Pokemon Resolute Version of How to Fly


Aero is the aerodactyl of red and was created by him from an old amber. It is currently at level 85.


Red, Blue and Green Arc

As red in VS. Magmar meets Giovanni for the first time, he receives the old amber from him, which is necessary for the creation of an aerodactyl.

While Rot then together with PyroTeam RocketsLavados in VS. Lavados fought on Vermilion Island, Pyro orders him to flee to his laboratory and tells him how to use the machine to bring the fossils back to life. When Red developed his Aerodactyl from the old amber, he flies back to the battlefield on it and confronts moltos.

Since then, Rot has been using Aero to get everywhere by flying. In fact, it's strong enough to lift Rot's entire team, as in VS. Mewtwo (part 1) shows.

In the fight against Giovanni, who in VS. Geowaz starts, Aero is also used. It frees red from a dangerous situation and finally defeats the opponent's Bibor with hyperbeam. However, when a rhyorn hits the rod, it is defeated, which means that red can only fight with pika.

Yellow arc

in the Yellow arc It only dips in during Rot's fight against Bruno, Lorelei and Agathe on the Moon Mountain VS. Jigglypuff on. Red uses it to fly, but Rossana's hair prevents it from escaping. Eventually, the top four defeat Aerodactyl and all of Red's other Pokémon.

Fire Red and Leaf Green Arc

Aero appears in Fire Red and Leaf Green Arc first time in 飲 み 込 む 闇when red flies on it to Orania City. In the fight it shows up during 発 動 究 極 技 against blue, as red uses it together with Pika against Scherox and Machomei. In a dogfight with Scherox it can corner it so much that Blue has to replace it.

In 降 り 立 つ デ オ キ シ ス Red starts a fight against Deoxys using all of his Pokémon. The Legendary Pokémon pierces Eros wings and can defeat it and all other Pokémon of red with a psyschub in the end. By destroying his wings, Red cannot later use Aero to fly, so he has to borrow Blue's Charizard to follow Team Rocket's airship. There Aero fights with Rot's other Pokémon together in 本能 の 呼 び か け against RemusForstellka.

Emerald Arc

Aero is red during The last fight (part 7) Used in the fight against the loaned Pokémon from the Duel Tower.

Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Arc

While Episode 11 Aero can be seen flying red to the place where he confronts GrünMarc and Adrian, who stole the red and blue balls.


Origin of name

language Surname Origin / meaning of name
Japanese プ テ PteFrom the first part of the Pokémon name.
German Aero From the first part of the Pokémon name or Aero.


  • In volume 2 of the PaniniVersion of the manga is nicknamed Aero when Red's team is introduced Dacty specified. From volume 3 onwards, however, the nickname is used throughout Aero used.