Nordictrack c900 treadmill squeaks when running

Why running shoes?

Recently in the gym on the line, a hard running unit on the program, I was somewhere at 13 km / h, absorbed in the running rhythm and in “Malcom in the middle”, then the trainer comes and says, I squeak ...

Indeed, every step produced a loud, distinct squeak - and the faster, the louder.

With a conscious change in running style it got better, luckily it was already in the last kilometer.

With a little thought, the solution was clear: it was the sole of the KSO. This is - in contrast to the speed - a relatively smooth, continuous “plastic sole”. Since I land with my metatarsus in the barefoot running shoes and the arch of the foot has room to absorb the body weight and expand in the process, the soles squeak.

(It's good that I don't make my living drawing )

Since then I have been running more with the Fivefinger Speed ​​on the belt, the sole is constructed differently and therefore does not squeak.

Another reason for the speed - which grows ever more dear to my heart ...


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