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Jujutsu Kaisen (TV)

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Aired: Oct 3, 2020 to Mar 27, 2021
Broadcast: Saturdays at 01:25 (JST)
Duration: 23 min. Per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 8.781 (scored by 580199580,199 users)
Ranked: # 292
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Idly indulging in baseless paranormal activities with the Occult Club, high schooler Yuuji Itadori spends his days at either the clubroom or the hospital, where he visits his bedridden grandfather. However, this leisurely lifestyle soon takes a turn for the strange when he unknowingly encounters a cursed item. Triggering a chain of supernatural occurrences, Yuuji finds himself suddenly thrust into the world of Curses — dreadful beings formed from human malice and negativity — after swallowing the said item, revealed to be a finger belonging to the demon Sukuna Ryoumen, the "King of Curses . "

Yuuji experiences first-hand the threat these courses pose to society as he discovers his own newfound powers. Introduced to the Tokyo Metropolitan Jujutsu Technical High School, he begins to walk down a path from which he cannot return — the path of a Jujutsu sorcerer.

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# 1: "KAIKAIKITAN (廻 廻 奇 譚)" by Eve (eps 1-13)
# 2: "VIVID VICE" by Who-ya Extended (eps 14-24)
# 1: "LOST IN PARADISE" by ALI ft. AKLO (eps 2-13)
# 2: "give it back" by Cö shu Nie (eps 14-24)

"It's not about whether I can, I have to do it!" - Megumi Fushiguro ... and also me steeling myself to post a critical review on this beloved anime.

Jujutsu Kaisen is the latest shounen to gain a surge of popularity and get invited to join the mainstream table of the true anime titans, probably taking a seat right next to Demon Slayer. And I can say with certainty that this is primarily because of Studio Mappa's admirable dedication to making this show, particularly the fight scenes, look breathtakingly good. But here's the age old question: Does fantastic animation trump average writing?

Yeah, no. Heh, sorry to be blunt. I guess I'm taking a lesson out of protagonist Itadori's book. But who's to say that Jujutsu doesn't have a bit of both? While I find there to be several glaring issues with the anime, it also has many great aspects. So therefore, I'm gonna do things a little differently. This review will go over 5 areas that I believe the anime handled poorly, represented as 5 of Sukuna's, the king of curses himself, cursed fingers. And then 5 departments that were a triumphant success in my eyes, represented as 5 of Sukuna's fingers that were eaten by Itadori ... which probably gave him some digestion issues, poor guy. I mean, eating a centuries old finger? Bleh. Probably no nutrients left in those old things.

Ah, so you're wondering why I'm going with 10 fingers when Sukuna has 20 overall? Heh. The sheer power of representing ALL of his fingers would embed this review with massive cursed energy that even I couldn't control- Ok, fine, it's actually because I couldn't think of 10 more things and it would make this review drag on anyway . There. Happy? Alright, let's get into it!

Sukuna's cursed finger 1: Comedy

I figured I'd get this out of the way since its the most subjective flaw on the list. Comedy comes in all shapes and forms, so everyone has their own preference ... the comedy in Jujutsu Kaisen wasn't my preference. Ok, so I'm not that hard to please in this department. I'm mean, I laugh at boob jokes and panty shots, that should tell you what kind of person I am. Yet shounen always seem to fail for me when it comes to the humor. I mean for one, it's generally out of place. This anime tries to be serious and has a lot of dark moments, but then immediately follows with characters making stupid faces at each other and saying dumb things. The timing is just consistently terrible. And what the heck were those after credits scenes? I dunno, I just found them to be very ... odd.

The comedy can basically be boiled down to a character acting either overly idiotic or incredibly loud / annoying during random moments. And they try to do this for EVERY character, even for the villains who, you know, have slaughtered hundreds, potentially thousands. It just doesn't work, and I don't find the show or characters funny at all, with the exception of the Kyoto School students (thank goodness for them) and some of Gojou's little quips.

