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Ross Howe

Ross Howe comes to us with a diverse background in sales, account management, pest control, and home inspection. Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, Ross moved to Wilmington in 2017 with his fiancé and their 3 dogs Kali, Kaci, and Apollo. His passion for real estate began early, and he has since become an avid investor in single family residential real estate.

With the constant evolution of technology in the real estate marketplace, Ross looks for the best ways to simplify the home buying process so that he can bring you an easier, more streamlined experience. He believes the process of buying a home should be fun, exciting, and an ultimately rewarding experience for every buyer.

In his spare time, you can find Ross exploring all over Wilmington and woodworking in his garage, where he enjoys making wooden pens on his lathe and doing small projects around his home. He applies his passions into working out and healthy living, always seeking the balance between doing what you love and helping others.