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DO MORE: What does ISTG SMS mean? - 2021

ISTG is one of those online acronyms that is not only difficult to guess, but is also used very rarely. Knowing how to interpret it when you come across it online or in text can add new meaning to the message or conversation.

ISTG stands for:

I swear to god.

How is ISTG used?

ISTG is used in a variety of ways to express emotional sincerity. Some of the most common ways to use ISTG are

  • Conveying certainty about skepticism. If someone believes you in something you know is true, using ISTG could convince you that you are telling the truth.
  • Promise to change an action or behavior. If you or anyone else has reason to believe that you cannot or will not change anything about yourself, you can promise with ISTG that you mean business.
  • Making a threat seem intimidating.If you want someone to stop doing something you don't like, the easy way to do it is by using ISTG to threaten aggressive action.
  • As a general objection. In conversations where something goes against what a person thinks is good or acceptable, ISTG could be used as an abrupt exclamation, similar to JFC or WTF, to express feelings.

Examples of using ISTG

example 1

Friend # 1: "You are sure the essay is definitely due? I thought we had until Friday!"

Friend # 2: "Is the deadline is tmrw !! Mr. Jones reminded us in class today !!!"

In the example above, friend # 1 does not believe a fact established by friend # 2, so friend # 2 uses ISTG to convey his certainty and seriousness about the fact.

Example 2

Friend # 1: "Woke up like I was hit by a truck. ISTG, I'll never drink again ..."

Friend # 2: "Lol, you said that last time too"

This second example is a classic demonstration of how a person can take an oath as a personal oath to change their actions or behavior. Friend # 1 uses ISTG as a promise to stop drinking.

When you shouldn't be using ISTG

The ISTG acronym is generally not appropriate for professional conversations or conversations where you want to remain respectful of other people / people.