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『カ ー ル ・ ベ ー ム ~ リ ヒ ャ ル ト ・ シ ュ ト ラ ウ ス: オ ペ ラ 録音 全集』

Richard Strauss
1. Introduction (music teacher, steward)
2. Your Grace will find Mamsell Zerbinetta here
(Lackey, officer, composer, tenor, wigmaker, Zerbinetta,
Prima donna, dance master)
3. Do you have a piece of music paper?
(Composer, zerbinetta, music teacher, prima donna, dance master, lackey)
4. Has already happened. We are ready
(Music teacher, steward, prima donna, dance master, tenor, Zerbinetta,
5. No, Lord, it will not be like that
(Composer, Zerbinetta, music teacher)
6. To your places, ladies and gentlemen! (Music teacher, Promadonna)
7. Let's be good again ... Music is a sacred art
(Composer, music teacher)
8. Overture
9. Does she sleep? (Naiad, Dryad, Echo)
10. Where was I? Dead? And live (Ariadne, Echo, Harlequin, Zerbinetta, Truffaldin)
11. A beautiful was: was called Theseus - Ariadne
(Ariadne, Naiad, Dryad, Echo, Harlequin, Zerbinetta, Scaramuccio, Truffaldin)
12. Oh, try a little song
(Zerbinetta, Harlequin, Echo)
13. There is a kingdom where everything is pure (Ariadne)
14. The lady gives with a gloomy mind
(Brighella, Scaramuccio, Harlequin, Truffaldin, Zerbinetta)

Richard Strauss
1. Mighty Princess (Zerbinetta)
2. Nicely preached! But deaf ears!
(Harlequin, Zerbinetta, Brighella, Scaramuccio, Truffaldin)
3. A wonderful miracle! - A lovely boy!
(Dryad, naiad, echo)
4. Circe, can you hear me?
(Bacchus, Ariadne, Naiad, Dryad, Echo)
5. Theseus! No! No! It is the beautiful, silent God!
(Ariadne, Bacchus)
6. Is there no overhang?
(Ariadne, Bacchus, Naiad, Dryad, Echo, Zerbinetta)

Richard Strauss
1. Where is Elektra? (Maid, overseer)
2. Alone! Alas, all alone (Elektra)
3. Elektra! (Chrysothemis, Elektra)
4. I cannot sit and stare into the dark
(Chrysothemis, Elektra)
5. A noise goes off (Elektra, Chrysothemis)
6. What do you want? Look there!
7. The gods! you're a goddess yourself
(Elektra, Klytamnestra, The Confidante, The Tow-Carrier)
8. I don't want to hear anything! (Clytamnestra)
9. I don't have a good night (Clytamnestra, Elektra)
10. When the right blood sacrifice (Elektra, Clytamnestra)
11. What has to bleed? / What are you telling her?
(Elektra, Clytamnestra)

Richard Strauss
1. Orestes! Orestes is dead! / Place there! Who is lounging in front of a door like that?
(Chrysothemis, Elektra, young and old servants)
2. Now it has to happen here from us /
You! You! Because you are strong / Well then, alone!
(Elektra, Chrysothemis)
3. What do you want, stranger? / Elektra! Elektra! / Orestes!
(Elektra, Orestes)
4. Are you going to do it? Alone? / Are you out of your mind /
I couldn't give him the ax!
(Elektra, Orestes, the nurse)
5. Something must have happened /
Hey Lights! Lights!
(Chrysothemis, maids, servants, Aegisth, Elektra)
6. Elektra! Sister! / Do I not hear? /
Don't you hear, they carry him / be silent, and dance
(Chrysothemis, Elektra, voices)

Richard Strauss
1.Light over the lake (the wet nurse, the messenger of the spirits)
2nd nurse! Are you growing (The emperor, the wet nurse)
3. Is my love gone (The Empress)
4. How should I not cry?
(The voice of the falcon, the empress, the wet nurse)
5. Nurse, for everything, where can I find the shadow?
/ Earth flight (The Empress, The Nurse)
6. Transformation / thief! Take it! / Tear him
backwards! / Help, brother! (The brother, Farberin, Barak)
7. You out of the house, forever (Farberin, Barak)
8. For the third half year I am your wife (Farberin, Barak)
9. What do you want here? (Farberin, The Nurse)
10. Oh, mistress, sweet mistress!
(The Servants, The Empress, The Jungling, Farberin)
11. Did it cost you bloody tears (The nurse, Farberin)
12. Mother, mother, let's go home!
(The children's voice, Farberin)
13.I take the goods to market myself -
Your husbands in the houses of this town

