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Jig head size table

Just as there are many different bait sizes, there are also various jig sizes. In order to see through the jig-head jumble, you need a uniform system of measurements.

Which jig head sizes are there?

Jig heads (Image: Mikhail Anikaev /

VMC, Owner, Gamakatsu, Lunker City, Keitech - these are just a few examples of the well-known fishing equipment manufacturers who also produce jig heads, among other things. Each of them developed their own hook measurement system. Nevertheless, over time an almost stable size structure has emerged, which is represented by all manufacturers with more or less moderate deviations. The French manufacturer VMC played a significant role in the standardization of jig sizes. His famous Barbarian jig is considered the European standard (Eng .: "European Style Jighook").

Which jig heads go with which rubbers?

The following table assigns rubber bait sizes to jig head sizes. These guidelines only serve as a guide, because when jigging there are always situations in which very individual solutions are required, but which can ultimately decide about a catch. The letters in the first line of the table give alternative jig size classification that was introduced by professional blinkers and is sometimes used by other manufacturers.

Jig head size4211/02/03/04/05/06/08/010/0
Bait size (cm)3-45-66-77-88-99-1111-1313-1415-1717-20from 20

When equipping rubber baits with jig heads, the following rule of thumb applies: for rubber fish *, the jig hook must be out in the first third of the body at most in the middle, with twisters - in the second half of the body. Furthermore, one must not forget that a jig head has other parameters in addition to its size and length, which make it ideally suited for certain rubber baits. The most important of these are: height of the bow of the hook, height to eye, length of eye to tip of the hook. More on this in the article Jig Head Types.

Example of jig head sizes

The following graphic shows an example of jig hook sizes and lengths for the "Barbarian" jig series produced by VMC. This was to illustrate that the classification of jig sizes in no way corresponds to actual jig lengths. Such a dimension structure is used both by VMC and by every other manufacturer, above all for product classification.

Jig head size table. Example from VMC


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