What does heaven mean in Hebrew?

What does heaven on earth mean to you?

Forty days after Easter, the Christian communities celebrate Ascension Day, unfortunately this year again overshadowed by the corona pandemic. But the churches in Schwetzingen have come up with innovative formats in order to make the public aware of this holiday.

On Thursday morning, a dozen of the faithful met at the church of St. Pankratius for a divine service, with the required distance. "Where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am among them," said pastoral assistant Sebastian Binder, who led through the celebration, supported by the Evangelical Trumpet Choir Oftersheim-Schwetzingen. In his thoughtful sermon, Pastoral Assistant Binder referred to the return of Jesus as Son of God to his Father in heaven and what heaven means to people today. If you google the term “Ascension Day”, it is amazing what kind of information comes first, says the pastoral assistant. "It's about the weather forecast for today or the traffic jam reports on the motorways, tips on how to make Father's Day as beautiful as possible, and appointments for the next five years on Ascension Day, because many beckons thanks to the national holiday , a long weekend. ”The day is therefore popular and important in society, but the focus is more on father, holidays, driving and the weather. That's not wrong, said Binder, with a wink, some parallels to the biblical tradition can be drawn. "Is the meaning of Ascension Day still relevant in the 21st century?" The pastoral assistant asked the question in the church. And he replied: “From my point of view, clearly yes. We believe in the return of Jesus. But God is already recognizable: In the beauty of the world and everywhere where people live faith, love and hope, in love, in friendship, in moments of happiness. And a path that will one day lead you to Heavenly Father. In this sense, Father's Day and Ascension go perfectly together. "

Symbol of tree

From 2 p.m., pastor Dr. Franziska Beetschen the visitors of the Protestant town church in front of a "ladder to heaven". Under the motto “Let's bring the new heaven to earth together”, they were given the opportunity to write down ideas on signs designed for this purpose on how to bring heaven to earth and hang them on the heavenly ladder.

At the second station, Pastor Matthias Störmer from the Schlossplatz parish was waiting. Here they could get creative and use brushes and paints to create “paradise on earth”. In the psalms meditations, the pastor started out from the symbol of the tree that connects heaven and earth: the root that is hidden "under our life", the tree crown that extends for light and warmth and the tree trunk that is stable Middle represents. In connection with this, the participants were able to ask themselves impulse questions such as: What are you digging for in your life? How do you bloom What does your heart beat for

The third and last station was the Church of St. Pankratius, where impulse material was laid out to take away and two pin boards were set up a pin board with the topic "Heaven on Earth" was that even the beautiful moments from the last few weeks are not lost in people's consciousness despite Corona, he explains. Slips of paper were attached on which the participants wrote down their very personal happy moments: “meeting with friends”, “family”, “love” or “the children”. The other pin board “Highway to Heaven” was based on the interactive art project “Before I die”. Both topics therefore fit well with the Ascension Day.

Maria Herlo Freelance author