Sukuna's consumed finger 1: Action

This one is quite obvious to anyone with eyes, but I definitely have to bring up the epic fight sequences as the first positive. They're the highlight of the show, and the focal point of numerous episodes. Because curses come in all shapes and sizes, plus each Jujutsu sorcerer has their own diverse abilities, each and every fight was unique in how the characters did battle. I thought things really picked up in intrigue and intensity when Itadori and the ideal businessman Nanami took on the villainous and childish antagonist Mahito. It was a well animated fight with a lot of interesting tactics. And then the show just had to go and outdo itself with the Sister School arc. There were a lot of great combat sequences on display, culminating in the Itadori and Toudou vs. Hanami fight, which was my personal favorite. Just some great action all around.

Sukuna's cursed finger 2: Main characters

Oh boy, this is probably what held Jujutsu Kaisen back the most. The trio of Itadori, Megumi, and Nobara are just ... bad. I'm not a fan of any of them. Itadori is your typical dense protagonist guy who's constantly used for comedy, but you already know how I feel about that. His beliefs are interesting, but I'll get into those later. Several characters appropriately call him Sukuna's vessel, because that dude is a much more fun and interesting character than Itadori. And when it's necessary for Itadori to develop in order to progress the narrative, the show just conveniently gives him a ridiculously brief revelation or a sentence long pep talk from someone else and boom, he gets stronger and stuff. Absolutely atrocious. And his two best buddies don't even act like characters. They're terribly inconsistent. They supposedly have a bond with Itadori yet show no emotion when he comes back from a certain DEADly event. When situations get serious and death is involved, Nobara just acts entirely obnoxious and Megumi reacts to practically nothing. It's like they were trying to make him one of those cool, stoic characters but made him so cold that he's turned into ice with how frosty and nonexistent his personality is. They're painstakingly poorly written.

Gojou is also considered to be a main character, but I don't really see him as one. If he counts, then he's definitely my favorite of the four. Despite not being a fan of how absolutely overpowered he is, I enjoy his laid back yet caring nature and think that he's a solid addition to the show.

Sukuna's consumed finger 2: Supporting cast

On the flip side, I really appreciate how the side characters were written. Sukuna himself has a great setup with how he's actually a part of Itadori. The obnoxious and condescending tone that he takes with the kid is pretty fun, and for me this guy is the most intriguing of the characters. And I mentioned it before, but wow, the Kyoto School students are a lot more entertaining than the ones from Tokyo. With the exception of Panda of course. Panda should have been the main character because he's a panda, yet not a panda. I like his backstory and intelligence. That is all for Panda. But I really liked Miwa and thought she was fun (should've replaced Nobara as main girl honestly ...) and the over the top nature of Mechamaru and his backstory is just such a joke, I love it. Every morning he breaks his legs, and every afternoon, he breaks his arms. The other two girls in the group are interesting as well.

And then there's Toudou. He's probably my favorite character outside of Sukuna and his comedic value was actually ... funny! I liked his dynamic with Itadori and his over the top nature was surprisingly a big success and didn't rub me the wrong way like I thought it would. Nice support cast Juju!

Sukuna's cursed finger 3: Motivational

A boy fights ... for "the right death." Straight from the synopsis.

Am I the only one who thinks that sentence sounds stupid and wishes Itadori's ideals were, at the very least, worded differently? Yes? No? OK...

While his motivation certainty is unique, I'm just not a fan of how Itadori's whole shtick is portrayed. I mean, I get it, he doesn't want people to die to curses and instead to pass away content and satisfied with life, and that's pretty cool. But the way he expresses his wish feels strange sometimes with how overly macabre it can be and doesn't sit right with me. This is probably just me, but his goals made his character feel a little off, I dunno. Also, the villain courses have pretty bad motivations. I mean, they're all like "we're the true people because we have true emotions unlike humans!" ... yet these curses are constantly shown to have wavering and changing feelings. Doesn't work. It all comes down to the themes demonstrated by the show in the end, and I feel like they could have been expressed better.

Sukuna's consumed finger 3: Dark content

I love how this anime isn't afraid to get violent and grotesque. Yes, some of the curses look creepy, but I'm mostly referring to what they do over how they look. The show doesn't hide the fact that death is synonymous with curses in this universe, and there are plenty of on screen killings. Even main characters aren't safe from this anime's clutches! Things got the darkest during the arc with Junpei and Mahito. Let's just say I was not expecting what happened to Junpei to go down, or I was at least anticipating some sort of reversal of his fate. But wow, there really is a ton of horrifying (maybe a bit too strong of a word, but I digress) content in the anime, and I believe it definitely works in the show's favor.

