What does a double room mean

Hotel room codes: Meaning of the abbreviations and room types

Almost all tour operators use it Abbreviations for your hotel rooms, this will still be the case in 2021. These room codes stand for different room categories, mostly in connection with a package tour. In the catalogs (and also on the travel portals on the Internet) there are terms such as "A2A", "DZX1" or "Type 1", with which one can not do much at first. Some hotels only have two different codes (for example large and small double rooms), but some accommodations have the same number of different room types (with a sea view, without a minibar, or even single rooms with a kitchenette).

Apartments, bungalows and holiday flats also have their own codes, suites and studios, of course.

List of hotel abbreviations for room types

So that you know exactly what kind of room you are booking, you should make yourselves beforehand the meaning of the room codes look at. I have compiled these lists for you as a “Hotel Lexicon” or “Abbreviation Wiki”.

Attention: The codes are not really standardized! It may well be that Hotel-X understands “A2T” as a double room with a terrace, while Hotel-Y provides an apartment with 2 bedrooms. So you should definitely consult the declaration of your provider or organizer linked here! Only the respective hotel or the tour operator can break down the abbreviation in a really binding manner!

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Ticketing without cryptic abbreviation: Almost all trips are also available through HolidayCheck (often well described).

Overview of room codes

Room abbreviations used by travel and hotel providers

Here you will find the room code tables of popular online travel portals such as HolidayCheck, Weg.de and Expedia. The meanings are broken down differently, unfortunately not every provider has good explanations ready.

Room abbreviations used by the tour operator

The list is sorted by tour operator, these usually have exact definitions of the room codes. But there are differences from hotel to hotel. Only the service description directly from your organizer or hotel is 100% binding! Many room abbreviations apply to several organizers, so they are not listed more than once in the table. The same abbreviations apply to “travel” and “only hotel”.

TUIDZZ1Double room Best Price Typ1
DZZ2Double room Best Price Typ2
DB0Double budget
D00double room standard
F00Family room
DZX2Luxury double room
DZX3Double room type3
DZM1Superior double room sea view
DSX1Double room for single with child
For 9 TUI room types Explanations were deposited: DZZ1, DZZ2, DB0, D00, F00, DZX2, DZX3, DZM1, DSX1
more room abbreviations at Tui.com
ITS / Jahn ReisenBUABungalow type A
BOYBungalow type B (sea view)
BUCBungalow type C (larger and with sea view)
BUPBungalow best price
DZMDouble room with balcony and sea view
DZBDouble room mountain view
DZCDouble room type C (lower category)
DZSDouble room superior
DZDDouble room deluxe
9 room types from ITS / Jahn-Reisen were defined: BUA, BUB, BUC, DZM, DZB, DZC, DZS, DZD
further room abbreviations at ITS Reisen
further room abbreviations at jahnreisen.de
FTILow costnormal double room
DSDouble room superior
DSMDouble room superior sea view
D3Double room superior for single use
TS3-bed room
FSFamily room superior
6 room types from FTI are stored: Low-Cost, DS, DSM, D3, TS, FS
further room abbreviations at fti.de.
L’turDE0Double room for single use
OFDouble room for single use, sea side
D00double room standard
D0SDouble room sea side
F20Family room (2 bedrooms)
F2SFamily room sea side
EK0Single room (possibly with child)
budgetpossibly worse location or equipment
At Ltur 9 rooms were placed: DE0, DES, D00, D0S, D20, D2S, EK0, Budget
more room abbreviations at ltur.com
alltoursAPBApartment type B
APCApartment type C
APDApartment type D
JSJunior suite
Theatrical VersionComfort room
DZNGDouble room in the annex
DZMBDouble room with sea view
RHRow bungalow
STAStudio type A
STBStudio type B
There are 14 room types for Alltours stored: APB, APC, APD, BU, JS, KF, DZNG, DZMB, RH, STA, STB, SU VI
further room abbreviations at alltours.de
Robinson ClubDZE1Double room economy
DZX1double room standard
DZX2Double room superior
JSM1Junior suite
FZE1Family room economy
FZX1family room
FZM1Family room sea view
EZX1Single room
10 room types for Robinson Club: DZE1, DZX1, DZX2, SUM1, JSM1, FZE1, FZX1, FZM1, EZX1
more room types at Robinson.com
vtoursDEDouble room economy
DAMDouble room for single use
BCGBungalow Comfort
FSFamily room superior
SR1, SR2Senior room (normal double room with discount)
5 room codes for vtours: DE, DAM, BCG, FS, SR1
further room types at vtours
1-2 flyRoom abbreviations at 1-2-Fly.com / 12fly
LIDL travelRoom abbreviations at lidl-reisen.de
DERTOURRoom abbreviations for DER TOUR
Meier's world travelsRoom abbreviations in Meier's world trips
JT TourismRoom abbreviations at jt.de
HLXRoom abbreviations at HLX (also budget rooms)
5vorflugRoom abbreviations at 5vorFlug

General room abbreviations / general codes for all hotels

Here I have compiled common room abbreviations and their general definitions. In case you haven't found what you're looking for in either of the above lists, you can find at least one here rough cluewhat your room coding could mean.

