Luffy and Ass Lemon Fanfiction Where Naruto

Joo, I'll try something like that ^^
Since I had to find out a few times that romance is not my specialty, I planned to take it slowly, so no wonder if everything sounds terribly bad ^^
... Ah, am I tired ...?!

What ... where am i?

"Mhmh ... Mhh!"

Am I tied up? I can not speak! I don't see anything, damn it is already dark ?! Today we have ramen with miso! What the fuck?! ... If this is supposed to be a joke, it goes too far!

The young body turned and tried to loosen the cloth cuffs on his wrist behind his back. But the knot was too tight, he only pulled it tighter. Gagged and almost unable to move in an unknown space, he was completely disoriented and helpless.

Slowly aware of his situation, Naruto tried to suppress his rising panic. After a few breaths, he concentrated on gathering his thoughts. He seemed to be alone in the room or whatever. In any case, it was probably lying on a carpet, a blanket or something like that.

How did he get here? Who did this to him and what happened before?

Judging by the fabric on his body, he was still wearing his school clothes, so he tried to remember recent events at school.

It was a slightly cloudy autumn morning, slightly windy, but still warm.

Besides the fact that we have school, I can well imagine the day and today is the day! Today I confess my love to Kakashi-Sensei!

Determined to go ahead with his plan, he pulled out the love letter he had been sitting on all evening.

Font: okay!

Length: okay!

Signature: checked!

He had thought everything through, for once, or he had learned from his previous failures.

In his previous confessions, his crush had been put off by his direct and somewhat clumsy manner. For example, one of his confessions of love was so long that he went from start to finish of the break that the person he was speaking for was pissed off. So this time he had practiced a speech of no more than 5 minutes and in case the courage should run out of him, his plan B, the love letter, should be left on the Pullt.

The blonde checked again that his face and teeth were clean and that the uniform was fitting correctly. Well, he hastily tucked the letter between his English books and hurried to school.

It will be ready in two hours! Naruto sat nervously and couldn't wait for the English lesson to pass. On the other hand, he wanted to keep looking at his handsome teacher. Kakashi-Sensei, said English teacher, was just wandering through the class with his gaze and when their eyes met briefly, Naruto could swear that Kakashi-Sensei was looking at him a little longer. Did the adult already know what the young man was up to?
Naruto turned his heavenly gaze to one side, not wanting to risk blushing.

Sensei was very popular, but he managed to keep his authority which at least ensured that the female student body did not stick to him in public.

"Uzumaki, please translate this sentence."

Abruptly the named awoke from his thoughts.

"Ah, Eh ...", looking for help, he glanced at the person sitting next to him and a good friend.

"Second sentence in the last section," she whispered without taking her eyes off the book.
"Thanx," the blonde whispered to Sakura, who only rolled her eyes slightly. It was so typical of Naruto not to pay attention. In retrospect, he would only annoy her again because he doesn't understand his homework.

"Eh, well ... 'Please pay attention!'" He read aloud, causing the class to laugh.

Confused, he looked at Kakashi-sensei.

He just sighed and said "Only you can fall for something" and added "Mr. Uzumaki, you will write this sentence on the board 100 times after the lesson and the translation next to it".

"H-hai, Sensei!", Naruto reeled and hid behind his book. For once, he did not contradict and started a discussion with his beloved Sensei, because he saw the detention as an opportunity to be alone with his Sensei.

If this FF is taken positively, I will continue to write ^^
If not, I will possibly delete the>. <

P.S .: To those who have read my previous parodies, maybe I will continue to write the Disney-Naruto FF soon, but I'll leave the MMFF out, it's too much for me and that's the only way I could continue the FF ^^ °
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