Sukuna's cursed finger 4: Power scaling

This is more of a smaller issue that I had with the anime, but I absolutely despised the power system on display and how it was handled. Shounen shows just love to have this kind of mechanic, and it's usually used primarily to show the protagonist getting stronger and moving through the ranks. Some, like HunterXHunter, utilize this effectively. But it's just so bizarre here. The ranking of both curses and Jujutsu sorcerers is poorly conceived and made absolutely irrelevant when you have guys like Gojou who can practically destroy the world if he feels like it. There's just not that much explanation behind how it all works. And it's especially negligible when Itadori can basically power up and advance to the next level just by getting a sentence long pep talk, like he does with Toudou. Kinda silly honestly.

Sukuna's consumed finger 4: Audiovisuals

I've already mentioned this briefly in other sections, but the show looks hella good. Great artistic quality with a lot of diverse and inventive designs. Equally important is the animation. Character movement is fluid and doesn't look that awkward at all. Also, the soundtrack is solid. Several pieces help to enhance scenes by pumping you up during fights or making you unnerved during more horror based moments. The theme songs are pretty hype as well. All in all, Jujutsu Kaisen boasts some great technical aspects.

Sukuna's cursed finger 5: Plot progression

My final issue listed in this review focuses on the narrative. I'm sorry, but the plot can basically be boiled down to "Righteous protagonist has unlimited potential and he gets stronger with his friends as they beat up bad guys." It's terribly generic and if you really focus on it, the story doesn't offer anything particularly great. There are several parts of it that are just plain sloppy, like shoving in literally everyone's backstory during the Sister School event instead of properly spacing out such scenes. While it ultimately isn't bad, the plot really didn't take any risks or try something new, with the exception of having Sukuna, who I assume will be the final boss, live inside of Itadori. That's pretty cool, but next to nothing was done with it in the second half of the show. In the end, the writing and unfortunately standard progression ended up being the most mediocre part of the anime.

Sukuna's consumed finger 5: Entertainment

What can I say, it was a fun experience. Despite lacking in several key departments, the show itself can be pretty entertaining. Whether it be the action, character interactions, comedic scenes, or more, Jujutsu Kaisen brings a lot to the table that a wide variety of people can enjoy, so I respect the show for that. If nothing else, it can be an enjoyable viewing experience if you don't go into it with high expectations. In the end, it just wasn't for me.
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After the ridiculous success of Demon Slayer, the shounen industry is finally taking notes on how to make a successful adaptation. There's so many things that can be said about JJK, that I'm confused where to start from.

Let me start by giving JJK's staff the appreciation they deserve. Being a huge AoT fan, I'm honestly a little bit salty. I'm not undermining AoT, it's just that my eyes have been spoiled from seeing a sakuga on every damn episode of JJK. It's honestly just so good.

So yes, I'm gonna first highlight the sector which totally carries JJK, the animation. JJK is a feast for your eyes. The animation is just so magnificent, starting from the beautiful landscapes to the sakuga on even the smallest fights. The fights are so well choreographed, the camera angles, the key frames. I don't have enough words to explain the greatness of the animation. You have to witness it for yourself. Just like how Demon Slayers impeccable animation by Ufotable carried it, in the same way JJK's animation by MAPPA definitely elevates the anime to another level. And without the elegant animation, I don't think JJK would be at where it's at right now. So MAPPA definitely needs credit where it's due, this is how you do a first season of an anime.

One other great thing about JJK is it's power system. If you're like me who absolutely loves a great power system, then you'll also fall in love with JJK's power system. JJK has a very concrete power system, which is cursed energy . Cursed energy kind of replicates Chakra from Naruto. Both needs a good amount of focus and training to achieve them. The only difference is that in Naruto, Chakra exists in all beings. However, in JJK, not everyone had cursed energy, like Maki, they use cursed tools instead which is also an interesting concept. The reason I love the power system is that it is not too complex neither is it too simple like, eat hair = I'm strong now. Yuuji imbues his hands with cursed energy, Nobara uses hammer and nails, Fushigoro summons cursed beasts, and Gojou can manipulate space at an atomic level. There's literally an old man who uses an electric guitar to fight, I fucking love this! This power system and the character's powers, all of them makes the anime even more amazing for me.

