When does my life start with karaoke versions?

The death clock - when do I die? The free death test

We give the saying "Carpe Diem"a whole new meaning! Have you ever asked yourself how long do you have to live?
We know it. Yes, we can tell you exactly to the second when your last hour will strike. Sounds scary? It is! If you have too weak nerves, you should better run away now ... How about you?

Our surefire death clock can tell you how many days you can still use. The death clock asks you 17 questions that you have to answer honestly. Then it calculates how much time you have left with this lifestyle. The death clock only wants to do you good. Really! You probably know yourself where your little everyday sins lie ... but do you also know that they can drastically shorten your life? Come on, the death clock won't mess you that badly. And if you do, you still have enough time to change something. Let go of the butts and the alcohol and then question the death clock again. Do you see? Not that bad at all. Come on. - You dare. Start the death clock! - And click YES, I trust myself!

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