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Where did Anna Maria Mozart find her final resting place?

During a guided tour of Paris, Robert Mihatsek heard that Mozart's mother was buried either in the Saint-Sulpice church or in the Saint-Denis cathedral.
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I have to admit that during my last (and only) stay in Paris ten years ago, I was more interested in the grave of "Doors" singer Jim Morrison than in that of Mozart's mother. But even if I had gone looking for their grave, I would not have found it, because it no longer exists. All we know is that Anna Maria Mozart was buried on July 4, 1778 in a cemetery belonging to the Saint-Eustache church, which also rules out that she found her final resting place in Saint-Sulpice or Saint-Denis.

The question also arises, who should have taken care of Mozart's mother's grave? Wolfgang Mozart left Paris three months after her death, and there was no one there who cared about the care of Anna Maria Mozart's grave. Nobody in Paris could have guessed that they would have loved to dig up and examine their bones in the Mozart year 2006. In the summer of 1778 Mozart also had other worries than laying flowers on his mother's grave, after all the water was up to his neck.

Incidentally, that doesn't mean that his mother's death didn't affect him. Since she died in his arms and he was her only contact for the last nine months of her life, he will have already given his thoughts. He was also tormented by feelings of guilt because he had taken too little care of her and he left her alone for weeks in dark and damp rooms while he wandered through filthy Paris and queues with ignorant aristocrats - "noisy cattle and beasts" - in cold anteroom had to.

The death of 57-year-old Anna Maria Mozart was certainly also accelerated by the barely edible food, which she once described as follows: "At lunchtime I get a crumbly bad meat, something like a calf's foot in a dirty broth and a rock-hard liver". For Anna Maria Mozart the trip to Paris ended in death, for Wolfgang with a fiasco that ended with the forced return to Salzburg. (ALBUM / DER STANDARD, print edition, March 11th / 12th, 2006)