What are compound words for class 2

What are compound words?

Look at the following words.


Sleeping bag

What do you notice? How are the words formed?

Compound words

They are compound words.

Lion + tooth = dandelion

sleep + sack = sleeping bag

Two or more independent words are put together to form one word.

Basic word and defining word

By putting two or more words together, new words can be formed.

One calls the first part of a composition Determinant and the second part Basic word.

Wall + clock = wall clock

Determiner + basic word = composition

The part of speech of the new word is determined by the base word.

the wall clock is a noun.

The preceding determiner defines the basic word more precisely.

a clock that hangs on the wall

The article always refers to the basic word.
Example: the castle spiritthe refers to ghost

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Compound words with nouns

You form compound nouns when you combine two or more words. You have several options for this:

  1. noun + nounthe table + the cloth = the tablecloth
  2. verb + nounsleep_ + the room = the bedroom
  3. adjective + nounred + the wine = the Redwine
  4. adverb + nountogether + the game = the interaction

Nouns can also consist of three or more words be put together.

coachfoot + ball + Trainer

Cross-country circuit championski + long + Run + circle + master

Compound words with adjectives

Adjectives can also be composed of two words.
You have two options for this:

  1. adjective + adjective: dark + red = dark red
  2. noun + adjective: Pigeons+ blue = powder blue

Pay attention to the lower case in the sentence! The basic word is an adjective, therefore the word composition is also an adjective and is written in lower case.