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Noah Puckerman

Noah Puckerman



Recruit to the United States Air Force
Student at the University of Lima
Pool cleaner


Wingman (Finn
Baby, Top 40 (Mercedes)
Puckzilla, Puckasauras, Puckster, Puckerone, Pucky Puck, Finn Hudson (himself)
My husband (santana)
Lima Loser (Quinn)

Family friends

Personal information


Football, music, paintball, Star Wars, Super Mario Brothers, script writing


Singing, dancing, playing the guitar



2011 High School State Football Championship (along with the rest of the football team)
2009 Showchor Sectionals (1st place)
2010 Showchor Sectionals (1st place, shared)
2011 Showchor Regionals (1st place)
2011 Showchor Sectionals (1st place)
2012 Showchor Regionals (1st place)
2012 Showchor Nationals (1st place)
2012 WMHS anti-prom king (self-appointed)

Series information

Noah "Puck" Puckerman is a graduate of William McKinley High School. There he was a member of New Directions, the McKinley Titans, and the school's basketball team. He first worked as a pool cleaner in Los Angeles, but now goes to the University of Lima.

As a self-proclaimed "bastard", Puck is best known at school for constantly throwing students into garbage cans and throwing slushies at them. At first he doesn't think much of the Glee Club, calling it "gay" and a group of "losers", but shortly after Quinn joins, he finds out that she is pregnant with his baby and joins too to bring her closer get. During the course of the first season, Puck begins to enjoy the Glee Club and discovers his passion for singing.

In Triumph or sadness? his daughter Beth is born, who is adopted by Shelby Corcoran. In the second season, Puck begins a relationship with Lauren Zizes, which ends in the third. In Unicorn power he sees his one-year-old daughter for the first time and begins to rave about Shelby. In season four, Puck returns to McKinley after graduation to help the Glee Club mentor his half-brother Jake Puckerman. Their relationship grows, especially when Jake needs help with Marley. Puck dates Kitty Wilde for a while, but then split up because he's going to college. In season five, Puck decides to join the Air Force in memory of his late friend Finn and gets back together with Quinn.

He is from Mark Salling shown.


Season one

Puck comes first in the episode overture before when he throws Kurt in the dumpster along with a few other football players. He also pours a slushie on Rachel's face after she signed up for the Glee Club.

When Mr. Schuester comes to the football team to recruit a few new members to the Glee Club, Puck says he can sing, but instead of speaking he just farts loudly and everyone laughs. When his best friend, Finn Hudson, misses football practice, Puck asks him where he was. Finn says that his mother's prostate had been removed and he had to help her around the house, when in fact he was at the glee rehearsals. Unfortunately for Finn, Puck does some research and finds out that women don't have a prostate at all. To punish Finn for lying and of course for joining the Glee Club, Puck and a couple of other football players shoot him with paintball guns.

After Will wants to quit the Glee Club, Finn leaves the club and returns to football. As a gift, the rest of the team lock Artie in a mobile toilet and plan to knock it over. They leave this step to Finn, who frees Artie and announces that he will rejoin the Glee Club, but will continue to play football, which Puck is not exactly happy.

In Beyond Gut and Sue it is revealed that Puck is a member of the Celibacy Club. It seems, however, that he sees the idea of ​​the club as a joke, or at least tries to get the girls to bed that way. He forms a team with Santana, but instead of concentrating on the task of not popping the balloon between them, he keeps pushing it against her. He's also often making suggestive jokes and gestures during the meeting. You can also see Kurt throwing him in the dumpster again, the only difference being that Finn is no longer there. Later he goes to see the Glee Club performance with the whole school.

Puck expresses his love for older women, he explains in Acafellasthat he only uses his pool cleaning service to seduce lonely housewives and mothers, and that they won't cause him the problems high school girls do when Santana broke up with him because his financial situation was bad. Because the acafellas are popular with women, Puck joins them and it turns out he can sing really well.

In Children of lies Puck is not particularly happy that Kurt is now a member of the football players and they dance to "All The Single Ladies". After the dance training, Puck asks Finn why he is so absent and finally Finn tells him that Quinn is pregnant. Puck knows immediately that he is the father, not Finn, because he was once drunk as Quinn and got her to bed. He confronts Quinn about it and she knows Puck is right, but she thinks Finn would be a better father than him. At the end of the episode, Puck joins the Glee Club with Mike and Matt.

