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Hey, haven't heard from me in a long time, right? So much has happened in the process! We have been on vacation for 2 weeks and the last day of school was not as easy as you might imagine. Say goodbye to school, the teachers, the adventurous school lunch and the new everyday life that you have followed for a school year. Strange to go back and know nothing is as it was! I shot a video on my last full day of school, interviewed my friends and recorded everything so that I don't forget anything. However, I don't know if I'll ever upload it here ...

What did I do in the two weeks vacation?
A lot! In addition to sleeping, eating and reading, three of my friends and I camped on a farm so I can get to know farm life! Then we went on a nature walk. Even if “strolling” is a bit of an understatement!
It was more climbing and hiking!


And we were in California as a family! Well, everything except for Will who went to Costa Rica!
Okay then I'll report:

Day I: Arrival
On our first full day we met old family friends who gave us tips on what to do best in our six days.
And of course we took a look at our place: Huntington Beach
It was wonderful!


Day II: Los Angeles and Hollywood
We were downtown LA, but I didn't see any celebrities… It's a shame, actually! I would say a beautiful city and much too big to be able to see it completely in one day XD

In Hollywood we did the typical Hollywood tourist stuff that was very entertaining! We went to the famous Hollywood sign 🙂

Went up and down the Walk-of-Fame and watched Hollywood, where we also made a stop at “Millions-of-Milkshakes”, yummy!


Kate and I in front of the room where stars get their Oscars!
Kate and I stand on the stairs as the stars go up to get their Oscar!

Kate and I on the stairs and in front of the room where the stars get their Osakrs!


Day III: bodyboarding!
Wuhu! But on the way there we got a little lost, which turned out to be quite positive because I enjoyed the view and stopover at the harbor!

The Pacific is cold, but the first time it was warm (not as warm as in Iowa where it is around 36 degrees most of the time !!!) and we had surf suits on! The waves were huge and sometimes we were swallowed! By the way, that day we didn't go swimming at Huntington Beach where our vacation rental is. Fortunately! There were namely three white sharks sighted. Close enough to the shore to have the beach evacuated!


Day IV: Universal Studios
Wuhu! That means we visited Harry Potter and watched Hogwarts! Butterbeer is absolutely delicious and when Harry says the beans have ALL flavors, believe him, everything from sausage to dirt and vomit is included!

There were roller coasters and 4D rides. Besides Harry Potter there was Shrek, the Minions and the Simpsons. We also made a tour of original places where films from the series are shot, such as “Back to the Future”, “How I met your mother”, “The Grinch”, “Psycho”, “The Mummy”… A lot! We were also shown how effects are introduced and what things look like behind the scenes! It was really interesting!