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Dark locations: On the trail of the Netflix series

In December 2017, the first season of 'Dark' flickered across the screens. The Netflix series was not only developed and produced in Germany, but also filmed here. Reason enough to visit the city of Winden, the mysterious caves or the nuclear power plant from the complex series about time travel yourself, right?

We'll tell you where in Germany you can find the dark locations of the 1st and 2nd season to take the perfect snapshots during your trip.

Dark locations: City of Winden

Most of the 'Dark' series takes place in a small town called Winden. However, the idyllic-looking place is soon shaken up by deaths and the mysterious disappearance of residents. And the rain is also a constant companion.

However, it is no coincidence that the Netflix series does not give any geographical clues about the location of the small town, because Winding doesn't really exist. Rather, the dark locations for the small town are in different locations, some of which are further apart. But most of the dark filming locations for winds are in Berlin and Brandenburg.

Dark locations: House of the Kahnwald family

It is one of the most distinctive dark locations: the red house of the Kahnwald family from Winden. And the pretty little house from the series, in which the main character Jonas (Louis Hofmann) lives, actually exists: it is located on the outskirts of Berlin.

Dark locations: Winden comprehensive school

The comprehensive school in Winden is also a central part of the series. The dark filming location appears in the series in a total of two time levels: 2019 and 1986. And there is also the opportunity to see this dark filming location in real life. It is namely about the Reinfeld School in Berlin Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf.

Dark locations: Waldhotel Winden

In the first season of 'Dark' a stranger emerges from the Windener Höhlen in 2019. He checks in at the Waldhotel Winden and first moves into a room. If you want to visit this dark location, you have to go to the Berlin Palace Hotel in the Grunewald go. Among other things, the scenes at the reception were filmed there.

Dark filming locations: Hospital, Nursing Home and von Winden Police Station

Winden's public buildings appear in various scenes and at different times. For example, the hospital plays a decisive role for the missing Mikkel, who suddenly finds himself in 1986 and is taken in by the nurse Ines.

The police station and the von Winden nursing home can also be seen in several scenes. These dark locations were all filmed in one place in Berlin: the former Heckeshorn Lung Clinic.

Dark filming locations: Church of Winds

In the first season of 'Dark', an old wooden church in the forest can be seen in several scenes. At this sight, some might initially think of a stave church from Norway, but this dark location is actually also in Germany. It is the Southwest cemetery Stahnsdorf, near Potsdam. Super atmospheric and definitely worth a visit!

Dark locations: around winds

Winden is represented as a rather remote place surrounded by forests. Most of the scenes showing the streets of Winden were filmed in Brandenburg. In the Place Kallinchen as well as an adjacent forest area.

Dark locations: cave

It is the heart of the 'Dark' series: the cave in the forest of winds. Not only does it exude an eerie atmosphere, it also houses the portal, which allows you to travel through time.

Unfortunately, we have bad news for all fans of the series who want to visit the Windener Höhle themselves: the gloomy cave entrance doesn't really exist. Because this dark location is a film set that was specially built for the series.

You can, however, visit the forest where the imaginary cave is located. It lies between Saarmund and Tremsdorf in Brandenburg. A few interior shots were also taken in the Unicorn Cave near Scharzfeld in the Harz Mountains.

Dark locations: forest & train tracks with winds

The forest that surrounds it plays just as important a role as the town of Winden itself. Not only do the residents of Winden regularly walk through it, Mikkel also disappears here, for example.

In this case too, different locations had to be used as dark locations. The forest clearing in which the police and search dogs are looking for the missing Mikkel in the series was filmed directly behind the house of the Kahnwald family (see above).

A bridge and train tracks underneath also appear again and again in 'Dark'. The actual setting for this dark location is in Berlin forest Düppel. There a bridge actually leads over disused railway tracks, over which the S-Bahn used to run between Wannsee and Stahnsdorf.

Post-apocalyptic dark locations: nuclear power plant

The gloomy post-apocalyptic version of winds from the year 2052 is particularly fascinating. In the future, the city will be largely deserted and the nuclear power plant destroyed. But where the hell were these seemingly dystopian scenes filmed?

As with many other dark locations, the wind of the future does not exist in one place. The Nuclear power plant for 'Dark', for example, was added to the recordings afterwards. So it is not an actual placethat you can visit.

The dark locations for the post-apocalyptic winds actually exist in a similar form. According to our research, the recordings of the destroyed streets and abandoned buildings were filmed in various Lost Places near Berlin. These include, among other things former Olympic village from 1936. Nowadays there are guided tours of the site.

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