How to insert a SIM card into a tablet

How do I put a SIM card in a OnePlus 8T?

In the event that you've just purchased a OnePlus 8T, it's important to go through two essential steps before you can use it. You have to find it first How to insert the SIM card into your OnePlus 8T, to use the phone functions of your smartphone and then to be able to connect to your Gmail account to activate your Android profile. We're going to go through this guide to help you complete the first of these two steps. We will first see the preparatory steps for installing a SIM card and then how to insert the SIM card of your OnePlus 8T.

Preparation for inserting the SIM card of my OnePlus 8T

So let's start our article by listing the Steps that you need to carry out before changing the SIM card on your OnePlus 8T. Whether you've borrowed a phone or just bought a new one, the method is not the same. Despite everything, you need to make sure in advance that you have certain elements to ensure that you correctly insert the new SIM card into your OnePlus 8T and that it is ready for use after this manipulation. Here you are:

  • do you know her SIM card format of your OnePlus 8T, In practice there are 3 different formats, the classic format which is quite large, the micro SIM format and the nano SIM format. Often, nano and micro are the most common formats for OnePlus 8T. So keep in mind when you receive your new SIM card that it will work with the different formats. Note that it is now very easy to acquire a card that can be cut and adapts to the three formats.
  • Get yours new SIM card, You also need to know the PIN code associated with it, otherwise you will not be able to turn on your OnePlus 8T. If you do not have the PIN code, you will need at least the PUK code, which you can use to unlock a phone whose PIN code you do not know.
  • Have in your possession the tool for removing the SIM card drawer from your OnePlus 8T. This tool usually comes with either the phone or the SIM card. If you don't already have one, you can purchase one from your operator's store or buy one for free. At Amazon it costs no more than 5 euros.
  • Finally, all you have to do is Turn off your OnePlus 8T to complete the process safely.

How to insert or change the SIM card in my OnePlus 8T

We are now going to the practical phase of our little dossier. We will teach you now Here's how to insert a SIM card into your OnePlus 8T. You should know that this approach is relatively straightforward. You don't need the help of a specialist or a consultant from your business once you've validated all of the steps outlined in the previous section. Follow the information below to activate your new card.

Here's how to insert a SIM card into a new OnePlus 8T

We start with the first case. You have just bought a new or used OnePlus 8T, but it does not have a SIM card. The handling is easiest in this case. Here are the following steps:

  • As mentioned above, make sure that your OnePlus 8T is fine. Find the location of the SIM cache. It's generally in the top left or top right
  • With your SIM card tool, open the drawer by pressing the designated area to pick up the tool
  • After opening it, check the SIM card format accepted by your OnePlus 8T and insert your new card
  • Close the drawer
  • Turn on your phone and enter your PIN code
  • You can now use the telephone function of your OnePlus 8T

How to change the SIM card in my OnePlus 8T

To end this tutorial, there are very few differences from the procedure we just saw. If you want You know how to change the SIM card on your OnePlus 8TAfter opening the SIM storage location, you will need to remove the old card and replace it with the new one. In case you have recovered a used or a friend's phone, you may want to Format your OnePlus 8T To reset it and enjoy it like it was new, don't hesitate to read our article on the topic.

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