Abbreviation / hotel codeimportance
Double roomdouble room standard
EZSingle room standard
AX, annex roomRoom in the adjoining building, not in the main building, possibly longer walk
Annex EconomyRoom in the adjoining building, not in the main building, possibly longer walk
DBLDouble, double room
DLXDeluxe room (better facilities)
MBMain Building
MBSea view
TWNTwin, twin
MVMountain View, mountain view
PVPool View, pool view
A2ABungalow category A (best category)
A2ADouble room with sea view
A2BBungalow category B
A2DDouble room deluxe (better equipment)
BP, Best Price RoomRooms according to availability, no choice
LC, low costEconomy room (smaller or worse equipped)
A2SEconomy room (smaller or worse equipped)
Eco roomEconomy room (smaller or worse equipped)
A2KComfort plus room
Best price roomRooms according to availability, no choice
Best price roomRooms according to availability, no choice
GNTBEconomy room (smaller or worse equipped), FTI
DZMEconomy room (smaller or worse equipped), FTI
Budget roomEconomy room (smaller or worse equipped)
StudioRoom with kitchenette / kitchenette
apartmentRoom with a separate bedroom
Double room honeymoonRooms for newlyweds, honeymoon
VBZQuadruple room
DP, duplexDuplex rooms, mostly on two floors and with an open gallery
Double room run of the houseRooms subject to availability, no choice
Supersaver roomEconomy rooms (smaller or worse equipped), e.g. Schauinsland Reisen
Discount roomEconomy room (smaller or worse equipped)
SR1, DZ seniors from 55 yearsSenior room / pensioner room. Normal double room with discount for older guests from 55 or 60 years (e.g. at vtours).

Danger: Of course, I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the Zimmer definitions in this dictionary. Every organizer (sometimes every hotel) has its own abbreviation system and its own hotel room types (despite DIN 77001). Sometimes the names of the room codes even change from year to year. That is probably the reason why Wikipedia does not have a list of hotel abbreviations.

Self-help: For many event organizers, the room code consists of 3 or 4 characters. With luck, you can also get the hotel's catalog code using this system decrypt yourself:

  • The first sign stands for the general Type of room (e.g. room, apartment or bungalow)
  • The second character is usually a number and names it Number of people or (adult)beds
  • The third or last character describes the quality or Equipment of the room (e.g. sea view, deluxe room with sitting area or large family room)

Other tourism abbreviations and booking codes

The tourism industry likes weird booking codes and abbreviations. Whether this is due to the laziness of writing or the software and travel catalogs used? Maybe the tour guides can talk their way out better if they have a complaint afterwards. 😉
In any case, besides the room hieroglyphs, there are a whole host of other cryptic travel abbreviations. A collection of many hotel abbreviations can be found below.

Abbreviation / Codedefinition
Meal codes in the hotel
LPaccording to the program, so it is more precisely defined somewhere
AIAll inclusive catering (all meals and drinks)
HPHalf board (breakfast and dinner)
VPFull board (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
B&Bjust breakfast
Room facilities in the hotel
WPWhirlpool (possibly in the room)
KL, ACAir conditioning
MADuplex room on two levels / two floors
WNincluding wellness
Beds in the hotel room
DR / CLOSEDouble room with extra bed
DZ / 2ZUDouble room with 2 extra beds
EBBunk bed
DBTriple room
Twin2 single beds (possibly next to each other, but separable)
King sizevery large double bed (usually at least 180cm wide)
Queen sizesmall double bed (140 to 160cm wide)
DoubleDouble bed
DBL / DBL2 large king size beds next to each other
Wall BedFoldaway bed on the wall

The German Tourism Association has the 72 abbreviations of DIN standard 77001 published in a list. The standardization was created in 1999 and should be the abbreviation for Room facilities, room type and location unify (which obviously only worked to a limited extent).

Last but not least, we define the general room types, without any specific frills. Many readers are familiar with the general terms, but we should still record the exact description here. For example, if you book a trip with an overnight stay in a "double room", what can you expect?

What is a single room?

The single room is suitable for single travelers or individuals and is often equipped with a bed approx. 90 cm x 200 cm (single bed). In many hotels there is no typical single room, but a double room for single use, in which a whole double bed is available to the single traveler.

What is a double room?

The double room is designed for two people, e.g. for couples or friends. The room for two is equipped with a king-size (approx. 180 cm x 200 cm) or queen-size (approx. 140/160 cm x 200 cm) double bed. Basically, the double room is slightly larger than a single room.

What is a twin room?

The twin room is similarly equipped as the double room and is also designed for two people, but there are two single beds that are separate from each other.

What is a family room?

The family room can accommodate at least three people, at least two of whom are adults. Family rooms are equipped with either a double bed and a single bed or two double beds.

What is a bungalow?

A bungalow is a one-story house. The equipment varies greatly, often it has a living room, a bedroom and a kitchen or kitchenette. In some cases, however, it can also be a combined living / sleeping area. The bungalow is designed for two or more people.

What is an apartment?

The apartment has separate living rooms and bedrooms as well as a kitchenette / kitchen. It is comparable to a holiday apartment, but is located in a hotel or in an apartment complex. A simple apartment is designed for two people, while larger apartments can accommodate more people.

What is a studio?

The studio consists of one room with a double bed and a kitchenette. There is space for two people.

What is a junior suite?

A junior suite is an upscale type of room, which is equipped with a double bed and additional space for a seat.

What is a shared room?

The shared room can accommodate at least three people or more. The multi-bed room, also called dormitory, can be found mainly in hostels, but also in hotels. The room is often furnished with loft beds. The bathroom is in the hallway and is used by several rooms. Sometimes the bathroom is directly connected to the shared room. Shared rooms have the advantage that they are very cheap. Many travelers sleep in shared rooms to socialize with other travelers.

What is an economy room?

Economy rooms, also known as low cost rooms, are offered at low budget prices in order to increase the occupancy rate of the hotel. The equipment corresponds to a standard room. There are economy rooms without disadvantages, but in most cases there are deficits in the economy room. Examples are: economy rooms without balcony, economy rooms with restricted view or economy rooms without air conditioning.