The characters are probably the second greatest part of the anime. Yuuji is such a good shounen protagonist, he isn't annoying and doesn't scream all the time, is quite care free. On the other hand, the other members of the MC trio are just so fun to watch, Fushigoro and Nobara both. I'd be lying if I said that it didn't remind me of Naruto a little bit. The fun little rivalry between Yuuji and Fushigoro, just like Naruto and Sasuke, except better. And isn't it a breath of fresh air, finally having a female MC that isn't annoying and absolutely useless. In episode 23, when Nobara was suddenly getting sucked into a gate, instead of screaming and crying for help, she just showed Fushigoro a thumbs up, saying that she'll be fine, like the badass she is! God I love the characters.
The character goals are really interesting, which also makes the characters, interesting. Yuuji isn't like other shounen nice guys who refuse to kill people like Deku, he has an actual reason to do that. He highly commends "the value of life". He also does good deeds because he wants to die peacefully and be remembered as a good person, quite a simple but respectable goal. Fushigoro is probably my second favorite character in JJK. He is very secretive and stoic, all while caring for his friends. In episode 23, we got to see a different side of him, and honestly he has so much depth to him. I normally hate female delinquent characters so much, I can't stand them as much as I can't stand Tsunderes. I hate how they go "Kimochi warui" after everything. But Nobara is different. She is very talkative during battles, verbally destroying the shit outta the opponent, all while being badass as fuck during all times. She also deeply cares about his friends, she is a great character. Not only this, but side characters like Panda, Maki, Inumaki. Every- again LITERALLY EVERY CHARACTER in this anime is so fucking good and interesting, even the antagonists like Sukuna and Mahito have a considerable amount of depth to them which everyone can comprehend, which makes them so good.
Let me tell you this, an entire paragraph isn't enough to explain how amazing and interesting the characters are.

The only part JJK is a bit lacking in is story. Since it's only season 1 and the story hasn't expanded much, but even still, the story is a bit generic. It feels like a typical monster of the week kind of story. Even the story is a bit average now, all other aspects carry this anime. And yes, the story switches tones really quick, it goes from a dark and gritty tone to a light hearted tone pretty fast. And the best part is that they perfectly execute it.
No one said that an anime must excel at all aspects. There was no boring moment in the entire anime, despite the story being typical, I always thoroughly enjoyed it.

The Juju Strolls are a perfect addition after the end of every episode, no matter how tense an episode is, the Juju Strolls are entertaining to watch.

Now about sound, it's amazing. The 2 opening sequences and ending sequences are all so amazing. Especially the amazing opening from Eve and the great ending from ALI. After that, there's the voice acting. Most people can't differentiate between good voice acting and bad voice acting, but I have noticed that a good amount of anime often fail at properly delivering dialogues. JJK's voice acting feels genuine and natural, so big props to the talented voice actors. Soundtrack is also quite lacking. It's not the best there is, but it works. Of course, I don't expect all anime to have Sawano level soundtracks.

Another thing that I need to mention separately are the eye catchers. If you don't know what eye catchers are, they are those intro type of clips that are often in the middle of an episode. JJK's eye catchers are so captivating, they have this horror-y feeling to it.

Now to sum it all up in one sentence: Jujutsu Kaisen is great.
JJK has to be one of the greatest new gen shounens. As for whether you should watch it or not- YOU DEFINITELY SHOULD. I don't always tell people so confidently to watch an anime. It is the start of a new era through Jujutsu Kaisen, and I'm damn interested to see where it's gonna go from here. See you all in the next season! read more
Jujutsu kaisen was the most hyped show of 2020. It was a new shonen so it was to be expected. Has it brought something new and distinctive to the genre and something others can get inspired from? Nope. What is it terrible? Nope. What is a bit more than an average shonen? Maybe. Why? It has some qualities that put it aside from other battle shonen but many negatives as well.

○ Short introduction to the story:
So, we start off with our main character Yuji Itadori. A guy who is living an average life of an average teenager. He is passionate about his interests and mainly participates in the activities of the so-called occult club consisting of three members. Sasaki and Iguchi second year students at Sugisawa third high school and close friends of Yuji. They seek interest in what the club title suggests, in scary curses, creepy stuff and like to create theories about different “creepy” events that revolve around the high school.

