What is track 2 data

What is the track on a car?

The toe angle δ provides information about how much the wheel is rotated about the vertical axis of the vehicle, that is, how inclined it is to the direction of travel when driving straight ahead. The impact of steerable front wheels is not included in these considerations; it is, so to speak, superimposed on the kinematic lane behavior. If the foremost point of the wheel in the direction of travel is closer to the center of the vehicle than the rearmost point (in the graphic C

The track position of a wheel is included in the cornering potential via the slip angle and thus has a great influence on driving behavior. Toe-in increases the lateral grip of a wheel, while toe-out decreases it. Since understeer is a stable driving condition and therefore desired, wheel suspensions are usually designed in such a way that the front wheels move in the direction of toe-out under lateral or braking force, while the rear wheels tend to seek toe-in. The manufacturers pursue this dogma with varying degrees of emphasis, but in general the Germans are likely to take it a little more seriously than the French, for example.

If the lane of a car is not set properly, this is usually expressed by increased tire wear and a rather moderate directional stability of the vehicle.