This happens in several steps and the remainder is cut off. Costs a fraction and works much better when transmitting anything else than anything else.

Incidentally, it is also extremely dangerous if it breaks while driving. It also likes to break / wobble the whole rod. Epoxy or construction foam are popular tools. Velcro around the latch also helps to prevent the worst. Here is a video.

How I get the pan to the topic I don't know maybe it will be an extra contribution.