How to Draw an Autobot Sign

drawing with Martina Wald

1 - Drawing is a verb. You actually have to draw in order to draw.

2 - As often as possible, look at the drawings by other artists, in the museum, in books, on the Internet ... This will transmit a lot of good drawing energy.

3 - Do not draw to give someone a drawing. Draw to give yourself a drawing and a drawing. Only then can you consider giving away a drawing. (But definitely not to Aunt Annegret, and certainly not to her ninetieth. She then says, oh how beautiful my child, and that's exactly how you feel: like a child.)

4 - Draw a lot on the go. You can also do this without a drawing pad: on a napkin, on a receipt, on an admission ticket .... And you can even do it without a pen: with a stick in the gravel, with your finger on your thigh .... You can also draw at home without pen and paper : in the dust on the CD player, in the bathroom on the tarnished mirror ... ..

5 - If you haven't had that much drawing experience, don't show your drawings just because someone asks you. And certainly not after the first request, and certainly not someone who looks over your shoulder without asking. ("Show me what are you doing there?")

If someone asks you repeatedly, about a thousand times, and thereby shows genuine interest, you may want to consider having them look at your drawings.

6 - Draw at least once a day for at least 30 seconds, but the longer the better.

It is important not to let the contact break off while drawing. When you like something a lot, you care not to lose it, right?

7 - Enjoy every single drawing that you have made.

8 - Everything is allowed when drawing, including wiping, scratching, smearing and everything else you can think of and what you want to try. There is no such thing as “You MUST NOT”. OK? Is that really understood now? There are no rules or laws when drawing, so you can't break any laws !!!!

9 - You don't need an eraser to draw.

10 - If you have 25 drawing textbooks on the shelf and have never learned anything from any of them, it does not mean that you cannot draw. (It means that you are not very good at buying books.)

11 - Do not compare your drawings with the drawings of others. Your drawings are unique. Your drawings are incomparable!

12 - Nobody can tell you how "to" draw a rose. You have to find out for yourself how YOU draw a rose.

13 - If you have drawn a table, the drawing of a table is not a table. So don't be surprised that your drawing doesn't look like a table, but like a drawing.

14 - You may be disappointed if you think you need to know what the drawing should look like before you start drawing. Drawings always look different from what you imagined.

Drawings are unimaginable.

Let yourself be surprised by your drawings. Each drawing is a unique, non-repeatable work.

15 - When you show someone your drawing, do not first tell them what you don't like about it or what you think should have been drawn differently. If you want to look at your drawing, you want to see the good in it, so don't spoil your joy.

16 - Never speak disparagingly about your drawings, not even in silence to yourself.

17 - Being able to draw does not mean being able to draw like someone else (e.g. like Leonardo). To be able to draw means to hold a pen in your hand and draw lines on a piece of paper.

18 - You cannot postpone drawing a drawing until later. If you don't draw it now, you will never draw it. The drawing you draw later will be completely different.

19 - Whoever “lacks” the talent to draw, who misses it because he believes that he does not have it, is sure to have this talent. We only miss something if it belongs to us, otherwise we wouldn't miss it.

20 - Never throw away a drawing right after you've drawn it. Often you can't judge what a drawing actually looks like that quickly because you still have so many (pre-) judgments in your head.

If for some reason you don't like them, put them under the closet or on top of the closet so you don't see them for a while and get some distance from your present feeling. The next time you move or spring cleaning, you can still decide what you want to do with it: keep it or actually throw it away.

21 - Do not wait to draw until you feel like drawing, you could possibly wait forever. Often it is only the "law of inertia" that has to be overcome with a little inner jolt, and you are right in the middle of drawing. The desire to draw increases with the frequency with which it is drawn.

22 - There are times, however, when you just don't feel like drawing. Basta. Nothing works and it doesn't matter as long as you don't think you can see a divine hint that you weren't made for drawing after all.

Draw again tomorrow. That's all. Just don't get excited.

23 - Have you ever been so tired that the pencil was too heavy in your hand and all drawing tips and tricks could slip down your back? I have something for you:

Drawing tip no. 3486: just draw with your eyes. Sit there, look at the tree, the coffee cup or your left foot, and just follow the lines that you would draw with a pencil with your eyes.

Or you can heed drawing tip no. 5734: go to sleep.

24 - Have you ever listened to yourself while drawing? It is very possible that you are very unkind to yourself. Does it sound like this: "Man, that's completely wrong, it looks stupid. It will never be anything. You can't show that to anyone, blablabla. "?

Is that how you would talk to your best friend? Of course not. So, pay attention to what you are saying to yourself. Words can hurt.

25 - The mere fact that you are considering drawing must be enough motivation to actually start drawing. There will never be more than that, no choirs of angels, no cheerleaders, nothing. Butt up and go. It's the same for everyone, including those who have been doing it for decades. Every day!


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