How to learn Egyptian Arabic for free

Learn Arabic App

I've been increasing after one lately Learn Arabic App asked. Many readers understandably do not want to learn with PDF files from textbooks on the mostly small smartphone screen. Often you have to copy the content or scan it in or take a photo, reading is cumbersome because the font is either very small or you only get a few words on the screen at the same time and you simply lose track of it. To counteract this, there are extra apps for learning on the go, but they can also be used at home, e.g. as a supplement to the textbook on a tablet!

Learn Arabic App

Learn arabic

The app with the simple name Learn arabic can be downloaded for free, for both Android and iOS devices. However, if you want to use its full range, you have to take some money in hand and invest between five and fifty euros. In return you get a very modern language trainer.

The app is aimed at every level of learning, so no basic knowledge is required. However, if you can already speak a little Arabic or just want to brush up on a little brush, that's fine too in.

In "Learn Arabic" you start with very simple conversations between two people, so you can chat with the app. According to the manufacturer, you should be able to celebrate your first successes after 45 minutes. Modern speech recognition also pays very close attention to correct pronunciation, so that as few or as few errors as possible will creep into you in this regard. In addition, the “counterpart” to speech recognition, namely the pronunciation of the words from the app, was spoken by professional speakers! So you can be sure that your listening comprehension will be trained in a clean way.

The learning focus is clearly on everyday communication. I already wrote in my study series that you should only learn the vocabulary that you will need later. In this course, basic vocabulary is taught efficiently.

At this point I am assuming that you belong to the kind of inquisitive person who always wants to learn a little more than the average (I know my readers 😉). It is therefore possible that you can look up complete conjugations with translation, which is much faster than using a dictionary first!

numbers, data, facts

In this learning Arabic app, there is feedback on your performance, almost like a real language trainer. This way you can always see and follow your current progress. In the highscore you can also compete with your friends and compete with competitors from all over the world!

The feature that convinced me the most compared to many other apps for learning Arabic, however, is the function of adaptive learning:

You not only learn from the app but also from yourself how to use it. Everyone has a slightly different way of learning new "material". Like a real teacher, this learning Arabic app learns your habits so that it can adapt to you!

There is also an Arabic / German dictionary and conjugation tables as bonus material. I consider the application to be one of the best mobile programs for smartphones currently available on the market! Since it costs nothing in its basic version, it is definitely worth taking a look.

The other app

The other app that I would like to introduce here is also in the name Learn arabic - Who would have thought that?

The app is made up of different elements and can therefore also be used very well as a phrase book for on the go. In contrast to the first application, this is very cheap, the in-app purchase is just under five euros.

The app knows which idioms and words you are most likely to need. This avoids learning unnecessary things. As with the app that was first presented, the voice output is authentic here too. You can record and compare your pronunciation so that your listening comprehension is also trained.

If you learn words that you find particularly beautiful or that you absolutely want to look at again, use the function to save and manage important phrases. You can use the search function to find the right idioms using key words. Other important plus points are that you can adjust the font size and that no internet is required to use it. It is also available for iOS and Android.

The bottom line is that both apps are good. I recommend the latter especially for those of you who "just want to sniff". However, if you want long-term success, you should make the first switch. The price is not unjustifiably high!