What does Cii qualification mean

Corporate Risk and Broking

We know how companies can unlock potential with effective risk management. Our customers trust us to develop strategies for them to identify, reduce and transfer their risks. You benefit from our extensive industry experience and our special market knowledge. We find innovative ways to work with risks and get great results from them.

Take part in our two-year Corporate Risk and Broking program and gain an in-depth look at our work in risk management, while at the same time developing the leadership and customer service skills you need as a future manager.

The rotation program is promoted by senior management and provides ongoing support and guidance from the program management team. You also benefit from a structured curriculum that includes training units and learning support for your CII (Chartered Insurance Institute) qualification.

Human Capital and Benefits

The ability to develop and nurture talent while carefully weighing the costs and benefits is one of the key factors that sets successful companies apart. Our Human Capital and Benefits teams use forward-thinking approaches, data, analysis and software to help customers find new and effective ways to motivate their employees and promote their well-being.

We are looking for young managers in various areas of the Human Capital and Benefits area.

Retirement Actuarial Program

Retirement provision is our largest business area, which underscores the importance of this topic. As a university graduate, you have the unique opportunity to become an expert in a challenging but highly interesting environment in which you will be entrusted with advising clients on assets and liabilities worth hundreds of millions of euros.

Technical Support Team program

Working on some of the largest pension funds in the UK, our technical analysts provide expert advice, tackle complex challenges and create tangible effects for retirees and employees. The customer and project work is extremely effective, so that you can often read about the results of your work in the news the next day. During the program, you will have the opportunity to take exams to qualify as a Certified Actuarial Analyst (CAA) - an international qualification offered by CAA Global.

Global Services and Solutions program

Our Global Services and Solutions (GSS) team takes care of global, local and transnational pension and compensation issues for our multinational clients. As part of our 50-strong London team, you will learn how to provide and coordinate a wide range of consulting services, initially by creating reports and emails and preparing documents for meetings. You may also be deployed in areas such as global health and wellbeing, global benefits management and defined contribution oversight.

Talent Consulting Program

Most companies' greatest asset is their employees. In a time when technologies are developing rapidly, increasing employee mobility and growing customer requirements, a coherent talent strategy is crucial for business success. Our talent consultants use a combination of consulting approaches and technology solutions to support clients in the conception, implementation and communication of effective talent strategies. Areas in which you can become an expert here are business transformation, leadership and manager effectiveness, listening strategies, performance management and workforce analytics and planning.

Investments, risks and reinsurance

We work closely with institutional investors, reinsurers and insurers to balance risk and return. Because we combine analytical procedures and in-depth institutional knowledge, we recognize new opportunities to increase performance.

In this business segment, we are looking for university graduates in the fields of actuarial services, brokering, catastrophe modeling, investment and software development who would like to participate in the following programs:

Investment Consulting Program

You have the opportunity to partner with some of the largest investment institutions in the world by helping us create financial value for investors on both an advisory and delegate basis. They also help us influence the way the investment industry works - our philosophy is to change investing for the better.

Insurance Consulting Actuarial Program

Our Insurance Consulting and Technology division helps leading insurance clients improve their business performance by providing innovative software, solutions and advice. Areas that you can focus on as part of this team include Financial and Regulatory Reporting, Enterprise Risk and Capital Management, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Corporate Restructuring and Business Management.

Software development program

Technology is playing an increasingly important role in the insurance industry and we are proud to have over 1,000 companies around the world using our insurance software. We are the world's largest provider of actuarial software. As a university graduate, you can work on specific projects from day one, gain insight into all aspects of professional software development and learn to use the latest tools and procedures.

Willis Re Reinsurance Achievement Program (REACH)

As a university graduate participating in our REACH reinsurance development program, you will work with the world's leading reinsurance consultants and gain an insight into how we ensure that our customers have the right protection so that accidents or unexpected events do not occur become a disaster for their companies. In addition to individually tailored training courses and on-the-job training, the program offers you the opportunity to gain professional qualifications through participation in ACII Actuarial or CFA Level One exams. We are hiring college graduates in the following areas:

  • Reinsurance broking
  • Catastrophe Analytics
  • Actuarial Analysts