What killed lucas radebe's wife and children

Songs, in the order in which they are sung in the film:

01 Swing Down Sweet Chariot - 02 Violet (Flower of N.Y.U.) - 03 Clean Up Your Own Backyard - 04 Signs Of The Zodiac - 05 Almost


A small town called Redford Center in 1927:

The hiking show comes in one train "The Chautauqua" at the train station, with a lot of music and loud din. When the boss of this troop - Walter Hale - gets out, he is cheered by the waiting crowd. Two small children, the black boy Willy and the white girl Carol receive a button from Walter, but when he asks them if they are going to come to the show, they get sad because their mother said it couldn't be done. Walter then gives them two tickets.

The next day Walter walks across the square with his colleague Johnny and they talk about what still needs to be done. The blonde Betty produces in front of Walter to get his attention, but when she trips over a tent rope, she makes a fool of herself in front of everyone.

In another tent, Charlene is testing several children who are to take part in a talent competition. When she discovers Walter, she immediately accuses him of giving her too little support. But he stays calm, lets his charm play, and leaves the tent again.

Nita Bix, the mother of the two little ones with different fathers, is now staying with her boss Harrison Wilby for a reason, she has a relationship with him.

Walter now has concerns with Mayor Gilchrist and his wife, who do not like to see children of color take part in the competition, but do not want to express this so openly. It is the siblings Carol and Willy who win the competition. The dollar they win they spend on fireworks at Mr. Wilby's store. From the shop they go to a park where Walter is playing football with friends. When the players all run in their direction by chance, they get a guilty conscience because of the fireworks and flee to the fairground, where they hide them in a tent, which is said to have dire consequences.

Walter comes back from the game and learns that one of the singers has failed, so he has to go on stage himself.

Walter has a loud argument with Charlene and Johnny about his behavior as boss the next day. It comes to the point that Charlene threatens to resign and leaves the hotel room, shaking with anger. Betty has just arrived, hears something about the dismissal and offers Walter her free collaboration.

Charlene heard Betty's offer and is now accusing Walter of exploitation if he accepts the offer and threatens to involve the union. Because of his constant cigar smoking, she calls him a capitalist. So he throws them away - but right between the fireworks in the corner of the tent. Soon after, they fly around their ears and cause an unbelievable chaos - as a result, Charlene ends up in fear in Walter's arms.

The next morning, Charlene enters Harry Wilby's shop and witnesses an argument between Harry and Nita. She is embarrassed and after ordering toast and coffee, she goes back to the tent, where she meets Walter, who is listening to little Carol's singing number.

Harry is playing cards again and is losing again. The winner is a certain Clarence, who also knocks Harry down in an argument.

The next attraction is a canal swimmer who is just lubricating herself with grease to start swimming. But then Harry Wilby's corpse appears in the water. The other players tell the sheriff about the previous argument between Harry and Clarence and he is arrested, although he protests his innocence. Meanwhile, Walter finds out from Charlene about the argument between Nita and Harry. When he meets Nita shortly afterwards, she is quite confused and says that she killed Harry in self-defense. Walter senses an attraction and gets her to make this statement in the tent in front of the audience. Walter explains that to the sheriff right away. The announcement of the confession lures many people into the tent.

When Nita finally arrives, she is full of stars and cannot possibly perform. After a group has already performed, Walter also goes on stage. Now that another group has performed and Nita is still not sober despite the efforts of Johnny, Walter has to go back on stage so as not to upset the audience. Then he sends Charlene on stage with the two children, but she pulls him along - he has to go to the piano. The children do their job well, even the racist mayor likes them. Then Walter and Charlene sing a duet.

Since he is now losing patience, Walter hits Nita in the face and she finally goes on stage and makes her confession in front of the audience and the sheriff.

Walter is sitting alone at the piano when Charlene packs her bags, she wants to leave for good. He even gives her money for the trip. But when she is gone, he explains to the sheriff that she stole money from him and they bring her to him on the train.


On October 15, 1968, Elvis recorded at least three songs for this film in Hollywood: "Clean Up Your Own Backyard" (XPA1 3976), "Swing Down Sweet Chariot" (XPA1 3977) and "Almost" (XPA1 3978). The other two "Violet (Flower of N.Y.U.)" - based on the melody of "Love Me Tender" or "Aura Lee" - and "Signs Of The Zodiac" were probably made during the shooting.
"Clean Up Your Own Backyard" was released in June 1969 on the single 47-9747, "Almost" in April 1970 on the LP "Let's Be Friends With Elvis" (CAS 2408). The other songs have meanwhile appeared on the double features CD that belongs to the film.