Richard Strauss
1. Come home soon, my lord
(The wet nurse, Farberin, The Empress, voices)
2. What is your speech now, you princess - O day of happiness, o
Evening of grace! (Barak, The Brother, The Begging Children, Farberin)
3. Transformation music (orchestra)
4.Hawk, falcon, you found again (the emperor)
5. Transformation / There are those who always have time
(Farberin, Barak, The Nurse)
6. Snake, what have I to do with you!
(Farberin, The Jungling, The Nurse, Barak)
7. You certainly do not understand a trade / For food for me
don't grieve / who there? / Transformation
(Barak, The Empress Farberin)
8. See - nurse - see (The Empress, Voices, The Voice of the Falcon)
9. Woe to my husband! (The empress)
10. Metamorphosis / It gets dark that I don't see to work / It
gives to those who always remain calm ... / I do away with mine
Hold the children (Barak, The Brother, The Nurse, Farberin, The Empress)
11. The woman is crazy - Barak, I didn't do it
(Barak, The Brother, The Nurse, The Empress, Farberin)

Richard Strauss
1. Be silent, you voices! (Farberin)
2. Entrusted to me that I cherish them (Barak, Farberin)
3. Up, go upstairs, man / music of transformation
(A voice from above, Farberin, The serving spirits, The spirit messenger)
4. Get out of here! (The wet nurse, the empress)
5. Woe to my child / music of transformation / dying! To die!
(The nurse, the messenger of the spirits, Farberin, Barak, the spirits)
6. Father, are you?
(The Empress, The Guardian of the Threshold of the Temple, Farberin, Barak)
7. Woe to me! Fulfill the curse!
(The Empress, Unearthly Voices, The Guardian of the Threshold of the Temple, Barak,
8. When the crystal heart breaks in a scream /
Transformation music
(The Emperor, The Voices of the Unborn, The Empress)
9. If his loved ones don't meet me / Now I want to cheer /
Father, you are not threatened
(Barak, The Emperor, The Empress, Farberin, The Voices of the Unborn)

Richard Strauss
1. Orchestra introduction / Kleontes! (Shepherd)
2. Goodbye, you day! (Choir, Daphne)
3. Sun, blessed glow / O how gladly I stayed with you,
my dear tree (Daphne)
4. Leucippus, you? (Daphne, Leukippus, Gaea)
5. I know your mood (Gaea, Daphne)
6. Well, that's how she flies, chaste Daphne!
(Maid, Leucippus)
7. Are you around me, all you shepherds?
(Peneios, Schafer, Gaea, choir)
8. I greet you, wise, experienced fisherman!
(Apollo, Peneios, Gaea, Schafer, choir)
9. What brings you here in low garb?
(Apollo, Daphne)
10. You sing strangely and full of puzzles!
(Daphne, Apollo)

Richard Strauss
1. I love you, Daphne (Apollo, Daphne, choir)
2. Dionysus flourishes everywhere
(Peneios, Schafer, Gaea, Magde, Daphne, Chor)
3. Drink, you daughter!
(Gaea, Daphne, Schafer, Chor, Maid)
4. Terrible disgrace to God!
(Apollo, Schafer, Magde)
5. To you now, boy!
(Apollo, Leukippus, Daphne)
6. Every glorious morning I string the straps
(Apollo, Daphne, Leukippus)
7. Daphne - playmate (Leukippos)
8. Dreadful Daphne! (Daphne)
9. Beloved playmates! (Daphne)
10. What do I see? Heavenly Beauty! (Apollo)
11. I'm coming - I'm coming - greening brother /
Moonlight music

Concerto for violin and orchestra in D major,
op. 77, Richard Strauss
1. Dance of the seven veils
2. Oh, how glad I was to stay with you
Margarete Teschemacher (Daphne)
3. Gods! Brother in high Olympus
Torsten Ralf (Apollo)
4. Wind, play with me
Margarete Teschemacher (Daphne)
1939 (in the cast of the premiere)
5. You told me
Josef Herrmann (Barak)
6. Falcon, you found again
Torsten Ralf (Kaiser)
7. He's not the one for me /
But the right one, if there is one
Margarete Teschemacher (Arabella), Christel Goltz (Zdenka)
8. The right one / And you will be my master
Margarete Teschemacher (Arabella),
Mathieu Ahlersmeyer (Mandryka)
1 - 8: Staatskapelle Dresden / Karl Bohm
9. You mirror image of Madeleine in love
Maria Cebotari (Countess), Tomislav Neralic (Steward)
10. Am I a god
Maria Reining (Ariadne), Alda Noni (Zerbinetta),
Max Lorenz (Bacchus)
(From the festival performance for the composer's 80th birthday)
9, 10: Orchestra of the Vienna State Opera / Karl Bohm

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