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January 2020

This is how our children learn today(very often) write:

In many schools it is common practice to give children words at the beginning of elementary school to write the way you hear it.
Parents are prohibited from pointing out incorrect spellings.

That is the greatest wrong way.

I describe why this is so in this post.

Which writing-learning method in which one School?

Why is it that every teacher and of course every teacher apparently use different methods?

I can explain that very simply:
In our country, education is a matter of the country.
Each ministry of education determines a curriculum.
It describes what knowledge a child has
should have at the end of a school year.

So far. So good.

What is not there:
How this goal is to be achieved.
Which method a teacher uses ... is up to her.
With often fatal consequences.

Which writing-learning-method does the teacher choose now?
Is it based on ...
... how she was once taught herself?
... how do your colleagues do it?
... as is customary at school?
... as recommended by a ministry of education?
… how …

I have to get rid of this now:
I know a teacher who is "visual learning" in
wanted to use her class.
What she didn't expect?
With the headwind that was blowing against her from colleagues and the school management. That was a hurricane.
Sure, she had just finished her studies.
So first job.
"You always with your new ideas! Once you
if you've been here for a few years, you'll know how things are ”.

So the comment of a colleague ...

Another teacher did it differently:
She has that visual learning simply used.
And then challenged a colleague of the same grade to a duel.

“Come on, let's write an untrained (!) Dictation with our classes. I bet you that my class makes fewer mistakes! "

“In third grade I can't dictate untrained texts.
That won't work! "

How do you think it turned out?

But back to the actual topic:
Often children are allowed to write words however they want. So that they can discover the fun of writing.
This is mostly explained to parents at parents' evenings.
These are experiments that aim to put the whole thing on a pedagogical basis.

One thing is never missing:
become parentsalways askedNot to intervene.
"Do not tell your child if something is written the wrong way - that would only unsettle them."

I keep hearing from parents who don't like it at all.
Simply because they are not convinced of it.
But they are usually not heard.
After all, the teacher has to know what she is drawing from there.

Dr. Pass developed a concept in the 1980s that is often used as the basis for this concept. I don't want to accuse the man of anything: I assume that he had the best for the children in mind. But well-meaning is not automatic well done.

Unfortunately, there are also some ministries of culture who have subscribed to this theory. Others have refrained from doing so in recent years - but unfortunately not all!

The same applies here:

A theory does not become correct by
because it is only spread officially enough.

A colleague once put it this way:
"Reichen ensures that my practice is always full ..."
That sounds cynical - but it's true.

Let's take a little excursion into the experience of our children:

I come to that school.
LearnLetters know.
Connect these letters to the sounds I hear.
And write.
The way I hear it.
Everything was great.
Very clear: Everything is ok in the children's experience.

The teacher doesn't say anything against it.
Neither do the parents.

And these two stations are the most important.

Maybe grandma says here or there that a word has to be spelled differently. But it will be silenced.

Result for the child:All is well.

At some point - usually during the third grade -
the situation changes.

Now suddenly it is explained to me that one or the other word is not spelled correctly after all.

I beg your pardon?

What I've done over the past two years has been good!
And now that is suddenly supposed to be wrong?

Are they spinning?
Mom, Dad ... the teacher too?

Excerpt from a 3sat broadcast

The worst thing about it:
I have certain words for myselffirmly embossed.
All this should now have been in vain?

This is the best way to completely confuse even a good spelling artist.
Doubts are cemented there.

A whole new learning phase is now beginning:

I have to start questioning everything - but really everything - that I've learned so far.
Sometimes it even makes sense to me.
But sometimes not.

Come in addition:
Over half of the words in the German language are spelled differently than we hear them.
So there is plenty of potential for failure, right?

I found a nice example of what can come of this
at the gate of a car workshop:

Can you read this

The worst part?
All the learning strategies that I have acquired so far - no longer work.

It's like restarting from scratch.
In the third grade.

I have to be careful at this point.
I can feel myself getting angry.
That makes the pulse ...

Can that be true then?

I run children in any right.
I support them in this.
Give them confirmation.
Do whatever it takes to make sure they have fun.

I keep doing that until there comes a point where I reveal my real goal. In our case here, the goal is the correct spelling.
The wholeFrolic andhave fun, was for the cat.
How do I feel as a child at this moment?

Did they all *** me up all the time?
Are you crazy?
That makes you frustrated.
More or less a lot.

And believe me one thing:
I'm not somehow sucking that out of my fingers here.
That's exactly how children told me.

They only haveunfortunately no mouthpiece.
You will not be noticed.
You are not taken seriously.

Now ask yourself:
With other things, you wouldn't let your child go astray, would you?
To learn to swim, throw it into the water - and see what it does?
Should it ride a bike, find out the traffic rules for yourself? Will you let it try for two years - only to say that it should drive on the right side of the road?

You see - nobody does that.

Which oneConclusion can we pull:
It is total nonsense to let children learn to write like this
as you hear it.

If this is to be done with your child at school ...
then defend yourself on the other hand!
We have to put an end to this nonsense together.

At the beginning of 2019, I launched an online petition so that we can prove the parents' displeasure to the Ministry of Education.

Take part!

To the online petition!

Addendum January 2020:
I stopped the online petition.
You can find all of my experiences here:
Sense and nonsense of a petition