One day they come across a cursed item wrapped in paper without realizing and wouldn’t you guess it? Of course, they have to keep it and later on they take off the wrap. Attempting to do some kind of a ritual, they summon dangerous cursed spirits while Yuji is at the hospital with his grandpa who just died. Fushiguro megumi, who is a student at Jujutsu high school and has dealt with such problems before. After Yuji tells Megumi how he and his friends stole the cursed item they rush to the school where the ‘” ritual ”has already took place, they are late. The courses are around the school attacking the two students inside the building. Megumi tries dealing with them alone and saving Yuji's friends but unfortunately fails and then our hero Yuji comes blasting through the window, helps Megumi and is in a pretty bad situation. A curse is about to kill his friends, he has two choices left: letting them get eaten or eating the finger (the cursed item) that Sasaki and Iguchi were “playing” with a while ago. He eats it of course and immediately receives great power and strength from it that he manages to defeat the curse alone.
After that Gojou shows up, the playful sensei I'll talk about later but for now I think you get the feel of the story. Now my problems with it:

• Yuji gets over his grandpa’s death in no time.
The main intention of Yuji is to have a meaningful death. After his grandfather died with nobody but Yuji surrounding and worrying about him, he gets an example of a "lonely death" and the whole series is motivated by it.

But how is he able to get over it so fast? In 4 minutes or less. Just when Megumi shows up it's like nothing happened and the rest of the series nothing is mentioned about it.

The pacing is fast. Too many events occur in the first episode which they could have given a bit more time in the second episode but in the second half of the show it's pretty slow and gets boring. So, the pacing is off.

• Yuji’s motto: a meaningful death.
I don’t often use the word; in fact, I have never used it before in such a case but pretentious would be the best way to describe it.

I can feel how the show is trying to stand out with its “unique” complex concerns and distinguish itself from other generic shonens yet it fails and comes off laughable. Yes, it tries to impress you with its touching themes and inspire you though the attempt is so obvious its ridicules. I appreciate the fact that it at least wanted and tried to be different but can't give it much credit because you already understand my feelings about it.

‣ Plot wise, Jujutsu kaisen is just another average shonen. It offers nothing new to the plate so that I can enjoy and get excited while tasting it. The main goal, if I haven't made it clear, is acquiring all of Sukuna’s 20 fingers, the one he ate. Now Sukuna is incarnated in him and can take over his body time to time- 2/10

The power system has been praised by many but there is nothing particular about it. Sure, it doesn't go with idiotic system that other shows do (I am looking at you MHA) but it isn't that exceptional either. I will explain is shortly:

• The cursed spirits (also known as curses) are produced by cursed energy which is created when an individual has negative emotions but its also possible to use cursed energy in battles to fight against your opponent. Cursed spirits are evil creatures that mess with human’s emotions and receive power from it.

• Degree:
Grade 4 sorcerers are weak and inexperienced.
Grade 3 sorcerers are average students.
Grade 2 sorcerers are for those who are above average level.
Grade 1 sorcerers are high status ones who possess great strength.
Special grades are exceptionally strong and abnormal. (Gojou Satoru for instance)

‣ Overall, power system is good and worthy of 6/10.

Character of Jujutsu kaisen are a bit hard to talk about. The main characters are dull while side ones are truly great and relatable.

The main characters:
• Yuji Itadori- The main protagonist of the series. His life drastically changes after encountering cursed items and is now forced to face many difficulties regarding them. He is passionate about his interests and doesn't share much characteristic with other shonen protagonists yet still comes off annoying. He is overpowered (I know you are tired of this word but I have to point it out) and "funny". Sure, I agree with the famous “Comedy is subjective” sentence but the show seems desperate to makes us laugh with its “relatable” characters, I don’t know, humor might not be for me since I have heard many others liking it. Overall, he is not an average protagonist but just an annoying character - 3/10.

• Nobara Kugisaki- The deuteragonist of the series and she shares many interests with Yuji. They both love Tokyo, going out, sightseeing and etc. Nobara is a very confident character who is not afraid to fangirl of stuff but still stands still as a strong female. To be honest, the reason I dislike her is pretty similar to Yuji’s. And she definitely isn't the best girl of the series– 3/10.

