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Stormman wrote:Where the terms 'Oberapotheker', 'Oberfeldarzt', ect. used in the Waffen-SS?


Stormman wrote: Where all SS-Doctors member of the D.R.K.?

The D.R.K. had nothing to do with doctors of the military branch. It was possible that he was a member of the D.R.K. but neither it was needed nor all doctors were members.

Stormman wrote: Can somebody give me some more information about the SS-Ärzliche-Akademie Graz?
How where the Doctors promoted? Base on their knowledge?

There were three possibilities to get a doctor in the W-SS or Heer.

SS doctor A
Highest possible age: 23
Final exam of a higher school (Gymnasium Abitur / Matura)
10 semesters University Graz, 1 year practica
SS-Obersturmführer after passed Physikum exam
SS-Hautpsturmführer 1 year after passed State exam
Further promotions according to duty years and performance.

SS doctor B
Students with already finished medical exam
4 week guide candidate course
at least 4 months practica as a field doctor in a field unit

SS doctor C
Doctors up to 32 years of age
8 weeks basic military training, 4 weeks leader-candidate course

\ Christoph