How long does a Ragamuffin cat live


  • Category: Semi-long hair
  • Origin: United States
  • Size: Large
  • Weight: Hangovers up to 10 kilograms; Cats 5 to 6 kilograms


- Rectangular body with good, supple muscles; broad shoulders and
same breast; strong, medium-length legs, front legs slightly shorter than that
Hind legs; large, round paws with tufts of hair on and under the toes
- Long, bushy tail; medium-thick base, subtly tapering to a point
- Broad, rounded head, wedge as the basic shape; short, strong neck; light
rounded forehead; Muzzle and chin also rounded; Indented nose, this one
but should act less like a stop; full cheeks
- Medium sized ears; positioned at the top of the head and tilted slightly forward;
slight inner hair, with lynx points with ear brushes on the rounded tips
- Walnut-shaped, large eyes; slight inclination allowed

- Medium-length or slightly longer coat; dense and silky structure, depending on the color
slightly variable; Length of fur from the top of the head to the shoulders and back
increasingly; Ruff and panties on the thighs; shorter on the front legs
the hind legs a little longer, but always tight and
- All colors and drawings are permitted, white proportion as desired
- Different eye colors like blue, green, gold, amber and aqua approved; at
Color points are desirable for blue eyes; Minks have green, green-blue, turquoise,
blue or two-tone eyes; solid-colored ragamuffins may wear all colors,
odd-eyes also allowed

Essence and character

Big and strong - the Ragamuffin impresses with its impressive appearance at first glance. Nevertheless, it is not only a visually appealing, but also an extremely lovable cat: It is smart and inquisitive and does not tend to be anxious or aggressive. Their trustworthiness and affection make them the ideal family cat who can get along well with other pets as long as they are given enough time and attention. Freewheeling is to her taste, but since she is not very skeptical of strangers, there is a risk that she will be taken along without any problems. Therefore, it should be a well-secured garden or balcony.


The ragamuffin is derived from the ragdoll. The exact origin of this large pedigree cat is mysterious. Their origins are in California, breeding started in the early 1960s. Ann Baker founded the IRAC (International Ragdoll Cat Association) in 1971 and received a patent on the Ragdoll name in 1985. Nine years later, a small group broke away from the association and started breeding ragdolls of different colors. Since this group was not accepted by other groups and the cats could not be referred to as such due to the patent on the name Ragdoll, these cats were called Ragamuffin. Various organizations in the United States and Europe now recognize the Ragamuffin as a separate breed.


The unusual name Ragamuffin is synonymous with street children (children in rags). Actually, it was a dirty word of breeders who did not want to recognize the Ragamuffin as a pedigree cat. However, this went wrong - because the Ragamuffin lovers among the breeders were rather amused and entered it as the official name. Ragamuffins take a long time to reach their full size: they are only fully grown after 4 years.