• Megumi Fushiguro - Another deuteragonist of the series. Unlike our Tokyo lovers, Megumi is a serious guy and doesn't like to act stupid. He is fortunately not an apathetic character, which I expected him to be but I was surprised. Most of the time deuteragonists like him tend to show no emotion but he is a good character. He looks callous yet he actually cares about everyone, just doesn't like to make it obvious. Yuji and Nobara often tease him for hiding it but no matter what, it doesn't ruin their friendship - 5/10.

• Gojo Satoru Deuteragonist of the series and as you might have heard, the cool, lively Gojo-sensei. I expected to like him, but didn't. He is just another OP, generic sensei but nothing similar to Kakashi. Its just the way he can deal with everything and beat everyone easily, and then his playful personality irritates me and stops me from liking him - 2/10.

The side characters:
• Maki zen in the side character and undoubtedly the best girl of course. Maki has a funny, relatable protagonist but as soft as she might seem, she is actually a really strong lady. Yea, she might be overpowered but so many other great characteristics of make you love her a lot and again, Maki zenin is the best girl of Jujutsu kaisen, no one can deny that or else I am ready to throw some hands - 8/10 .

• Panda - a side character. My beloved panda. He is such a lovable character with such a sweet personality I just can't help but mention him and give him the attention he deserves. He is a calm upperclassman who tends to be welcoming and kind to his underclassmen. Sometimes he might be sarcastic but always tries to sympathize with characters and understand their feelings. I really love him - 9/10.

• Aoi tondou - another side character and my man. Aoi is the main entertainment of the show, at least for me. He doesn't get too big amount of screen time but not too little either so you could say it's a decent amount for a side character. He likes to fight people who have shit taste in women, like Megumi for example who cares about the personality. But he likes Yuji because they share the same interest and both like women with big a ** es. Yup, my man has great taste and there is no denying it - 7/10.

• Toge Inumaki Salmon. Toge is a quite guy and a bit intimidating at first look, whatsoever he is still a great character with great personality - 5/10.

• Kasumi right after Maki, Kasumi is the best girl. She is a helpless character. Tries to stand still and fight, do her best and achieve the greatest but mostly fails and its relatable. I loved every scene that she was in, I was able to be compassionate towards so a solid 9/10.

• Villains in jujutsu kaisen are interesting. I will describe them shortly. Sukuna is the main antagonist whose fingers the group has to acquire so Yuji can eat all of them at once. He reminds me of Gojou for some reason. They share the playful personalities, both are overpowered, yet they both feel different in some way. Suguru is also a very interesting character though I don’t have much to say about him. Mahito can burn in hell, I will be watching with a happy smile on my face. Overall villains get a 6/10.

‣ Character in JJK are fun. Putting main ones and side ones together, we get - 6.5 / 10.

‣ Animation is god-tier. I don’t know why I was denying that fact but it really does a great job with the dark atmosphere and conveying the horrific elements the show has to offer. There are a lot of fighting scenes and in every single one fighting choreography and animation are distinguishable. Openings and endings are a banger. I like the OST; it matches the atmosphere a lot. There is nothing to complain about in these criteria so - 9/10.

Jujutsu kaisen was a well done shonen, it still calls for many adjustments to be great but I wont withhold and state that it has many pros as well. With well written side characters, amazing soundtracks, god tier animation and fighting choreography, I wont dissuade someone from checking it out, as for myself, I wasn't necessarily blown away, it was the first season so it didn't manage to confound me but what can I say folks? It wasn't that bad after all.

I have made a lot of changes to the review since the last one I wrote got a lot of upvotes and made it to the top reviews which was unexpected since I wrote it a few hours after the show finished and the reviews were already published. I also realized I was being too harsh on it and how badly the previous review was written so I hope it doesn't irritate any of you. Also, if you are a fan of the series and think this score is too low, I am sorry but I have brought my arguments in the review and I hope you understand. Thank you for reading, hope it was informative. read more
The thing about trends that a lot of people take for granted is that the more overstuffed a particular set of ideas are, the more likely it is to see either flipped on its head (see Shrek for fairy tale musicals) or given more offbeat renditions ( see Joker or Into the Spider-Verse for superhero blockbusters). Genres being overstuffed, if anything, should encourage more experimentation and refinement.

Over the years the Shonen genre has gone through a number of these phases. From past its formative years with Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, you've gotten shows using the mold for massive tapestries (One Piece), those attempting to