In April April Puck tells the other Glee Kids that Quinn is pregnant and Finn is the father. At the same time he tries to land with the much older April Rhodes, who was briefly a member of the Glee Club. He was in the sauna with Mike, Matt and April and he and April also kissed once in front of all the Glee kids.

In Excited organisms Puck sends Finn to the school nurse to help himself because of his tiredness

to let. Puck explains that he hasn't been into maths for two years since he always goes to the school nurse and says he has a headache and always sleeps there afterwards. Finn follows Puck's advice, but finds out that Terri is now the sister, which in the end leads to her giving all the boys a stimulant, which makes her performance better It's My Life / Confessions Part II can improve properly.

In Spoilers games Puck is one of the members of the Glee Club who belong to Will's group. But because Sue convinces him that he didn't get a solo because he is Jewish, he joins Sue Gruppe. When all the Glee Kids sing "Ride With Me" together, he played the guitar for the first time.

In Remix Puck briefly abandons his interest in Quinn and concentrates on Rachel. After he and his mother looked at Schindler's list the day before, and his mother said why he wasn't a nice Jew

ical girl is looking for. That night he has a dream in which Rachel comes through his window. He notices how good Rachel actually looks and wants to try his luck with her. Puck is skipping the next football practice

dash to accompany Rachel on "What a Girl Wants" with the guitar. Then the two kiss, but Rachel says that she only wants to be with a boy who dares to sing a solo. The next day at school, Puck brings her a slushie and then sings a solo number afterwards Sweet Caroline. Rachel is impressed and hangs by his arm the whole time after rehearsals until Puck suddenly gets a slushie in the face. Rachel helps her to remove the slushie from face and ha

aren to remove. When the football players at the Glee Club have to choose between football and glee, he surprisingly chooses Glee. As he watches the football players play, Rachel sits down with him. She asks him if he chose glee over football because of her. Then it occurs to her that whenever she stares at Finn, Puck stares at Quinn and whether he stayed with Glee because of Quinn. Puck replies that Finn and Quinn will never break up, especially when the baby is out. Rachel suggests that she and Puck need to end their relationship, but that they can remain friends. Puck says that they weren't friends before and lets them sit down.

In Fear and blame Puck listens as Quinn complains to Finn that he doesn't have her financially at all

supports to pay the medical bills for "his" baby. When he discovers Quinn is baking the cupcakes, he pushes her eighteen dollars into her hand, but Quinn does not want to accept the money. She claims that if the baby is born with an mohawk, she will say on her deathbed that it is from Finn. Puck says it would be cool if the baby had a mohawk and they both joke around a little.

After the first cake sale didn't go so well, Puck finally bakes

himself cupcakes and mixes in marijuana, which he got from Sandy Ryerson. After that, sales go really well, and Puck takes a bunch of cash to give to Quinn and admits he made the cupcakes himself. Quinn apologizes for calling him a loser, but when Finn finally walks in and announces that he now has a job, Quinn leaves Puck with the money and eventually Puck gives all of the money to Will, as planned.

In BalladsPuck is supposed to form a team with Mercedes, but when Mercedes announces that the Glee Kids will all sing a ballad for Quinn and Finn, Puck is angry that everything seems to revolve around Finn and admits to Mercedes that it was actually him the father is. Mercedes believes him, but says Finn deserves a lot more to be the father of Quinn's baby.

Later in Splitting hairs Quinn continues to claim that Finn's baby, although Puck, is the correct one

Father, being very supportive, which makes Quinn wonder if she was unfair to Puck. Quinn, who originally wanted to give her baby Terri, makes the decision to keep the child. Terri's sister Kendra means to show Quinn how bad it can be to be a mother and asks her to take care of her triplets for one evening. Quinn wants to use this situation to find out if Puck would be a good father. Quinn and Puck babysit the three bad children and are overwhelmed at first when they are tied to chairs. Puck taps his cell phone all the time and claims to be texting Mike. Finally he helps Quinn to untie the knot, their hands touching each other briefly. Then Quinn begins to sing and Puck plays the guitar, instantly the triplets are quiet and all listen intently. Kendra and Terri are surprised that when they get home, the three of them are already asleep in bed and Quinn even managed to bathe them. Quinn was really happy with Puck until she found out that he had "sexed" with Santana all evening. She is disappointed with Puck and devotes herself completely to Finn again and decides to give the baby to Terri after all.

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