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Schleuder / Zwille Saunders Hawk with "Black Mamba Stryker"


Price reduction by 5%!

Saunders is a traditional manufacturer of archery articles, crossbows and slingshots. For 50 years, Saunders has combined innovative design with high quality in its products. All products are extremely functional and durable. The new slingshot Saunders Hawk is currently the only slingshot available in Germany that works with the patented double flat band rubber system "Wrist-Rocket-Twin-Flatbands". The slingshot is delivered with the rubber "Black Mamba Stryker". In terms of price-performance ratio, it is the best sling currently available on the German market.

We recommend our steel balls in sizes from 11.5 to 15 mm for the Saunders Hawk.


With the unique system, the rubber can be easily pulled out and shot very quickly. Such comfortable centrifugal shooting is (and was previously) not possible with slower tubular rubbers. Just as revolutionary is the ultra-light, slightly slotted ball seat made of plastic, the "Hypo-Velocity-Posi-Center" (US patent). Here the ammunition ball is automatically centered in the ball holder. This ensures the greatest possible accuracy. The Saunders Hawk slingshot is made of a sturdy metal bracket and high-quality plastic (high-impact). For the first time, the special "Kwik-Snap" system makes it possible to replace the flat belt rubber immediately anywhere without any problems, as the rubber is attached to the slingshot by means of two plastic clips. The "shoot-over design" ensures a longer rubber service life, because the rubber is guided over rounded receptacles and no longer hits the sling fork undiminished when it is fired. You will be surprised how smooth and comfortable it is to spin-shoot with a Saunders Hawk.

The new black ribbon rubber Black Mamba Stryker is the further development of the Black Mamba Powerbands and even more powerful than the Powerband. This makes this rubber one of the fastest and most precise mass-produced sling rubbers ever - hence the rubber is named after the world's fastest snake.

We recommend our steel balls in sizes from 11.5 to 15 mm for the Saunders Hawk.

With these ball sizes you can achieve an extremely elongated ball trajectory due to the high ball speeds using flat band rubber. This leads to a very high level of accuracy and an enormous range. In documented sling tests, steel balls launched by a Saunders Hawk reached speeds of 70 to 100 meters per second (depending on the size of the ball). With steel balls in the diameter range 8 to 9 mm and other ball mounts (special production), these measured values ​​were even exceeded.



Use only original rubber or rubber that is exactly matched to the sling for your sport slingshot!
We recommend that you always wear protective goggles when skidding.


Important for everyone who shoots their Saunders Hawk with the Black Mamba rubbers:

The belts must be adjusted depending on the spin style and extension length. This is continuously possible, from a factor of 4 to a maximum of 6.

Here are two guidelines:
Extension length 90 cm, factor 4 - setting to 22.5 cm: normal
Extension length 90 cm, factor 5 - setting to 18 cm: very fast

Beginners in particular should not tie their ribbons too long and rather use larger balls. Then it works with the shooting too!


Gun law:

The sport slingshots offered by us comply with the current legal provisions applicable in Germany in accordance with German weapons law (WaffG, Appendix 2, Section 1 No. 1.3.7., In conjunction with Appendix 1, Section 1, U. Section 2 No. 1.3.) And are not provided with armrests and / or comparable devices. The slingshots are also not intended for the attachment of armrests or similar accessories.


Age information:

If you would like to buy this product, please send us a copy of a photo ID (e.g. ID card) as proof of age. You can send the document to us by letter, fax or email (further information on proof of age).


Instructions for inserting the tapes into the sling can be found here ...